Aug 28, 2008

keep your coins, buddy

Joe Biden's acceptance speech deserves a standing ovation.
Bill Clinton endorses Obama.

I envy the Americans at times.
At least Starcraft sounds more hip than a circus we have here.
Maybe I should just be thankful.

Aug 27, 2008

how to order starbucks like a celeb

i never get how people can pass off as "cool" or "in-group" when ordering their daily java at starbucks or coffee bean or san francisco coffee (okay i'm gonna stop here). coz seriously i can't.

as a self proclaimed java addict, i simply can't order something too long to say, like for example, iced shaken lemonade zen tea (which i usually stop to think after 'lemonade') which is embarrassing because i look up when i think, and having the barista staring at you, hmm.. well...


i just love it when i see in tv shows, or movies when they give super long order like, i'll have a tall skinny, double shot latte, non fat, extra hot, no foam, two shots of caramel *rolls eyes* come on! if you want to have a coffee, just have a coffee, whatever happen to simplicity, old school?

but here's how you can be "cool" when you order yourself a drink at starbucks. just like how your favourite celebrity does it.

pic: getty images

Ms Spears usually orders a Vanilla Frappuccino.
Hayden Panettiere -- Vanilla Grande Non-Fat Chai
Mary Kate Olsen -- Vanilla Venti Sugar-Free Non-Fat Frappuccino
Paula Abdul -- Vanilla Soy Chai

for the lactose intolerant (me included!! but i never ordered anything soy, hmm..)
Ms Supermodel Heidi Klum orders herself a soy latte
while Ms Hips don't lie prefers it EXTRA hot!

Fancy pantsy celebs such as Ashton Kutcher shares one of my fav drinks:
Iced Grande Caramel Macchiato

while Ms Renée Zellwegger brings it to another level:
Venti Blueberry & Cream Frappuccino

While some still drink it old skool' like
proud daddy Ben Affleck goes for a Tall Iced Americano (yumm!)

And Tea People such as LiLo with her usual Grande Iced Tazo Green Tea

credits (article): extratv

Well, the next time I'm walking into a starbucks/coffee bean, i'm going to try out some of it. well, till then i'll just stick to my usual kopi o, cham, and white coffee at good oldtown kopitiam.

afterall, i miss seeing old people sitting down in old coffee shops, chattering away about life and politics.

pic: vkeong

Aug 26, 2008

Monday blues!

it was such an experience, to wait for the LRT at 7 sth on a monday morning. believe it or not, i only got in the 6th or 7th train. omg.

this was me sitting down, "giving up", at 7:47 am.

A peaceful morning. Not.

Mililea sponsored this one. Promoting organic lifestyle.

Top 5 topics on a public transport (LRT/Bus)

1) I slept late this morning. (telephone convo)
2) Baby found alive in dead mother's arms
3) Olympics closing ceremony
4) One month old baby on board (super "kawaii"ne)
5) Random UTAR: My choice tshirt wearer

See what I had to go through? But sure is interesting. Although am not liking the super packed trains in the morning. God, people, get a life!

Dear PM, I hope you're taking note. In conjunction with our National Day, I humbly "request" you to DO SOMETHING! Thank you.

Yours truly,
Your faithful citizen (who did not take sides during the last election because I'm under-aged)

Aug 22, 2008

woo hoo! now what?

today's the last day of college.
woo hoo! let's celebrate!
and now what?

usually when you graduate, people will congratulate you for being official unemployed. well, no, i'm not! haha. i'm the lucky few that got a job offer before i finish college. *pat on the back* :)
but seriously, even that, and i'm feeling kind of lost, like you've been set free, and now there's no more comfort zone.

okay, i get it. is this my cue to "grow" up? haha. hmm. it seems like yesterday when i sang que sera sera, or when i grow up by pcd (i wanna have boobies alright) =p

i was just giving my peeps some lovin', it seems times flew by, and we took granted of the time and realize we didn't get to know each other that well, after all. haha.

i can call myself a graduate. well not really, there's still a degree to go. but oh wells, i'm twenty, there's simply no need to worry (i'm such a contradiction) i used to be THE thinker, the worry OMG-I'm-Going-To-Turn-20! cat. tsk tsk.

i guess this is where i grow up. pfft.
still young at heart okay!


I just came back from my cousin sis' convo. Got some good pics!
Is it me or are there more flowers you can find than in a wedding? =_=;

Aug 21, 2008

Why you have to go and make things so complicated?

Minister Datuk Shafie Apdal said the application to hold the concert was rejected as they did not want it to coincide with the Merdeka period and the tahlil religious programme on Aug 29.

Why not hold Anwar's case, and the whole "who's going to be in power next?" saga until Merdeka is over? Pftt.

“All organisers, local and foreign, should adhere to the rules and regulations before promoting the concert and selling tickets to the public,” he said, adding that the organisers should consult the relevant authorities.

Oh, so, no jumping, no screaming? That's concert for you. C-O-N-C-E-R-T.

Shafie denied that the ministry’s decision was in response to PAS Youth’s call for the cancellation of the concert earlier this month.


"Conservation is to conserve, well, to conserve, we have to be conservative, and that is all about conserving."

Credits: TheStar ,Short+Sweet.

Aug 16, 2008

i can tell that's fake. but aren't we all superficial?

got one paper off my chest. how did i do? well, i'd like to think i did okay. 50%? i just pray that content matters and not the length. haha. =p

what else? ah, next on the list. motivational camp for the kids! super duper excited, i could use some motivation. haha. but i'm still excited, although i'm loaded (not as in cash) with work. period.

ah. and so fei sms-ed us, and took us to watch the short+sweet play, at KL Pac, which was shweeet! Also to support Vince's playwright who was featured among the 10 play i watched tonight.

