Aug 22, 2008

woo hoo! now what?

today's the last day of college.
woo hoo! let's celebrate!
and now what?

usually when you graduate, people will congratulate you for being official unemployed. well, no, i'm not! haha. i'm the lucky few that got a job offer before i finish college. *pat on the back* :)
but seriously, even that, and i'm feeling kind of lost, like you've been set free, and now there's no more comfort zone.

okay, i get it. is this my cue to "grow" up? haha. hmm. it seems like yesterday when i sang que sera sera, or when i grow up by pcd (i wanna have boobies alright) =p

i was just giving my peeps some lovin', it seems times flew by, and we took granted of the time and realize we didn't get to know each other that well, after all. haha.

i can call myself a graduate. well not really, there's still a degree to go. but oh wells, i'm twenty, there's simply no need to worry (i'm such a contradiction) i used to be THE thinker, the worry OMG-I'm-Going-To-Turn-20! cat. tsk tsk.

i guess this is where i grow up. pfft.
still young at heart okay!


I just came back from my cousin sis' convo. Got some good pics!
Is it me or are there more flowers you can find than in a wedding? =_=;

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