Jul 31, 2007

Astronauts are drunkards? (read: stress-release :p)

The Onion

Report: Astronauts Flew Drunk

An internal review at NASA revealed that some of their astronauts may have been drunk when they boarded shuttle missions into space. What do...

source: the onion

This is something interesting. Can you actually believe that? I mean you're investing on a bunch of drunkards who are going on an expedition that costs probably billions of dollars? Hmm.. Well, sounds real for me. A non- astropobic person wouldn't even take the chance to fly to the unknown space, I guess alcohol works for them.

Caption: Woooahh.. I'm high!!! Flying without wings!

Side note:

This entry is posted due to post-traumatic stress of deadlines and upcoming examination. No offense to any astronauts and their immediate families.

Sick as a dog. Clueless as well.

Sick as a dog. Yes. Once again, ladies and gentlemen. It really sucks to be away from home and be sick. I miss that. Well, the last time I was really sick, my parents had to come down to see me. I call them my in-house doctors. I can take as much medicine I want, but it won't recover, and of all the time, I have to finish my supplements, which you know, contradicted to the fact that "TAKE YOUR VITS" advice, to not get sick, but somehow, you will, and that's the time when you finished em.

And yes, it always had to be near the exams, or some deadlines. Which will be over, in, erm.. approx 2 weeks? And no, I'm not done with my study yet, nor my really final deadline, which is Psych, that's going to make me psycho soon. See how it works? Just fine... haha. NOT. *yawns*

My circadian rhythm (yes, it's psych-related), has gone upside down. I just woke up from my nap not too long ago (it's 1:23 am n0w), which is kind of weird, but that the only way I can keep up, sleep whenever I can or my body tells me to, and force myself to wake up to finish up my stuffs (and yes, blogging is necessary- again, when the going gets tough, the tough goes blogging!) I never see how people can go into retail therapy to deal with stress? Buying all that unnecessary stuff and then regret later on that you spent so much? Oh yeah, reminder: If you're broke and all stressed up, please don't read the Kinsella Shopaholic's series. It will make things worse.

Yes, this particular book. No-read for the end of the month, when you're broke, and stressed up. Don't say I didn't tell you. (But I love this book though, :p)

One more rant! MAJOR rant! Not major rant, but MAJOR rant. lolz. Okay, I'll just cut my story short (hah!)

Yes, I admit it. Sad to say, that I, who is supposedly the one who knows what she wants in life, now, CLUELESS of what to major in! Ok, clueless is a bit too harsh. Maybe not clueless, eh? Let's just say I have my doubts and also a few options too. Hah!

Captain Obvious: You can't be this clueless! - YES I KNOW!-

Let me lay down the options:

1) Journalism. Okay, I'm kidding.

But believe it or not, journalism was one of my main reasons to go for mass communication. Although I nearly signed up in LUCT for fashion designing (well, i did paid RM300, lol), I've decided mass comm is for me. I don't regret that. But I still wonder how will I fare in fashion. As much as a sloppy dresser I am (t-shirt and jeans MAJORITY of the time), I do have a good eye on fashion, thanks to my passion for magazine. I religiously read them since secondary school (which I learn a lot of things other than that). Well, that's not the point? Okay. NEXT.

2) Broadcasting. This time, I'm not kidding.

Well, never have I thought I could be so passionate about something. Video, in this case. I enjoy doing videos (from pre-production to post-porduction). I love writing, that's how I started. And imagine I could turn them into something visual, that was the 2nd coolest thing on earth next the invention of er.. books and blogs! I love the feeling (you could say euphoria for all I care, hey it's better than drugs)- well, not that I tried, but the sense of satisfaction, wow... Wow...

Okay, coming back from dreamland, well... the not-s0-good points?

1) Where do I see myself after this? - Degree/ Straight to work?-
2) Is there really a chance in really doing what I really love and still earn the moolah?
3) How far can I go? (yeah, they say as far as the sky can bring you, but be realistic la?)
4) If degree? Or if I want to pursue further education overseas, where? and how do I get the
$$? (scholarship? do i stand a chance?)

Okay... NEXT.

2) Haha. PR. Yes. Public Relations. Oh my.

It's no joke. Yes, Hardip you are doing a pretty good job, damn. I should've known! No one warned me. haha..

