Aug 26, 2008

Monday blues!

it was such an experience, to wait for the LRT at 7 sth on a monday morning. believe it or not, i only got in the 6th or 7th train. omg.

this was me sitting down, "giving up", at 7:47 am.

A peaceful morning. Not.

Mililea sponsored this one. Promoting organic lifestyle.

Top 5 topics on a public transport (LRT/Bus)

1) I slept late this morning. (telephone convo)
2) Baby found alive in dead mother's arms
3) Olympics closing ceremony
4) One month old baby on board (super "kawaii"ne)
5) Random UTAR: My choice tshirt wearer

See what I had to go through? But sure is interesting. Although am not liking the super packed trains in the morning. God, people, get a life!

Dear PM, I hope you're taking note. In conjunction with our National Day, I humbly "request" you to DO SOMETHING! Thank you.

Yours truly,
Your faithful citizen (who did not take sides during the last election because I'm under-aged)

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