Nov 30, 2008

Pamper Yourself Day

Okay, I just made that up. But, always, for a reason. I just came back from the supermarket, because I decided to restock my shampoo, from the fiery red L'oreal to girly pink; maybe I'm thinking my hair needs more shine than usual, and I figured out it wouldn't hurt to add some girliness while I'm at it. Okay, that was just a couple of BS, but I do have a point there. And my point is, I realized we should pamper ourselves sometimes, once if a while, at least.

I was just standing at the sinful indulgence corner (read: ice cream *heavenly music*); deciding on which ice cream to get (okay, actually "whether" I should get some or not?), and an elderly woman standing by at the same time and yes, she does have the same cheeky, thinking look on her face. I just asked her whether she would want to get some ice cream, and she chuckled like "i-don't-think-i-should" kind of chuckle but stood there, still glancing at the ice-cream.

And then I decided I should just get a tub, thinking it would make a great after-dinner dessert; and yes, I grabbed one and made my way to the counters. No surprise, my "partner-in-crime" at the ice cream did not take any and just walked pass me as I made payment.

Okay, that lady wasn't any stranger. In fact, I know her. Also, she is someone that I have been observing of late. She is a wife, a mother, a grandmother and someone who doesn't pamper herself. Once, we passed by a Chinese eatery with an orange interior, and you could see her eyes lit up. I didn't know that she has been wanting to go there for a very long time, and when we finally went, you simply cannot imagine the joy.

And I know there are a lot others out there. Personally, I have no problems in pampering myself and spending (haha) but often you find yourself starring at the price tag, and go "Oh, I really shouldn't". We have all been there but if you don't pamper yourself, really, who will? I'm not saying splurge every time you find yourself go, "Just this one time! Go for it!" but don't stop enjoying yourself just because you cannot afford it.

What you can do is to get your own "Play Jar", like how you used to keep your change in your little piggy banks. Put some money in there, and spend it every month on something you've always wanted to do and within what you have in that "Play Jar" of yours. You will find that life is more fulfilling when you can pamper yourself, even though it's just a tub of ice cream.

Learn to Love Yourself, Olivia Newton-John

Nov 29, 2008


credit: pic

and what it does to you. oh wells. Best thing is to talk and laugh about it afterwards. After a gruelling weekend of non-stop work, my immune system decided to plunge quicker than Wall Street did recently, in a case of unspeakable embarrassment and torpedo criticisms from well, just everyone who decided to be vocal about it. okay, it wasn't the case, because the deluded me did not figure out that it was such a "failure"in the first place.

If you think only celebrities get attacked on, think again! I'm proud to say that I've had my first ever cyber-criticism and let's just hope I don' get it again, fingers crossed. there are many things that led to this inevitable failure, an undeniable fact is of course, being the part of organizing team and fail to make sure everything is perfect. Of course nobody is perfect, but always, I mean, always, someone decides to be the genius of the day and be the perfect critic, giving opinions on how it should be done, from A-Z.

Of course, I admit I have been there sometimes, and now it's my turn to take a bite of the humble pie, as I'm typing this. It was sweat and blood and 10 years down the road, I'm bloody sure that I'll be hella proud of this particular lesson. And it only cost me RM 29. ;)

Nov 26, 2008


Being a (one day) potato couch was fun but short lived; enjoyable because it's something I haven't done in a very long time. It turns out the idiot box isn't all bad when you tune in to the right channels. I learnt of one new word, and had a cathartic moment the second, and a light debate on the US politics.

Given the fact that I was down with a terrible cold since Monday and wasn't able to move a bone, and had to go to the doctor's; another first in so many years. And although in my hallucinatory state, I still managed to tell the nurse I was allergic to penicillin and to the doctor that I didn't want antibiotic, even before he took a good look at me.

"If you feel like you've been knock down by a lorry, we can give you a jab," he said. That statement certainly "woke" me up. I wasn't the type who's afraid of jabs or anything, but I know it's not exactly a fun ride either. Funny doctor, I might add.

Plus, I'm surprised that my medical bill came up to only RM 29, which is rare these days, last time I heard, my friends' medical bills go up to RM180, and that's normal in the city.

So, I had a good sleep that night, but still wasn't fit for work, so I stayed home and "rested". I was on this channel when Oprah was on, and Llyod Boston was on as well.

Now, "Are you a schlumpadinka?" A what? Yes, a schlumpadinka. So as you can see how amused I was by the word, and I stayed until the end of the show. I've always thought J.C. Penny is a great place to shop; Gap, Kohl's and Old Navy as well.

