Apr 30, 2008

it's so sad...

that people just want read my ramblings
(according to the 8 people that did my poll on the sidebar)

i admit, i find it interesting to read other people's blogs
their random thoughts, their ramblings,
anyone but mine...

i only read it again (and again)
to proof-read (yes, i know i'm a perfectionist)

why my ramblings?
i can blog about food? (i stay at home most of the time)
i can blog about events? (refer to the above)

i know now.
dang, i'm such a...
nerd? geek?

owh..i know.
i can blog about books!
which comes under ramblings
when I start to give my "opinion" about it

come on people (which is about 10 readers, max?)
give me a break.

blogging is hard. emo.

treating your secretary (and work stuff)

employer-employees' relationships are crucial in any organizations, in my opinion.

I couldn't agree more when I actually realized the importance, in my work place as an intern. As an employer, you either make or break your employees. If you want to see your workers "throwing" themselves at every work because they're passionate about it, it's not simple, but it's not hard either. I've done quite a bit of observing, and a fair share of "interviews" a.k.a "digging" to just feed my curiosity, to find out why these working people are well, just working for the sake of it.

9-5 job, getting my job done, salary at the end of the month, that sort of program that they permanently installed in their brains.

Here's some feedback or my observations:

1) The Boss doesnt' care.

at least that's what they think. No annual dinner, fellowship or that sort, which is suprising. I guess we all need a lil bit of appreciation once in a while. I guess "nobody really cares until they know how much you care".

2) Responsibility.

a big prob. so much so a huge problem when the designer lets the art director to check their work, not bothered to check the copy. If the art director didn't see the "typo" and sent it to the client, it's entirely the art director's fault if the client complains. take responsibility people!

3) Anger Management?

when people refuse to give in to the manager's attitude (problem!) and huge high turnover of staff. i mean brush up your PR skill, we're here to do a job, not show your temper as you like it, and I forsee a major disaster if it continues.

4) The big culprit!

managers start complaining that there's a "union" formed within the staff. why? the senior staff is the big culprit. brainwashing, spreading rumors and gossip, well, it's not healthy! if i was the boss, i'll be the first one to fire him/her. Take out the leader (culprit) and all well's ends well.

i could go on and on and on... but that wasn't my main topic for today. i got distracted. as usual.
i'll keep it short. :p

Secretaries' week. Who in the world came out with that idea really? Yes, like I've mentioned earlier, you should reward your employees. But it has gone overboard. I'm okay with luncheons but "treat your secretary to spa & massage?!?" Click here. An example of the many promotions during secretaries' week, which I find to be, well, it doesn't make sense.

I don't see them promoting something like "treat your love ones to a rejuvenating balinese massage". I'm not saying that deserving secretaries shouldn't be rewarded, maybe I've put too much thoughts into it, but if I know my other half treating his "secretary" to a massage, well, I would be really wondering. hmm.

Apr 29, 2008

i'm thinking of...

a kitchen.

maybe it's a sudden urge. spur of the moment thing.
but it has always been a dream of mine to own a classy kitchen
and imagine me cooking. fuah! now don't start laughing. :/

i used to cook my own meals during highschool
because my parents are working

how i love experimenting- depending on my mood... :p
my aunt would bring back all those spices from abroad
and i love collecting them, thyme, rosemary bla bla bla...

a lil bit of this, a lil bit of that,
i ended up mixing everything i can get in the kitchen. :x
no food poisoning though, thank God!

funny thing how mum will know that I messed up her kitchen when she gets back.

"you used the kitchen?" she gave me the knowingly look.
"bbbut i cleaned it? how did you find out?"
"i have my ways" she gave an evil laugh. (okay i exaggerated that part)

but you could totally see her "evil" look. heh.

picture taken from: 101 cookbooks

I'm so tempted to try this spring salad recipe. :)

Apr 25, 2008

mood swings. one of those days.

yup. :p

i got it from my mom! haha. :x

Apr 24, 2008

raging hormones?

Desire for the unknown eyes
Desire for the unknown name
I'm burning in the morning sun, I want to run
Desire for the unknown name
Desire for the unknown love
I'm burning in the morning sun



Apr 23, 2008

reminding myself why I'm so proud of him. :)

his first concert at madison square garden, USA
(well, of course it sold out)
and how I used to smile everytime he (tries to) speak english.
it has this ghetto mixed with british accent... :p

and what JYP saw in him- had that faith in him-
and groomed him to where he is today.