Being a theater (virgin), i was really impressed by how good can it be.

Every play in their own rights; the actors, the witty lines, great scripts. did enjoy watching a 10 minutes play (10 different plays), it's fast paced and direct to the point, and most importantly, you won't get bored! :)

i particularly enjoyed "I can tell your handbag is fake" by Dean Lundquist. superb!

edit: he replied my email. yea after so long, but hey, it feels good to know you're heard! :)

Dear Felicia,

Thanks for your kind comments. I am sorry it's taken me so long to reply. Apparently my email wasn't being forwarded as it should've been. The play just performed over the weekend in the USA and is slated to be performed in Sydney in 2009. So glad you enjoyed the festival and my work.



Aug 14, 2008

i'm type B.

haha. this is me. xD

Aug 12, 2008

makes me wanna go to the beach real bad. :(

My Time With You by David Choi and Kina Grannis

Makes you go warm and fuzzy, take-off-your-slippers-and-run-on-the-beach. :')

and david got some lovin' from jcpenney
click on the link to vote for the best outfit and download the song for free =p

outfit 2 is the best. i like it simple, and stripes looks good on him! xD

Aug 10, 2008

Hao Hao (I'm making fun of The Mummy =p)

The Beijing Olympic's Opening was nothing short of spectacular. I think from the start of the live telecast, I had my mouth wide open simply because I was truly amazed by how creative they are, from the chinese painting, to of course, the final passing of the orb, which deserved a standing ovation.

Lovely presentation of the 3D globe, while a touching performance by Sarah Brightman and China's singer, Liu Huan.

One thousand men for this formation. They were decked in green, but had little bulbs on their body that changes colour as you can see in the picture. Other worthy mention formation is the shape of a dove, which represents peace and unity.

Yao Ming holding the China flag, as he led a total of 639 people of China's contingent during the parade, which is also the largest contingent among the 204 countries.

No, Chinese New Year is not here yet, nor McDonald's not having a strike, it's China's athletes during the parade.

Japan's contingent, one of the few, or might be the only one country that held their flag+ China's flag together during the parade. This is what I call, true nation spirit.

As I was watching the amazing fireworks, performance etc, as amazed as I was and still am right now, I cannot help but think that 40 billion dollars (estimation) is a tad too much for an opening, even for the sake of nation's unity. And just to think about the Sichuan tragedy few months back, and the Tibet issue, which is still ongoing.

Such irony. and here they are, promoting unity and peace.

What do you think?

Aug 8, 2008

millionth tag game.

okay. exaggerating.
anyways, i'm supposed to write 7 facts about myself. again. lol.
i'm not going to tag anyone else for it but then again, i think i want to.
okay, this is a punishment to those who doesn't update their blog regularly.
Jamie and Kristina. You're tagged. xD

okay here's my list:-

1) i love photography.
oh and i adore this picture of me taken by jade. :)

check out myflickr.

2) he's my obsession= david choi
3) he's the reason to why i can play the guitar. *winks*
4) i love koala bears *haha*

5) he's my pillar= my dad

It makes my life worth it when he tells me "I'm proud of you"

6) And yes, I love the beach. I don't consider myself a beach bum but I'm practically born to stay close to the waters. Ironically, my biggest fear is drowning. Any take on that?

7) My favourite quote from Elizabethtown.

I'm pretty much a philosophical person. I love quotes.
Anything, deep, serious, witty and cute. I love them all!

Aug 7, 2008

i want to lock you up in my closet...

where no one's around
i want to put your hand in my pocket
coz you're allowed

i wanna drive you into a corner
and kiss you without a sound

okay, i have no idea why this song is stuck in my mind right now. and why i love this song so much when it first came out. tra la la la..

[pic] Beba and Greg.

anyways, decided to share this picture with you guys.
it was from my shooting for David Choi's music video, How Long
Potential Wedding Potrait. xD

Anyone wants to have their photograph taken, do drop me a message. *hint*

Aug 6, 2008

for the first time...

i felt disappointed and scared at the same time.

Aug 2, 2008

perdendosi. i mean it.

Perdendosi (Pair-den-doe-si), my current status. In music terms, it means dying away. Yes, I'm literally dying away. You know how you gotta a whole workload, but you're trying to be in denial? I reckon that's more painful than having panic attack when you know your final presentation in going to be in two days.

Yea. i'm suffering from that. well, people give it a lot of names.
And I'm sure you know it. =_=;;

did i mentioned it's only 20 more days to finally "graduate"? yeah. time flies.

quoting reems, "it has been our routine for 2 1/2 years, what are we going to do?" either you further your studies, get a job, or get married. =p Hmm, 3rd option only works if only I have a boyfriend. haha.

better than sex, definitely.

this review is spot on, couldn't have said it better, as if they took the words right out from my mouth. brilliantly shot, brilliant characterization, all the right elements, the suspense, the drama, the action, it was almost perfect.

2 hours into the movie, you're already exhausted. Like "What could possibly be next?"
but it makes you jump right up, makes you hold on to your seat until it ends, and it deserves a standing ovation.

but, i would say no to batman's voice. do you really think that sound even close to mysterious or sexy? well, apparently it was to cover bale's welsh accent, hence the "out-of-breath" voice. "C-hould youu makkkee hhiiimm thalkkk?" With all due respect, it was funny.

speaking of which, i've already posted my opinion in the earlier post (i watched it during the world's premier), but this review at will tell you exactly how i felt about the movie. oh yes, they make the funniest reviews! :)

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