Jul 29, 2008

i have a crush on you

an innocent crush is always fun
but it's also the time where you knock yourself on the head
and go "Why can't I pick up some courage to give eye contact or something?"

but the best part is to have a smile plastered on your face
the worst part? is to smile to everyone around you but your crush. don't you agree?


Jul 25, 2008

good job seems rare these days

my dad's current overused phrase. and i'm blaming it on Hancock
College life has been great so far, as much as I *what'stheword* would very much like to move on to do other things? and my dad, being a dad, like any other dads. maybe not. he's one of a kind. always telling me that "girl, good job" (times a hundred time)

the first few times when he told me he was proud of me, i was touched, i mean really happy, because the fact that i spent all my life (nearly two decades now) trying to be someone he could be proud of. *onlychildsyndromewtfright*

and then there came Hancock and he was on a "Good Job" rampage.
i was on the verge of rolling my eyes (well i did roll my eyes everytime i hear that ;p) but today in class i learned a new perspective.

"you will find these days when you go outside, you don't get a pat on the back or a "good job". it's rare. i mean who cares?

which is true. i agree 1000 percent on that statement. you get more "envy/jealousy" when you do a good job, i mean by telling you you're doing a good job, would be admitting that i'm incapable. agree?

Well, the moral of the story is, you must tell yourself you're doing a GOOD JOB. whether in work, relationship or daily basis.

now that i think of it, "good job" doesn't sound so bad after all.
but taking for granted is bad.

make this world a better place by telling family, friends, colleagues, whoever you meet on daily basis, "Good Job". okay maybe not good job, but you get the drift.

there you go ladies and gentlemen, Good Job! xD

Jul 24, 2008

God never takes away something without giving something back

credit: coolsmurf @ youtube

Ye Eun, a korean girl who is blind since birth who can play the piano just by listening to the tune
and Connie Talbot, X-Factor winner who blows me away every time she belts out "Somewhere over the rainbow"

another reminder for me that God never fails to amaze me
and how we should take little moments in life to appreciate its beauty.

Jul 21, 2008

one of those days when internet connection sucks

when it isn't anyways? one. the connection decided to be a brat. two. the router decides to commit suicide. sobs. i was on the verge of breaking down. okay. maybe tugging at my hair. but when you're living outside, internet is your life. it's like losing your phone, and you can't call anyone because you're too dependent on it that you don't bother to remember any of your friends' number; lol; i'm just trying to explain the gravity of the situation.

gosh, and how technology fails you. you can't check your mail, you can't meet deadlines, you can't do assignment (well, it's usually when you don't have internet, you decided then you're supposed to finish your long procrastinated assignment) i'm sure you can relate to that.

so you're wondering how come you're reading this when i'm complaining about it. yes, guilty as charged, thanks to mr. aztech, i'm able to spend the last 5 hours sitting in front of this "idiot box". so far, i completed my daily routines (well, to make up the last FOUR days w/o updates of my quote of the day etc), I did pretty well. Okay. Not really. But you know how you're watching something and you go like, "I wanna search that on IMDB.com, but then" shucks! you realize that you can't do that. bummer!

okay, enough. that's like 3 paragraphs of how technology can fail you at crucial times, and there's more where that came from. so i did some catch up on some movies: made of honor, get smart, hancock, and the dark knight. you might be thinking that's not catch up because 2 out of the 4 are relatively new. haha. :p

made of honor: mcdreamy lives up to his name, and michelle monaghan is just so sweet! although you can literally see some "balls" action which is cringe-worthy. bluergh.

get smart: slapstick funny. dwayne johnson is hot! steve carell is passe, trying to replace steve martin with him, no.. none of the above. anne hathaway, hot but seems like she doesn't belong to the show. hmm. there i said my two cents.

hancock: course-related movie finally! but disappointing although will smith is good, but why does he has to take up stereotyped roles? wait, or he's being stereotyped for these roles? first there's men in black, then irobot, yadayada... i am legend, and now this. esp in the movie he said, "after all, i'm the only one of my kind" I cringed. It was like, "Is this I am Legend? am i in the right cinema?" i like the underlining message, the don'ts in pr i supposed, it was alright until the corny storyline although i admit it has a good twist, totally unexpected.

and yes, the dark knight: brilliantly written, shot! one thing i never experience in any of the batman movies that i did in this one: it made me believe that gotham city existed. i don't know how to explain that but really, it did it for me.

heath ledger made it so alive, and such irony now that he's no longer here, and i think he made everyone delivered their lines so perfectly. peer pressure works sometimes. aside from that, he freaked me out, like how he has MPD personalities and his no rules thing he goes by. oh yeah, he spoiled "You complete me" line for me. Now when I hear those three words, I would not be thinking of tom cruise in jerry mcguire, but a "joker" and his eerie line, "Why so serious?"

aaron eckhart did well as two-face, but he looked like a mummy, and don't tell me his face doesn't hurt. i didn't like his blond hair, coz everyone else in the movie is brunette. so it kinda spoil it for me, but it's nothing much.