Speed Racer trailer (watch out for:- 1:20/1:26)

wondering what happened to him?
he's busy breaking into the Hollywood scene, of course.

and he's already started another movie, Ninja Assassin, playing the lead role. (yea, ninja's supposed to be japanese, but oh wells)

i might not be the self-proclaimed biggest fan anymore, but this is the guy who proves anything is possible... with determination, perseverance, hard work, and a lot of faith.

like the words of JYP himself,

"desperation makes terrible singers, sing great.
desperation makes terrible dancers, the most amazing dancers."

and that was what he had 6 years ago that made him what he is today.

Apr 22, 2008

food for thought.

sent by the dad.
and side notes by yours truly. you know me. :)

If criticism could cause some to quit, the skunk would be extinct.

(+) Vitamin C:
true dat. true dat. :p
I guess it's true when research says more people die from being laughed at than anything else.
poor skunk. :(

Most people don't object to criticism if it's favorable.

(+) Vitamin B:
On the same topic:-
A big BOO to majority votes.
i wonder why people still use them.
I mean even if I'm the most righteous/objective person, my vote would be a lil biased.
agree, no?

Our own faults are the ones we condemn most quickly in others.

(+) Vitamin A:
Someone said, we are the mirror to those we don't like.
You hate how the person is such a snob? Maybe you're one.
So, moral of the story is: Don't be judgemental. at least try not to.

tips on how to stop (minimize) judging :-

1) I virtually slap myself if crosses my mind. good reminder!
2) Send good thoughts to them. Hey it works! :D
3) Bless them! Refer here.

there you go. be a happier person. wrinkles are overrratedd!

Apr 21, 2008

we all wish we were no. 1

count slow by alex kaneko.
stop and stare by onerepublic

i will soon come to a crossroad
where i'll have to make a decision
where to go?
what to do?

i'll make God laugh
if i tell him my future plans

i don't know the future
but what i know now
is to take step by step
simple baby steps

and remember to count slow
1,2, 3, 4...

we're young and restless
it's alright to be reckless
but definitely not homeless

it sucks to feel lost
when you roam without a cause

i don't know the future
but what I know now
is to take step by step
and simple baby steps

i will soon come to a crossroad
what I can do then
is take step by step
and simple baby steps

remembering to count slow
like 1,2, 3, 4....

once is a coincidence. twice is ....

blog-worthy? :p

the story involves, a cabbie. and a passenger.
no prizes for guessing who's the passenger. like duh!

i have the weirdest encounters esp with our fellow cabbies.
yes, this one too. and it comes with extra services.

now, kids. don't get the wrong idea. :p

cut long story short:-

i usually take the cab from my workplace back to home.
for the past 2 months, never have I gotten the same cab.
maybe i don't keep track of them...

but this particular one, has definitely struck one of my memory cords.

mr cabbie a.k.a palm reader.

being stuck in the cab
with a complete stranger
and if he asks for your palm
well, you're obliged to.

reluctantly, i showed him
and told him my birth date
well, it wouldn't hurt?

although at that time
i admit i was freaking out
but i couldn't do anything
i'm basically stuck in the cab
what if he suddenly go amok?
you wouldn't know.

he told me a few things.
positive. negative. somewhere in between.
about my career. relationship. money. etc.
some are well, generic i would say.

the 2nd time.
he didn't recognize me
and asked me again
for my palm and birth date.

i decided to 'test' him
showed him my palm
told him my birth date
and see what he has to say...

he said the same thing.
hmm. consistency.

secretly i was "impressed"?

wait a minute...


was he telling the truth?
or does he tell that to every passenger?


i'll have to say it makes life more interesting when the world is made up of quirky and eccentric personalities, such as this mr cabbie-palm reader.

i reckon he should advertise himself like this.

p/s: sorry for the sucky photoshop. it's past bedtime. *yawns*

Apr 18, 2008

Save the HOLLYWOOD sign!

An investment group that owns 138 sage-covered acres above and to the left of the 45-foot-high, steel-and-concrete H put the land up for sale last month for $22 million.

Apparently they bought it for $1.7 million. but that's not the main issue here.

read here.