I still remember what I wrote to Hardip (everyone has to send him an email, yes that one). I set my mind, at that time, that there is a high possibility. YES, no WAY, I was going to consider PR? Funny really.. now that it's the complete opposite.

I for one, hate politics, and conflicts. But let's face it, we face that everyday. But after all those PR lessons, hey, fixing other people's prob is not so bad after all, besides it's good $$, although I still don't agree on some issues like the covering up part, well, to sum it all up, the PR-penipu rakyat part.

PR? Why PR?

1) PR involves a lot of writing. -I'm okay with that-
2) People need PR no matter what, I enjoy the negative--> positive process
3) PR is challenging, yes, long hours, but satisfying when job is well done

Broadcasting VS. Public Relations.

1) Both are challenging (which is what I look for. I anti 9-5 job).

2) I enjoy both. It's impossible to do both?

3) Broadcasting is relatively new in the Malaysian market, and PR is a been there- done that kind of thing.

4) Both equally broad in career prospects although Broadcasting is quite unclear for me.

5) For one, I have a higher chance to go abroad with PR (with scholarship), whereas there
could be a slight problem with Broadcasting.

6) Is it really necessary to go abroad? In my pov, yes, for both. although there is a higher chance for PR (I think so)

You tell me.

Jul 29, 2007

Soundtrack in my life.

Have you wished you had a soundtrack in your life? Well, this is a very similar entry to the previous (way back somewhere in my blog). I present you my soundtrack. Let me know yours as well.

1) I think I - byul

2) White Christmas
This is my favorite song every Christmas. The carolers will have to sing this song. ^ ^

3) Where are you Christmas? - Faith Hill
I think the best movie that goes with this is Polar Express. The true meaning of Christmas in your heart.

4) Bogoshipta - Kim Bum Soo
This is the song I adore most of the time. Tops my most-played list. Happy, sad, emo, this is the song for me.

5) Yu Jian - Sun Yan Zi
One of my fav piece to play on the piano.

6) Final Distance - Utada Hikaru
Really nice. First Love was my love, but this one is special.

7) I pray- Mandy Moore
Anyone could relate to this song. For me particularly. Adore it.

8) A way
God will make a way, when there seems to be no way. My fav line from this song. Helps me through tough challenges.

9) Pieces of Me- Ashley Simpson
Grew up with it.

10) Hero - Mariah Carey
There's always a hero in yourself. This song inspires alot.

11) More than words - Westlife
Yes, to all the should-not-be-name, this is what I want. Break the code. ^ ^;;

12) Beat of my heart - Hilary Duff
To the beat of my heart. I love this despite the squeaky voice.

13) Fly me to the moon - Eva Cassidy
Yes. Break the code.

14) Fallin' - Alicia Keys
What can I say? I'm a romantic person at heart. haha.

15) Not Ready to Make Nice - Dixie Chicks
This probably reflects the anger in me of the world. I'm a watchdog at heart. Very opinionated. often rejected, often being said no to, but hey, this is the song!

16) A beautiful life (La Bella Vita) - Lindsay Lohan
This is my beautiful life. Beautiful song from her.

17) One Candle- G.O.D.
Beautiful. More than words.

this is an entry that is made to procrastinate further from whatever work that is yet to be done. thank you for reading/ browsing through. Kamsahamnida!

Jul 28, 2007


This is something that I stumbled upon. Not the exact one, this is something I did in 5 mins.

Anyways, yes, on the topic of loyalty. and everything that goes with it. I came across this topic recently, so decided to blog about it.

Yes, loyalty. What about it? What can I say? Loyalty in a lot of ways. For eg: loyal to the organization you work for, could be some association you're in or loyalty in a relationship.

I think I'm in this situation now. I never question my loyalty. You can do that, but I can say, I'm a very loyal (at least I think so!) individual. Unless of course, when I get betrayed, you can maybe not expect loyalty from me.

I'm in a very weird position right now. Being questioned of my loyalty is what is happening right now. Yes, you may see it as not loyal, or betrayal, but I see this as moving on. Although I feel too guilty to come clean, you see. I hope I have the courage to come out clean as a white sheet one day, hopefully not next year, when I graduate. haha.. So much for courage?

As in relationships, well, I haven't been in a must-not-be-named relationship (hahah) so I don't about that yet. In friendship, I have too much of it, until the extend of me being taking advantage of, well, from primary until today.

