Apr 3, 2010

moments money cannot buy

Strangers, we're not.

Bonded over homemade capati and egg fillings.

Mrs Wariyam, retired school teacher of Raja Perempuan Ipoh, 65 years old.
65 years old, usually drives wherever she goes.
Has a planned trip to Bangkok with her mother.

It was nearly a Susan Boyle moment for me. It made my 2 1/2 hours train trip fun.

Never knew Melaka's Nyonya Cendol was this good. No more food court cendol for me.

As we were waiting for our chicken rice ball, we kept ourselves amused with this toy chicken that makes this really odd crow-like sound. Those sounds that you don't want to hear in the middle of the night kind of sound. [pic] my dad by the way.

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