SAVE the... wait a minute....hold on...

you know i have this wicked idea of what they can do with 138 acres of land above the 'H'?

Add an adjective to describe it. :p feel free to suggest.

What would it be for you?

Apr 17, 2008

what i want the world to know. *shrugs*

1) wonders about the point of tagging....

yelena says, " macam(like) u can get to know ppl doing this tau".
felicia says, "you mean there's someone out there who's dying to know your puppy's name?"

2) when i don't(stop) tell (ing) much to you. it really means i'm fed up...

feedbacks from friends, "she nags a lot!"
felicia says, "you know what, i won't say anything more, coz i just dont' care" :x

3) i have a strong impulsive nature as opposed to my image of "no nonsense" and "cool" 'collected", i think you should get what i mean...

trivia: did you know she gulped down 4 shots of espresso once due to someone's leaving?

felicia says, "that is one of the most stupidest things i've ever done"

4) Guys might not want to know what goes through my head. srlsy speakin'.

trust me, it'll scare you when you know what's going in my head
-natasha bedingfield-

5) she loves writing down her thoughts. duh. blogging..

felicia says, "it gets too personal sometimes, that I don't write the way I used to"

6) perfectionist. OCD in her own way.

perfectionist mum complains everytime, "just look at her room! (messy)"
felicia says, "you will turn into your mom, no matter how diff you are!"(sigh)

7) very complicated indeed.

felicia says, "i'm an extrovert in an introvert way. I'm a cynic but I try to see the goodness in everything I do" now tell me, am i complicated or what?

8) gets inspired. one at a time. like crushes.

dad says, "she can't even hold a proper chord, and because of this monkey (his name is david choi!) from youtube, she started playing guitar! It's a miracle!"

mum says, "she plays better than her dad"

felicia says, "that is not true. don't listen to mum"

9) quite persistent (patient?) . in many ways.

a) felicia used to play a hand drawn keyboard ( imaginary piano) and scored 4As to prove she's really up for it, before her dad bought her a piano.

b) the longest crush she had was for 6 YEARS.

yelena says,
"boleh dpt 6 anak tu!"

10) a daddy's girl.
(i know you're reading this, dad)

felicia says, "she misses her younger days, sitting on her daddy's lap, act all mushy (like how you're supposed to be a daddy's girl) and act like you still need daddy's help although you know you can do it your own"

now we're more like friends, and i'm still a daddy's girl- grown up version way.
but i still hope i could go back and be 7 years old again.

11) wonders about her future. who doesn't?

felicia sings, "que sera sera... (i forgot the words. period!)"

12) *yawns* has faith in paris hilton, britney spears, lindsay lohan.

felicia says, "they're okay in my book, b*tches!"

i'm DONE!

the date: ROSSA!

madlib vid
on youtube. highly, suggestively entertaining! :D

NOTE: anyone up for it? it'll be fun to do something like that. ;p

Bless you!

Bless that which you want.

If you see a person with a beautiful home, bless that person and bless that home. If you see a person with a beautiful car, bless that person and bless that car. If you see a person with a loving family, bless that person and bless that family. If you see a person with a beautiful body, bless that person and bless their body.

T. Harv Ecker

I figured out if I want to make it in life (not to mention, be a happier creature, men are getting younger these days! click here. ) which isn't fair, at all!

So, girls, start blessing people!
Start blessing people, yes, even when they're not sneezing.

a list of people i want to bless! :-)

mr. bill gates.
for being a school drop out and created a revolution that gave one of the biggest impact to our generation. Bless you sir!

ms. julie andrews.
for proving you dont' need botox to look beautiful. :)
bless you!

ms hilary duff.
for proving that good girls can remain one in hollywood.
Bless you girl!
Ms. Miley Cyrus.
For making $19.2 million. at a tender age of 15!
Bless you kiddo!

and the list goes on and on... which is impossible to mention it all!
i just want to say to those who spend their life inspiring others
Bless you!

esp to those who find goodness in life, also to those who makes your life hard, thank you for then entertainment, and a great teacher to appreciating life, to experiences (previously known as mistakes) that people share, their joy, and their sadness, their doubts, and their faith. those who fell and stood up again.

Apr 13, 2008

trust still exist

i've been given the key.