I also have to agree with Lloyd, that trench coat is like the new pink, in terms of style, you can never go wrong with that wherever you travel (except in tropical countries like Malaysia), you can even pull it off in Singapore(next to Malaysia, if you don't know where Malaysia is, yes it is next to Singapore), I find that Singaporeans, or people who are working/travelling/etc there, are just fashionable, put on a scarf, and nobody will think you're a freak, that's for sure.

Another tear-jerker to be added to the list is My Dog Skip. I cannot believe the tears keep rolling down; it produced almost the same emotions like Remember the Titans which got me bawling by the end of the credits. I've never seen Frankie Muniz in movies like these, and he should stop making silly movies like Agent Cody Banks, and make meaningful movies, and win Oscars at the same time!

And, who can forget The Nanny? One of my favorite quotes:- "Niles, this steak is tough.""So is life. And then you die." Can it get wittier than that? Here are the rest.

Here's two amazing photographers on flickr. Check them out. karton and Fate.

Nov 22, 2008

the lion city roars

what makes them different from us?
the grass is always greener on the other side, here's a letter which was written by a Singaporean on today's Star paper.

you can stay in the shopping district and pay only $100 per night (inclusive of two breakfast!)

you get poser (goofy!) dogs on the street.
this is taken at orchard road.

do you have a millionaire mind?

how do you stand out from the crowd?

raise your hands up high if you want to be a millionaire.

you support each other and breakthrough!

it's only a month away!

Nov 21, 2008

the way you do the things you do

by The Temptations. lyrics here.

have a great weekend.

Nov 20, 2008

the convenient way to fly


stay tuned.

#SP7: Report Phone Numbers: Report Annoying Phone Calls

One thing that really get on my nerves is getting calls from unknown numbers, and having to tell them repeatedly that I'm not "some" person they think I am, or I don't need a personal loan, and the list goes on and on. Unintentional or not; intentional most of the time I'd reckon, it does test your patience.

Can we put a stop to this? Yea, probably. But raise your hand if you are too lazy to submit those numbers to your telco company *raises hand*, and by the time we get frustrated, we delete those numbers? Sound familliar?

Well, I am sure millions of people share the same sentiments about this issue, and would it be nice if someone were to pre-warn you that this particular number that is appearing on your caller id is to be avoided at all cost? Well, just go over to Report Phone Numbers and you can check the number that has been harassing you, and warn others against it. You might even find the same number that someone reported earlier; just add a comment so that people will know which number to avoid next time around. Click here to see how it looks like.

Now, that's simple, and it's a click away, and fuss-free too, and sharing is indeed caring!

Report Phone Numbers

Nov 19, 2008


I was just having this random conversation on MSN, and on my personal message, it says: I need a car. So, naturally, this friend would ask, "Oh, so you need a car?" "How do you go to work?".

So, I answered, "Someone is sending me to work" As I pressed enter, immediately I regretted, and quickly add in, "It's ...." Of course, I was too late. The next message came in, "Is it a guy?" Gosh, now I wonder really, why when you say "someone" even without any added meaning to it, people would just assume that you meant "someone", that you don't want to confirm anything yet, but that someone means a lot to you?

Okay, I admit, I do refer "someone" as that "special someone", but really, in this situation, it is really hard to tell my friend that someone is hard to explain, like he's an uncle, but not really related to me, a family friend, and then you know, the question leads to, "Oh, so you're staying at his house?" which isn't really the case. So, point is, it's just complicated, so I just simply used "someone", because I didn't want to create any confusion. that simple.

Really, I believe truly now in one quote I came across before:

"Nothing has meaning, unless you add it in"

So, how that "someone" term, was another eye-opener to me, and proves to me, how people can easily form a perception on you or your life. Like, have you met "someone"? Gosh. I cannot even believe I can actually write er..1..2...3 paragraphs based on one word, "someone".

p.s Anyways, I was checking this out. Anyone interested to join my team? I've always wanted to do something like this, so this invitation is open to all the dynamic people/entrepreneurs out there.

p.p.s And yes, we've been featured again, this time on The Star, Metro. First article was on Sin Chew.

p.p.p.s i wonder if you can count the number of "someone" in this post?

p.p.p.p.s for wednesday blues, i officially announce that today is Jazz Day, so check this out. but please don't fall asleep at work, por favor! thanks to beba for the link. ;)

Nov 18, 2008

Bloggers Buff 2008

Okay folks, please write it down somewhere; 22nd Nov, Saturday, at PWTC. Be sure you are registered for the Bloggers' Buff 2008 event, if you're a blogger, you want to know your rights as a blogger, you want to know how to make money, you want to hear it from bloggers who has been there, done that, and the whole enchilada.

What is Bloggers Buff?
In a nutshell, a platform for bloggers of all genres to come together with one common interest and share views on different aspects of blogging.

