Jun 25, 2010

Forgotten smile

While I have enjoyed and admired a fair share of other people's sweet smiles, maybe because I have forgotten my own. An old picture that I dug out and I was once again captivated by this carefree young thing with the biggest smile ever. I know that smile.

And let me have this moment now, where I admire no one but the smile that I've always had.

Jun 22, 2010

my dad and sex and the city 2

Okay, I think my dad just won the coolest-dad-in-town, hands down.

On father's day, I bribed him to a good Japanese dinner and got him to watch SATC 2 with me at KLCC. No kidding. Well, he was pretty easy going, I was either going for A Team or Toy Story 3 or SATC 2, and fashion won this time.

So, it was a good choice. Although it was not movie material, it was definitely a home entertainment. Re-watch and re-watch and re-watch.

Okay, I guess this post is dedicated to my dad. You're the best!

okay. haha. this is a photo blog. :x

Jun 7, 2010

Life won't be complete till you have the best chocolate souffle

Again, I made a short business trip to June. I'll post the leisure activities I did; the touristy post about fun stuff: food, new attractions, food and lots of food.

Ala Carte Buffet at Zhou's Kitchen. Yes, eat all you can, and they serve you. Neat concept, and the food is really fresh and plentiful too. [Chilli crab; the person in our group's favorite dish of all time]

[imagine a whole lot of food pictures. Totally unnecessary because this is not a food blog]

Why; of course I had to go there after the rave reviews on one of the food blog I found.
My search for good chocolate; one may never understand.

Banana Split Waffle.

and the best chocolate souffle ever. It was order alongside Banana Split, Chocolate Chip Cookie but we finished it in 1 minute, not joking. I had 2-3 bites.

Cute glassware which says Drink me! I had Frozen Eighties Chocolate; yes, chocolate again.

Everything chocolate! Max Brenner, please come to Malaysia.

Went to Simlin Square @ Bugis. Was amused by the lightings. What a colorful life. It may spark an interesting one-shot story. For now, one thousand words is represented by this photo.

Went to Marina Sands, and this is the new Casino. I'm amused (easily) by Singaporeans/Foreigners lane, just because. By the way it's free entrance for foreigners, but you have to pay $100 levy if you're a Singaporean/PR.

Wafer chocolate ice cream. Pure awesomeness at $1.
Told you I never get sick of chocolate.

Jun 1, 2010

here's to the next level in life

young and successful; not talking about the twin towers.
traders' hotel is pretty snazzy tho'

french restaurant at raja chulan
(amuses me that I don't even know the name and I had dinner there)
je ne comprenpa!

lovely wine for the evening. 2nd bottle for free because of croach.
I'm not even joking.

My future wine cellar.
Well, it's going to be more awesome than what you see now.

Happy picture with new camera!

apparently it's a long queue and we took some pictures

going to take forever

we passed our queue number to friendly looking people on the way out.
californians? indonesian on the right. definitely.

<3 lady from Indonesia. Lost 36 kilos so far! Keep it up!

Align Center

Architecture. the way i like it.
not cold, and emotionless. just classy.

lady in black with brown bag, you're awesome.

i typed love, and it showed up

Okay, it has been ages... (guilty) since I have posted. Now that I have some pictures with my new camera (haha, yes!) I feel this blog is once again revived (I think). Most people know this blog by its photos, when it doesn't, I feel really bad, of course that would be whole topic on its own.

I got myself an Olympus. Well, you can say I "drowned" my digital camera and it died. And I betrayed my dslr for this. Cheeserland and Chingy has pimped the same model, so I'll spare myself the introduction.

No this is not Thailand.
You know when they shot the movie "Anna and the King" set that was built at Clearwater Sanctuary, and now abandoned and no visitors allowed (structure isn't as stable as it is couple years back)


We had new Indonesian friends on our way to Singapore, and they have cute buttons too!

Value Hotel Nice. Yes, the room is as big as the picture, no joke.
And Twilight was playing. Team Jacob, por favor.

At the bus stop! Satc 2!
Prolly going to watch it in Singapore. Yes, I'm going again this Thursday.

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