Apr 12, 2008

the five people

i just woke up and decided i should just write this somewhere.
you've read five people you meet in heaven by mitch albom.

today, i present you five people you really meet in real life by yours truly. :x

it's all very vague- it was just another usual thinking session in bed- that motivated me to get out of bed. and yes, i just woke up. spare me. flow along. it might not make sense. :x

1) The Opposites.
The people we want to be.
or at least we think so.

a person who's popular vs. a person who can demand respect

yes, we all want to to be popular. but there's no point if people just take you for a joy ride. what about respect and having people listen to what you have to say?

and if you're a person of poise and wears the pants, where people hang on every word you say, you want to be "popular" too, in a fun way, let loose, more approachable.

2) The drowning friend
The friend that drowns you. physically. mentally. whatever.

you really wonder why you can click but yet be so different?

question is: are you really that different?

i recall the article from Cleo magazine about the 7 types of friends you must have/ avoid?

the drowning friend is a classic example of the suicide at the Penang bridge story.


what i can conclude here is that don't try to be God.
walk the 3rd mile if you could, not any further because you'll only end up jumping together like the two men.

I personally went through it and believe me it really hurts especially it's your friend. the attachment is too unbearable, and you end up blaming yourself over it.
that's the biggest mistake you'll ever make.

3) the people who say this, and do that.
hypocrites/ironic people. whatever you call them.

a) people who cannot commit prior to other commitments
b) people who gets angry when pointed out, but the fact that they do it anyway
c) people who criticize but can't take it when being criticized
d) people who are in denial

and the long list goes on....

and i have come to a safe conclusion, that we are all "hypocrites" in our own way,
and we're living in hypocrisy, whether or not we want to deny. :/

4) the people who have no sense of identity
it all begins at home... you know it.

we can use all the adjectives in the world to describe ourselves.
and it'd be easy.

sad to say, that is made up along the phases in life, which might not be true
when i say it begins at home. it really begins at home.
nobody's perfect. and we're constantly "trying" to be.
having a identity is cool, even if it means putting a mask.

don't listen to me...
take it from Shakespeare's Life's Brief Candle:

"Life's but a walking shadow,
a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the
And then is
heard no more: it is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing."

i rest my case.

5) the teachers
they make you learn the hard way. the real teachers.

basically, people who make it difficult life for you.
it knows no age, no status. anyone could be it. if they feel like it.

don't give in to their dirty lil tricks.
but be thankful.

life's not always a bed of roses anyway,
beneath are
torns. you get both.
and that makes life
fun and challenging.

keep this phrase with you:
what does not kill you, only makes you stronger.

No copyrights infringement intended.

Apr 11, 2008

make me laugh

i really need a good dose of optimism.

MAKE me laugh.

give it your best shot. i don't bite.

a cynic in training

"College costs. People should be able to go to colleges into which they're accepted."

my thoughts exactly. why are we applying to colleges we think we can afford and not colleges we deserve to be accepted? think about it.

college (definition by yourstruly)
an institution that builds young, naive, and "passion- driven" undergrads bridges to enable a smooth transition to a full time worker to pay off their study loan.

12 hours of heaven

ever felt what's like to be in heaven?

12 hours of slumber land w/o any interruption is what i call heaven.


the last time was a disaster. my mistake for not putting a notice.

so i figured out something on the blog. so, really. no offense.


i can't have people worrying over me really going to heaven or something.

it was an off day. but now i'm back bitches! :p

oh, weekends. how i missed you! *dopey face*

Apr 10, 2008

off day.

today is my off day.
i just want to go home
crawl to bed and snuggle in between the comfy blankets
with a cuppa hot choc and a feel good book. (read: chick lit)

not available for the following:-

a) indulging in daily ranting sessions- updates on latest crush. etc
b) engage in deep convo - eg: will people go to heaven when they die?
c) dinner/get together
d) normal tele convo- eg: how's your day?

gloomy day

she saw a hole in the sky today
a voice in her head told her
today was going to be different
as she boarded the bus
something came trickling down the glass window

was it rain or does it seems more like tears from heaven above?
the world has grown colder
and no one seems to care nor give a damn

afterall it's just a gloomy day
afterall it's just rain

she gave it a further thought as she types on the keyboard

afterall you need to know rain
to understand sunshine
or the beautiful rainbow
that archs its way across the sky...