Who is behind Bloggers Buff?
A team of rocket scientists. No silly, a team of people who is passionate about giving you the best of the best, simply because most of us are bloggers, and we care about our rights as a blogger, and we want to share it by creating a platform for that purpose.

Is this new? I haven't heard of it.
Well, Bloggers Buff started last year in 2007, and speakers/bloggers like Kenny Sia and Yvonne Foong came to speak at the event. A small number turn up at the Bloggers Buff's debut and guess what we're doing it again this year, improved, bigger and better.

the organizing committee and Josh from Advertlets.

Why should I attend it? What's in it for me?
Oh well, this is not going to be some gathering where you sit, eat, take photos and go home. This is a two way, interactive event where you get to network, join in the discussion, ask questions! Best thing is, you get to listen to the horses' mouth itself, because we've arranged speakers such as Tun Mahathir, Rocky's Bru, Dato' Ahmad Talib to share their views on important issues faced by Malaysian bloggers today.

For the young jedi(s)
Okay, fret not, young jedi(s), because if you're just looking for something more light, we have a 2nd session, mainly for the youth bloggers. We've invited bloggers like Sid from Sunny&Sid, Yien Yee from A Shopaholics' Den, Gina from MiniBites, Jason Lioh from JasonMumbles and Jan Wong from Shirts4Real to share their stories and views.

The Bloggers Buff 2008 photography contest.

Under the Theme "My Generation My World", send your best picture based on it.
Be it Funny, Dramatic or totally out of the world, just send them in to

Also, if you register, your blog will automatically be in the running to win the Bloggers Buff's Best Blog awards. Before I forget, it's limited to only 100 participants, so register fast!

Okay, do I need to pay?
Yes, but we won't be taking any of it. It's more of a commitment fee and every single penny will be used for the event for you. The fees are as below:-

1) Part 1 (RM50)
2) Part 2 (RM20)
3) All events (RM60)

Okay, there you go. For more info, please visit Bloggers Buff and check it out for yourself.

Nov 17, 2008

Who's to blame? the men or the women?

credit: pic

Last night, after church service, we went for dinner at a local indian shop. We had rawa tosai (wikipedia spelled it as "dosa"), mutton curry, fried mee and the usual teh tarik. And what's really surprising is the bill, when it came up to RM 23.60, which I found to be absurd, well, the fact that the main newspapers' headlines literally screams price drop in hawker centers and mamak stalls. Well, maybe in some places only, but of course, I didn't think it'd impress any Malaysians by the 10 cents drop, the fact that from the normal 70 cents roti canai went up to RM 1, and now after the reduced 10 cents, it's 90 cents.

credit: article @ pic
my mum had to sms me and told me they had two pieces of roti canai, and two pieces of tosai, and teh tarik in Ipoh only cost them RM5. Yes, it will continue to remain a food paradise for me, cheap and plentiful.

of course that's not the real case, because the main thing is about our little conversation. it carried out like any other harmless convo, about this friend who was left by her husband for another young girl, when she was fully dependent on the husband and she has children as young as 13 who is still schooling. of course, any sane human being would definitely pity the lady a.k.a the victim in this situation. i mean, who would be SO cruel to the woman you married and carries your child? well, apparently, a lot of them out there, i supposed.

the conversation sort of expanded with more stories similar to the first case, so you can imagine that there were tension, and sometimes you just get angry over something that you feel strongly about.

but i had a different opinion. naturally.

i had one question in my head:

Would the husband stay if he was happy with the current marriage?

The answer is _ _ _. Yes, I would like to think so too. You can say that the man is lustful, going through some mid life crisis (like you know, "Get over it"), etc etc. Most of these thoughts or perception we will have because we think for the lady. Yes, no doubt, the wife is the victim, but I like to think that the man is too, a victim in the marriage. Most of these cases happen because:

1) It wasn't built on a strong foundation
2) there weren't anything that was really done to upkeep the marriage

And believe me, we play our part too, when the lady decides to play "God", "Maybe I can change him, when we get married", when she already knew. I'm not trying to say, "Ok, you brought it upon yourself, so don't go blaming others". But seriously, that is usually the consequence when your pride think you can, but it could've took more than 20 years to build up those problems, and here we think, "I can change him, once we get married," *shrugs* *case closed*

What about the "seductive" young girls, locals, China dolls, Indonesians etc etc etc? Gosh, is it their fault really? Or did they just made themselves "available" when these men are looking for a way out of their personal crisis?

Now, are we going to say, "They (the couples) were doing so fine, until the marriage wrecker/ husband stealer came into the picture"?

I think no one's to blame, everyone in the picture has a fair share of blame. Everyone has their agenda, the young girls didn't go out to break marriages; who doesn't want to be loved and to be spoiled with gifts? If he was happy, would he go out to look for something else? If she was doing her part, would she be the last to know?