One thing, I forgive too easily. Being the only child (I hate to repeat) but that makes me too loyal, I'm too scared to take the risk. I hate not being cared or respected as an individual or friend. I can be someone's loyal friend, but the truth is, I haven't found one. Is it that everyone must have hidden intentions? Has this world turned into a dog-eat-dog world?

Everyone competes, even from our school days, No 1 is great, and No. 39 is try harder, you suck?

Also in PR, I still remember a particular lecture when Hardip mentioned about A and B. A is someone who works for company 1 for 20 years, while B is someone who worked for 3 years in Company 2, 2 years in Company 3, and a few years in Company 4. Both earning the same amount of salary. Indeed B has more experience than A who is stagnant in one company for 20 years. But what about loyalty?

I quote again, "I work for money, if you want loyalty, get a dog"unquote. See what I mean?

And politics. When one subject is loyal to the other, during a change of leadership/management, one tends to be boycotted because they didn't gain their loyalty. This is a very simple example of loyalty in terms of politics. It's really sad actually to want to have people suck up to them, and if they don't, push them to the sidelines and let them die. It's the same thing, when one demands on taking sides. What about neutrality?

Maybe I'm just thinking too much of goodness, the world probably didn't start off from a non-competitive nature, and it's just all about politics, sucking up to gain benefits and also loyalty is just something made up so that people can portray it as a fantasy, a never to be achieved status?

Jul 22, 2007

Harry Potter Friday.

Haha... Finally I'm fully recovered from Friday's lack of sleep because of the last Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows book launch. Well, Winnie, Ian, Jamie, Kris and I went to KLCC, yes, to wait for the launching, where they had 13 books, free and 3 are signed by J K Rowling.

We watched HP 5 at TGV to kill some time. Well, the special effects are okay, but it doesn't really appeal to me. Compared to the book, it kinda suck. So, we had to wait for another 2 1/2 hours at the KLCC park. We were doing a lot of nonsense like, story telling and Truth or Dare, and taking pictures as well.

So, at 4 sth, people are already standing up, waiting to bulldoze their way in, to grab the books. It was really hot, and I smell.. well, we had steamboat a few hours before and we went for bowling, so wadya think? hahha...Gross.. Anyways, the door opened at 5.30 I think, and hell breaks loose, I got pushed over, fell, but I quickly stood up and ran for my life. The escalator was jammed with people, the elevator wasn't working, so I had to go through the escalator and ran up (3 storey high), and by the time I was in the line, a thousand people are in front of me, well, a rough figure. I gave up and went to Ian, who was quite in front, although he didn't make to the first 13, bummer. He still bought the book. So, it was still okay.. although, I'll be getting my UK version, for only RM60, I could actually still get ut for Rm69.90 here at Tesco/Carrefour. But, it's a motivation for me, to get through my exams and all.. Yeah, whatever.

We waited for them to the book, it was 7 am, and we were at the center court, resting. We were unbelievably worn out. After they got their books, we went to the nearest mamak for breakfast and headed back home to sleep! I had to get up early, for Japanese class, after that I came back, I ate my lunch, and went back to sleep until this morning. LOL. It was crazy..

This experience is fun, well, exciting in fact. Yeah, it was sad that I couldn't get a free book, but well, it was fun doing crazy stuffs once in a while. The fact that we were there, and so early in KLCC (Have you been in KLCC from midnight until the next day?), during the book launch, the Harry Potter's theme song was playing in the background, this marked the end of a great phenomenon. 7 years of Harry Potter, and it ended on the year of my last teenage year. haha. Growing up with reading it, finally it has come to an end. We made JK Rowling, possibly the richest woman in Britain, maybe the world. We've come to know, and love Harry Potter, well, I prefer Ron (Rupert Grint!). It all ends well in the end. I'm dying to know what happened in the final book, I have yet to get my hands on it. The day shall come, and I shall prevail.


I got the book at last. Finish reading it in 8 hours. So yeah, very nicely written, well, wouldn't say it's very original, but it's nice. I enjoyed the ending, I was all smiling reading em. :p

I was sad at some chapters... Fred died! Nooo.... 5 characters died in this book.. So, it was a tragedy.. Well I guess, there are too many characters.. Best way to handle em: KILL EM! Good job JK Rowling?