Apr 9, 2008


i spent most of my time in the boss' office today. in and out.

don't get any ideas, por favor.

you know how good old grandpa wear his reading glasses and does his reading?

he was doing his usual looking into the future. and it's not nice to stare.

i kept myself busy by looking up into nothingness. look left. look right. and look at him.

i was trying to read his mind by starring at him while he focused on the piece of paper.

and then i saw a transmission of a gazillions data in form of electromagnetic waves.

well. literally.


he may be 60. but he's like a walking library of marketing books.

and no, i'm not exaggerating.

Apr 8, 2008

charming men

makes me go crazy. interesting fact.

I don't comprehend the rationale behind it.

today was crazy. insane.

how did it happen?

Mr. Marlborough strutted confidently in the board meeting room
Litted his ciggarette and leans forward *gulps*

must be those nicotine + gazillion chemicals.
my brains
literally hurt from all the smoke.
so i guess that's why i wasn't thinking

the way he pushes his hair back *gulps*

wait a minute.

*virtually slaps myself*

since i can't run away from charming men, i'm against 2nd hand smoking from now on.

damn nicotine. :s

secret vault spills...

have you ever had your friend telling you?
shh. please. don't tell anyone about it (my secret)!

not that it's hard to keep it
but knowing the fact that this person in front of you isn't what he or she really is.
it's just all false pretense. and you don't know what's really real anymore?
what you can do is to be a secret vault and bury it somewhere...

not that it's pin pointed to anyone in particular
but if you've been a secret vault, you'd know how it feels...

i feel bad. not because i had to keep that secret
because what you see is not really what you'll be getting.

life moves on. period.

Apr 7, 2008

RM 27 for 27 Dresses

27 Dresses for 3 at 9.20 p.m. That'll be RM 27.

so, the Wongs decided on a romantic comedy flick on sat night.
(psstt) i watched it on the dvd. but i had to give in. mom's the word. *winks*

truth to be told, I didn't like it the first time i watched it.

why, you ask? remember james marsden in enchanted? *shudders* :/

yup. he was the "bimbo" prince, that is just unacceptable! :x
of course he had it coming, people are just going to compare him with patrick "mcdreamy" dempsey, eventhough both look equally ugly in that tight pantsuit. *shakes head*

i'm sorry but i can't really take bimbo-ness.

and no, i certainly do not believe that it's an inborn deficiency, rather, people who just take life for granted, and being overly dependent to do anything, hence being clueless and having somebody to do it for you.

but i stand corrected with his performance in 27 dresses.

it was rather "my" type kind of character?

playing a cynical and witty columnist who writes about weddings and doesn't believe in them. but in the end, falls weak on his knees for the girl-next-door played by katherine heigl.

what's not to like? *sigh...* :)

my fav quotes:

"I wanted to be here tonight to make sure you're all right and being taken care of."

What about you? You don't have any needs? No. I'm Jesus." lmao.

"Love is patient, love is kind, love is slowly going out of your mind"

(during the yoga session) "No sign says you can't talk!"

btw, heigl is the main reason why i picked up the dvd and why i gave this movie a 2nd chance.

hubby singer-songwriter josh kelley wrote her a song, Hey Katie. aww...

Apr 6, 2008

just a thought.

my idea of perfect gender balance.

girl having pms while playing the guitar.

er. yeah.

speaking of which... i got a new acoustic guitar. woohoo!!

mini version of this
not that i wanted a small one
but the sound is just awesome.

btw, i call him mr. american boy.

Apr 4, 2008

i'm looking at....

a list of ivy league schools.

there's your prestigious Harvard, Yale, Princeton...
and there's Brown, Columbia, Dartmouth, Pennsylvania, Cornell .

harvard hottie! -nanny diaries-
note: sorry can't help myself. :)

and then i learned about liberal arts colleges from sweatlee
what are those? well, let's just say that it gives you freedom to explore and in the end you'd figured something, and helping you to design your own major, which is awesome, imo.

preetay cool. i mean you're never really too sure of what you want in life
let alone, in studies... constantly stumbling over blocks...
i wonder if you're "able" to learn from other people's mistakes. at some point, yes.

i mean we know the world is not flat
but only when someone was bold enough to challenge the once-upon-a-time fact.