The real victims: the children. "Yea, why didn't I think of that?"

Nov 16, 2008


testing. changing comment system.

what i love most about river is

What I love most about rivers is:
You can't step in the same river twice
The water's always changing, always flowing
But people, I guess, can't live like that
We all must pay a price
To be safe, we lose our chance of ever knowing
What's around the riverbend
Waiting just around the riverbend

lyrics: just around the riverbend

credit: pic

I think one of my many first music exposure was Pocahontas, alongside Lion King, mostly Disney movies soundtrack as a child. I remember having my own Pocahontas' cassette and lyrics- sing-along book and I would listen to it all the time.

It was one of those movies that opened my eyes to how one put aside their differences; one of the first star-crossed lovers stories before I was introduced to Romeo & Juliet later on.

I stumbled across this song when I was browsing for piano sheets and memories of my childhood come flooding in once again; it was sweet because you know you grew up with it, of course, not knowing what it really meant, but now you can look back and see how it actually registered and affected your life at the present.

We always think we're meant to do something, or maybe just a make believe "destiny"; you know life has been laid down before you, you've got it all planned, you know you're going to be a doctor, a lawyer, for instance, but in the process, you will have to stop and reflect, whether this is going to be it. Do you really want to do this?

Crossroads; it's either the road less travelled or the one you grow up to know and be familliar with?

Well, I can say this now because I think I've gone through as a child till now, having almost 20 "possible" careers filled in those cards at school, when they ask you to state your ambitions? So far, I've written down that I wanted to be a vet, a writer, a lawyer, a teacher! , a forensic scientist (what was I thinking?), a journalist, and a fashion designer, for goodness sake! and probably a lot more others.

Mind you, I was and still am an idealist, so you know, save the world (from fashion disaster, haha), make it a better place to live in, for justice! Gosh, I think most of us have been there, done that, eh?

credit: tracy reese

I thought I knew what I wanted to be. I was SO determined to take up fashion designing, that I took up Arts (I was a Science student). Oh, I was glad that I went through it, I didn't think I was that creative, but I loved doodling/drawing wedding gowns in boring Physics' class (haha, yeah I know). But I still managed an A2, so I wasn't complaining because it "showed" I was capable of being creative. heh.

Well, I (almost) signed up for that course, but I decided that I would pursue my other interest, which is writing (journalism) at that time. Partly, because I was scared that I didn't have it it me to be a fashion designer, who am I kidding? But looking back now, I do wonder what will be of me, if I went that way?

Of course, with no regrets, because I think I did something right as well, although now I'm just reminiscing my determination to learn how to use the sewing machine, well, I'm proud of myself, really. xD

After 2 1/2 years, I'm starting on a new chapter(once again), here's to me, continuing another journey, which I'm excited/anxious/scared/happy all rolled into one, I'll just pick up as I go, with no regrets of the past, but living in the present and with a future to look forward to.

Nov 12, 2008

we all run onto islands in the sun

let's together say, finally! =p

our ride to crab island (Pulau Ketam)

we all know jamie "dislikes" (an understatement) kids.
click here. and she tried her best to smile. good job.

meanwhile, Kristina is extremely excited (duh) xD

the crab jumped too!

major ps-ing.
watercolor, and fake clouds. ;)
p.s: man thinking, "posers"

and we wonder why Jamie refuses to take that jacket off.
it's frickin' hot, btw.

this is how the shop houses look like.

back in 1970... well, i wasn't born yet.

painted in red and put right in front of the houses.
according to the locals, it's to reflect and protect it from evil.

it was the chinese ghost month.
you can tell how long i procrastinated.

bicycle for rent + free lessons (apparently)

we pushed our way up.
who in the world can cycle through that, i salute them!

remember liu xiang in Olympics?
this is a parody by liu xiang-wannabe.

perfect for a hot day at the island.
100 plus and lala chien (egg+ lala)

crab noodles. guaranteed silence during meal.

you've got to have a souvenir t-shirt.
I love Pulau Ketam, which we took because it our lecturer's initial too, Mr. P. Kamalanathan. xD

go to the website: here.
the star article: here.

We move along

for Wednesday blues.

Go ahead as you waste your days with thinking
When you fall everyone sins
Another day and you've had your fill of sinking
With the life held in your
Hands are shaking cold
These hands are meant to hold

Speak to me, when all you got to keep is strong
Move along, move along like I know you do
And even when your hope is gone
Move along, move along just to make it through
Move along
Move along

When all you got to keep is strong
Move along, move along like I know you do
And even when your hope is gone
Move along, move along just to make it through

-All American Rejects-

Nov 4, 2008

3 girl friends and an island!

an island. named after a seafood. (how creative)
best viewed with a bicycle.
stay tuned for more. =)

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