Yeah. Ron & Hermoine! lolz. haha.. I won! 7 years since the first book. I still remember:-

Me: Ron & Hermoine!
Cousin: No.. Harry & Hermoine.
Me: NO! Ron & Hermoine!

I won.. I won.. Haha.. That was lame.. But yeah... I still won!

Thanks to Joanne for the book. Love ya lots!!!!

Jul 20, 2007

Busy.. Busier..

A long day today. Yesterday when Mr Shankar announced that there will be no class today, we were so happy like it was Christmas day. Well, usually. But this is the week, that we have to work our butts off because of our final presentations and deadlines. And also our exams in August. Sigh. Not Christmas after all. haha...

Today's entry is just going to be how tired I am, and what a long day is today, our trip to Klang, and also tomorrow's D-day. I'm just going to summarize everything in 10 sentences. hopefully. hehe.

1) Yes, I'm very tired. I want to sleep.
2) But I have to finish the socio report. bummer.
3) I realized that erection cannot be forced. unless u're mentally disorder, or you're a porn star.
4) Before you think I'm a pervert, well that was from a psychologist, explaining our Klang trip.
5) Tomorrow I have to be in college at 10 am, and it will be another long day.
6) I have no idea what to wear, which is a headache.
7) Oh yeah, I met my classmate! in the bus on the way to KL sentral on Wed! it's a small world!
8) No. 8 is a lucky number. haha...
9) Tomorrow's D-day. I'm so dead. I hope I don't get a too harsh treatment. *crosses finger*
10) I think we got our name for our PR company.. What do you think of ****? (it's under OSA)

Yes, that's about it. This is just fun. We should do it next time when I'm tired.

Oh yeah, I have a really random opinion about Beckham, yes, that footballer. You know how Britney Spears flashes herself and exposed her ***? In Victoria's case, yes, I meant Beckham's wifey.. he actually put his hand to cover it, as she gets down from the car. The picture is extremely "wrong", but if you think about it, it's really sweet. After all, he's her husband. Duh!
I think that's sweet. ^ ^;; He's a gentleman.

With that, I conclude my entry. Good nite.

Jul 18, 2007

Okay. What?!?


This is the craziest thing I've ever come across with.

When Rain meets hormone driven teens, a title given by someone.


Watch this fan cam of Rain in Kudamm, Berlin.
Nice to see him fine and all, but seriously, they'll be really kind not to post the video up, if they understand privacy at all.

Why you think he doesn't greet them? Probably he didn't want to make a scene? They were like pleading and screeching there like some crazy fangirls (well, they are), who wouldn't be scared? Sigh..

What if I were in their shoes? Hmm.. What if he were standing right in front of me? I would wait there until I get his eye contact and give a courteous bow (jap/korean style)- of course it depends, if I could get a handshake or just say a few words. I did think of it before, so, that's probably what I'm going to do. No screeching for goodness sake, no screaming! God forbid.

Certainly if I have a video, I wouldn't post it up. No way. You don't really have to prove that you SAW him, it's all about the whole experience, I believe.

Like SHK in Hong Kong, she was hoarded by a bunch of fans holding some lightboards, practically shoving it into her face. Hey, that's a little bit too close for comfort. I believe she can see it from a far, you don't need to do that.

I'm human. I need my space too.

As for meeting celebs, I still remember a few. I usually wouldn't approach them, too shy, but I took pic with Reshmonu and Awal once, so it was cool. Sometimes, you think too highly of them, that you forgot that they are human too. It's nice to meet them and say hi, but it all depends, you need to give them some privacy as well.

Sometimes, a smile, is already good enough. They feel flattered to be recognized, and that's all it takes. You might be overwhelmed, but please don't o overboard and pounce on him/her just because you're THE BIGGEST FAN (plus a million others, that is)

Crazy fans. Seriously, some people are just wayyy out of their head. I'm human too, arrasso?
Some of my fans are crazy but it's okay.

So as for today, I am officially declaring today the PRIVACY FOR CELEBS day. 18th July 2007.

Something is wrong with the colours. Well, just ignore em. It's a 10 minutes effort, so yeah, this is what I came up with. Seriously, they should be treated like people, real people with real feelings.

I rest my case.

The wrong turn. Can I "gostan"?