it's kinda weird that when i ask a question, i end up answering it.
blogging bestowed me the "superpower" to split myself into multiple personalities. it gets a lil too crowded sometimes, i admit. :x

so, i was browsing. and browsing through the many colleges' sites.
i swear there's a whole bunch of hybrid subjects, sprouting "like mushroom after the rain"!

i mean you can have a degree in Buddhist studies
i can just imagine ultimate nirvana during their graduation ceremony.. er. yeah.

and come on, french and romance philosophy? it cannot be for real.

when i come to think of it now, the most non-complicated, no-brainer, "logical" thing to do:

1) take up a business degree
2) and open your own kopitiam shop
3) make your millions
4) retire and spend time with your grandchildren
5) travel around the world

okay it's not as simple. but compared to dr. "love" philosophy, you would agree with me, no?

so she vlogs too

with a crappy webcam and sucky mic
she dived into the vlogging zone
it wouldn't hurt, she figured out
maybe a lil "rubbing salt on her slightly wounded esteem"
and dignity while she's at it

but but.. there is always a BUTtt. of course there's alternative to a** :/

it could backfire and who knows? *shrugs*
she would redeem her esteem and rise above.
*halo on the head and hallelujah music playing in background* er.. yea.

no, she won't go posting it here. so, go treasure hunting if you wish. haha.

Apr 2, 2008

real vs. reality

They love to tell you
Stay inside the lines

But something's better
On the other side
I wanna run through the halls of my high school
I wanna scream at the
Top of my lungs
I just found out there's no such thing as the real world
Just a lie you got to rise above

I just can't wait til my 10 year reunion
I'm gonna bust down the double doors
And when I stand on these tables before you
You will know what all this time was for

quoting perez hilton, (something along the lines)
"People should know the difference between real and reality"

there's really no such thing as the real world. this society is shaped by the media, more or less. this fact is inevitable.

esp us, the "communication gurus of tomorrow". the power to brand, change perception, create beliefs, manipulating habits. it's a scary thought.

for now i just want to live life as a "normal" teenag... correction. young adult, exploring the "other side"and come out and spread my wings. hmm. haha.

how cheesy.

Matty's pillow

there she goes.
there she goes again.
passing by the little corner antic shop
where the kids go hop.. hopping...round the corner

the one with the frosted glass windows
where someone laid a pillow

the pillow was old, dusty and maybe a lil rusty
but she'll tell you that it's soft, comfy, and it smells like Matty

who's Matty, people will ask everytime
oh just someone that smells like the pillow she replied every single time

one day, April 1st to be exact, may just seem like any other day
she stood there like she always does
but this time you could tell it's different

she had tears rolling down her cheeks
as she begins to speak
this was what she said:-

Dear Matty,
do you remember how you used to love the children's laughter?
behind those frosted glass window you used to peek through em
with those curious brown eyes and fragile frame on the wheelchair you named 'rollers'
you'd daydream and would tell me wonderful bedtime stories...
thank you for your imagination.

'a little boy who couldn't walk and adventures in the meadows of dandelions'

Matty, spring is here. So, run free, run wild through the meadows of dandelions.
Mummy will be with you soon. Cross my heart and hope to die.

Disclosure Policy

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This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. For questions about this blog, please contact:


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This blog abides by word of mouth marketing standards. We believe in honesty of relationship, opinion and identity. The compensation received may influence the advertising content, topics or posts made in this blog. That content, advertising space or post will be clearly identified as paid or sponsored content.

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This blog does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest.

just for the sake of posting.

thought i was able to dig up something from my old files to post.

i realized all the stuff that I've written are damn emo whilst i'm not, at the mo'. i guess not.

but then i just feel like posting something before i hit the bed.

tomorrow is another new day. buck up felicia.

remember. underpromise. overdeliver.

Apr 1, 2008

no joke.

i lol-ed at this video. it was my first joke for april fool's.
at the end, i realized it's no joke.


note: haha. yes. I'm definitely smarter than that! :)

you're so vain

you'd probably think this song is about you, don't you? you're so vainnnnn.. haha. love this song.

i love carly smithson's rendition of Come Together. I think she's voted out already? too bad.

note: i stand corrected, she's still in the competition. good. then she's my new favorite to win.

i can just imagine her saying. Kiss Me. I'm Irish.

american idol is evolving into american next top model. while ryan and simon are just tad queer. but hey, you need to look like a star too. great voice needs to go with great style too.

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