Nov 26, 2008


Being a (one day) potato couch was fun but short lived; enjoyable because it's something I haven't done in a very long time. It turns out the idiot box isn't all bad when you tune in to the right channels. I learnt of one new word, and had a cathartic moment the second, and a light debate on the US politics.

Given the fact that I was down with a terrible cold since Monday and wasn't able to move a bone, and had to go to the doctor's; another first in so many years. And although in my hallucinatory state, I still managed to tell the nurse I was allergic to penicillin and to the doctor that I didn't want antibiotic, even before he took a good look at me.

"If you feel like you've been knock down by a lorry, we can give you a jab," he said. That statement certainly "woke" me up. I wasn't the type who's afraid of jabs or anything, but I know it's not exactly a fun ride either. Funny doctor, I might add.

Plus, I'm surprised that my medical bill came up to only RM 29, which is rare these days, last time I heard, my friends' medical bills go up to RM180, and that's normal in the city.

So, I had a good sleep that night, but still wasn't fit for work, so I stayed home and "rested". I was on this channel when Oprah was on, and Llyod Boston was on as well.

Now, "Are you a schlumpadinka?" A what? Yes, a schlumpadinka. So as you can see how amused I was by the word, and I stayed until the end of the show. I've always thought J.C. Penny is a great place to shop; Gap, Kohl's and Old Navy as well.

I also have to agree with Lloyd, that trench coat is like the new pink, in terms of style, you can never go wrong with that wherever you travel (except in tropical countries like Malaysia), you can even pull it off in Singapore(next to Malaysia, if you don't know where Malaysia is, yes it is next to Singapore), I find that Singaporeans, or people who are working/travelling/etc there, are just fashionable, put on a scarf, and nobody will think you're a freak, that's for sure.

Another tear-jerker to be added to the list is My Dog Skip. I cannot believe the tears keep rolling down; it produced almost the same emotions like Remember the Titans which got me bawling by the end of the credits. I've never seen Frankie Muniz in movies like these, and he should stop making silly movies like Agent Cody Banks, and make meaningful movies, and win Oscars at the same time!

And, who can forget The Nanny? One of my favorite quotes:- "Niles, this steak is tough.""So is life. And then you die." Can it get wittier than that? Here are the rest.

Here's two amazing photographers on flickr. Check them out. karton and Fate.

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