These few days have been such a slingshot for me. Can I consider it as a wrong turn. "Gostan", is a term which I think most Malaysians can understand. Well, it actually comes from a malay word if I'm not mistaken, which means reverse, in english. Well, that is if I have a license. That's another thing. But really, manglish really rocks! haha..

Oh speaking about license and reversing, I have a little joke which I just read from The Star Online. Well, it's about the latest Potter book, Deathly Hallows, and how the writer, Davin Arul made remarks saying that Malaysia has a long record of its own magic before HP. What caught my eye was this:

P-verse: JK Rowling is constantly worried about plot secrets leaking out to the public.

M-verse: JKR is constantly worried about public buildings springing a leak.

Such sarcasm, and I love it! I bet it all came from our class esp PR and Socio, which the sarcasm is unbelievable! don't forget, randomness, and also well, stupidity (sad but through.. oopps.. true) There goes one.. hehe..

Dear Uncle Sam, please take note. And please don't put the writer under OSA aka the Official Secrets Act. Maybe you can just charge him for erm, well, defaming the department, for leaving you, emotionally distressed? It might work, and you could earn an extra million, if that is, you get the BIG fish. Well, life is full of it, just let it go, and move on.

Speaking about OSA, we went on a little field trip tp CIJ (Centre of Independent Journalist), in Titiwangsa. Currently they're having this really cool campaign "No more secrets" , well basically, it's like Freedom of Information, the rights to know whatever we want to know. Like how the tax money is being spent or who are getting the scholarships? Anything under the sun, which I don't know why it's so hard to just be transparent. What's wrong to be transparent well if you have nothing to hide? If everything goes under the OSA, then, what's the point of voting in the "democratic' country we live in? We can't have our say when we don't know anything?

Okay, before I get to emo emo, for more info please go to www.info-cafe.blogspot.com/ to sign the petition for FOI! Support the campaign.

It's 1:07 am. So many things undone, so many stress, so many deadlines and yet so little time to prepare for exams.

It's the time to test the waters. You know how far people will back you up, you know how true people are, or how fake they can be. Team work is being tested. Patience. and endurance. It's not easy. I'll learn it the hard way or the easy way. Well, since I'm morbid, maybe the harder way? But tactfully along the way, improvise and don't repeat the mistakes. Happy ending!

Gary's class was interesting today, yesterday, whatever day, it doesn't matter. From just two movies, one can learn so much by breaking the codes.

I recommend you guys to watch La Mano- by Wong Kar Wai. Intriguing, it's genius. Starring Gong Li and Chang Chen, it's a story of a prostitute who's in love with herself, always motivated by her beauty and physique, and how she changed the life of a tailor using her touch and hand which explains the title of this short film, La Mano. The tailor stayed by her side, his love for her never dimmed, but she cannot help herself to being loved, being dumped by her frequent client, having illness, she cannot stand being respected and loved by a man, and believes her life can only be damned. The faithful tailor continues to make her clothings and can only remember her touch through the fine fittings he made for her, faithfully waiting for her.

I shall have to end here today. Will be back for more once inspired with words, and imagination.

Jul 16, 2007

Weekend trip.

A visit to the mortuary. on the Friday the 13th.

These are the equipments to "cut" up the body. *evil laugh*

This is the equipment used to slice your head. *laughs*

Anyways, aside from that little trip to the mortuary... haha.. Behold the Tampin Hill, and also the back of Jamie's house.

It was a long way up and down, through the banana plantation and the steep pathways. I enjoyed the fresh air. Definitely it was a breather from the polluted city! It reminds me of my own home in BG as well.. Ahh.. Home sweet home.

It was overall a good trip, I really had fun, although I had a minor boo boo, which was painful, but well, life goes on.

Jul 11, 2007

Mamak talk. De-stress?

Credit: McWild @ Flickr

For those of you who don't know what a "mamak" is, well it's something like this. The term "mamak" comes from, well, I believed, usually the guy who runs the stall is a mamak which is a mixed indian-muslim, in a shorter term, "mamak". It became a trend in Malaysia (only, I think) that we tend to use mamak as a noun, "Let's go to mamak", "Hanging out in mamak".

Okay, so my main point is... LOL... The talk we had at mamak just now. Another thing was that I have an assignment due tomorrow, also probably my last PR tute presentation, and there we were 9 sth at night, having mamak talk, and also the fact that I am sitting here right now blogging about it. How fetch is that? (haha, what is fetch anyways? So Mean Girl, and I so sound like a dumb black!) hehe.