christian bale did well except for the fact that everytime he's batman, his voice sounded like "Lhet hherrr ghooo" it was like speaking with phlegm in your throat. some has defended saying it was the only way to cover his welsh accent. i only found out 3.5 hours ago that he's english. how bout that? and shirley who was sitting next to me pointed out and i agree that his face "changed", he loss weight? either that, or he went for a plastic surgery. his mouth looked like pierce brosnan and boy, he resembles tom cruise when he was younger (click)

and there was edison chen with his 2 second "leave your phone at the reception for security purposes" cameo. lucky him, he get to be in the scene with morgan freeman.

sirius black (gary oldman) aka commissioner gordon was brilliant in the movie although he had his fair share of insensate moments. look out for him as well. what about the lovely rachel dawes acted by maggie gyllenhaal ? i could hear jamie and shirls repeatingly saying old.fat.slut during the kissing scenes. come on, for me, she did way better than katie homes. and she looked the part. oh yeah, i admit she looked hot in one scene where she queried the joker at the police station. yes, she is a lil old, 31 years old this year, but she has this "monalisa" beauty to her (pun not intended) very vintage look.

when the credits started rolling, there was a virtual standing ovation. well, at least jamie and i stood up and starting clapping. beautiful but it left me emotional, and exhausted. so much for destressing eh?


till the 24th July. if i can make it there safe. i'm praying for strength. and time.

Jul 14, 2008

If you're under 40, chances are you haven't ever craved a Volvo

after rain effect. one word: dreamy. one of those days (rare!) to dream a little. and no, it doesn't hurt. ;) and yes, be prepared for some real "craving".

ladies and gentlemen, meet my dream car, oh-my-c30. xD

Come on, just look at the beauty. Never have I drooled over a car like I drool over a guy before. Come to think about it, I should've been a guy, what a waste, but oh well, I am what I am.

Now, just look at this handsome...

Volvo C30, Flint Grey and Zaurak 7x17" chromed rims (according to my specification :D)

Scandinavian- inspired rear design, bearing similarities to the the swinging 60s P1800 ES, Roger Moore drove in "The Saint".

pic: volvo C30

more: 1 2 3 4

"The C30 isn't for people with kids. It's a different kind of a Volvo for a different kind of customer," says chief designer Simon Lamarre.

Now let us chant this mantra: Impossible is nothing, just do it! xD Come what may, your wish is at the universe's command. Ask and you shall receive, knock and the door shall be opened to you.

Now, who's with me? :)

Jul 12, 2008

it's a lil tight, good job!

credit: pic

in a nutshell, hancock was a lil, i would admit it, disappointing

(hottie!) will smith, good cast (although charlize theron seems lost, but good acting nevertheless)

camera works (what's with the spinning, and too close for comfort close ups?), good twist but sucky closure (lame justification)

what's with shoving heads into one's ass fetish?
there is something queer about it
handjob, anyone? lol.

Jul 6, 2008

give me a sign

credit: pic

there's so much to do and so little time to think, or worst, post a blog. while the world is spinning like crazy, you just have to stay still for one minute and realize that everything is overtaking you. like zoom! what's that? you'll ask yourself. i'm not going make this easy to read because no.1, i intend to make this a ranting post, also on behalf of my college mates, so to speak. i bring forth peace and mean no harm earthlings.

we constantly search for opportunities, but when one comes, even if it hits your face, you wouldn't grab it. that's human nature, that's why "the rich gets richer, the poor gets poorer". i'm not saying that they deserve it, but life is about making choices, no one gets away rich when they think poorly, it's just the way it works. i'm not sure whether i'm making sense, well, i think i do.

i'm a good philosopher in my own way, i constantly preach but am not appreciated for my thoughts. well, it is a fact that people will hate you for making them think when there's already so much problems to think about. i worry about a lot of things, sometimes i worry if i have adequate capacity for thinking. one of these days, i swear my brains are going to explode. to think that i only used 2% of my brains' capacity, exploding brains? That's just me being dramatic. (rolls eyes)

there are times that you just want to skip 2 steps, i wish for it now, but that wouldn't make a good story for your grandchildren, will it? it's like the movie 13 going on 30, only difference is that i'm turning 20 (omfg) i have this lil wish scrap book where i paste pictures on it, dreaming one day that i shall be there. if it makes you feel any less cynical, believe it or not, one month after i paste a picture of a DSLR camera, it came through. and yes, it's the same model that i pasted on it. well, a lil wishful thinking wouldn't hurt. :)

the first chapter of my book is coming to an end, and the next chapter is about to start. i don't know how, or when it will, but i know it will...

one day darling, we shall make it to the top, and we shall clink our champagne glasses together, and laugh about it... in the mean time, i shall add on to my lil scrap book. ;)

Jul 1, 2008

1st of July

it's been a while
since i last saw him
or even hear from him

i remember the times we spent online
even throughout those deadlines
don't worry it wasn't hallucination
neither was it imagination
movies, we went together
but with his good friend, he seems stuck forever
and i think there was a time i thought it was love at first "sent"
and secret messages we put on MSN

i'd like to think that we are good friends
he'd think that way too... in future tense

tonight he tried calling
while i was busy bawling
the call didn't get through
i guess fate must had gone to the loo

In return he said these wise words,
"i believe some things, it's up to us to decide our own fate"

the reason why he called?

he called me to wish me for his birthday.

that's the guy i learn to know. i dedicate this post to you, jordan tan.

p/s: guess what? ;)

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