Well, Mot, Kris and I were at the mamak, having dinner while waiting for Ms Starbucks (I'm so callin her that now) Mot started it with by saying that visual is stronger than words. As an individual who believes strongly in words, well, expression of words, or even a word person (bookworm, blogger, etc), I objected and stated out my points to defend it.

I believe words has equal strength. For example, Harry Potter. Do you think without the words, without the book (obviously with WORDS), they would have come out with the blockbusters movies right now? LOTR? Yes, it is true that the writer uses his imagination, basically visual, to come out with it. But, in my defense, if you seen a hot chick, if you didn't know words to describe her, how would you tell your friend you just met the hottest chick on earth? How would you even describe it? Without words? Try that?

They say visual comes before words. Yes, but when you can't describe it, when you can't even say it out, it has no meaning to others. Like how people would say Nike- and immediately they say JUST DO IT! Or KFC, IT'S FINGER'S LICKIN GOOD!

It's words. Yes, we use visual as inspiration, but visual without a description is like coin without its value. But I still believe the power of visual of course, that's why I'm into broadcasting, my new found love.

Combination of writing and visual is beyond your wildest dreams. For me, example, being an independent film maker, to be able to write the story and turn it into a film, don't you think that's a great thing to be able to control, the power of your pen into writing, describing something out of the world, and then turning it into reality. It's just satisfying.

I rest my case. If there's any views on that, please share. I'm open to criticism.

I had a good time today having to debate on this topic. A way to procrastinate, to de-stress? I think it's just a warm up for me. This is procrastinating! hehe... YODA mode: Next session Mot, we shall have.

Jul 8, 2007

The "wild" child.

This is gonna be a quickie, coz I don't really have time to procrastinate further. Okay, ladies(mostly, I assume) and gentlemen, this is Lindsay Lohan. (duhh!)
Okay, I hear drugs, I hear lesbian, I hear party animal, in other words: SCREW UP B****!

Yes, we have heard of this wild behavior of hers. I kept quiet all these years, seeing her grow up from Parents' Trap to the present. Never fail to see her hoarding the headlines, always caught by paparazzi, ugly pictures posted everywhere (looking like a drunk, a lesbian, all the above). Still, I'm not saying anything. I even felt like a motherly figure to her, expressing my disappointment. Not that I'm old, I'm actually 2 years younger.

Yes, I admit that I'm a fan. A fan that stick by her even with all the nonsense she's doing right now, or did not do.

Here I quote:

You like someone because ......
You love someone in spite of ..

See what I mean? When you really like (not love, I don't love her as in love her) someone, you tend to forgive their mistakes, or the screw up stuff they do. Even when they might have did something wrong, you would be in their defense, making them the empathized one instead. Sounds familiar?


This article tells of her improvement recently. A PR piece no doubt, but hey, I'm accepting her! LOL. I'm not that easy, but if you're someone like Paris, well, it's like the sheep and wolf story. But I still like her though, although I'm not buying her bible hugging act! A stupid remark doesn't help either. I hope Lindsay doesn't follow that.

Oh yeah, I also wanted to share this article of her regarding her as a child actor in PT, where her tutor commented on her. She has been tutoring her until the set of Mean Girls, if not mistaken.


I'm really touched when someone was being rude to the mentor, she actually stayed in the trailer until someone said sorry to her tutor.

Diva attitude or not, that's really sweet. Although you'll just create more enemies, but hey, this is the real world.

All I wanted to say, I still like her for her acting, her personal life needs abit of fixing, so that's really up to her. FYI, I still like her compared to Hilary. *grins*

I just re-watched Freaky Friday, and it was awesome. She shines on screen. She needs that off-screen as well.

To Lindsay: Remember, you're it. You're the ultimate you! Rock on babe!

Jul 3, 2007

My brainchild: The Prodigal Son

Purpose of blogging: Assignment due tomorrow. ^ __ ^;;

Presenting to you my lastest brainchild: The Prodigal Son.

For those of you who are in the dark about what I do, I write. Well, this is actually my 2nd attempt in writing a fan fiction, but this is the first one where I have my poster, and proper cast list done.

Fan fiction:
It is a broadly-defined term for fiction about characters or settings written by fans of the original work, rather than by the original creators.

One liner: An illegitimate son who is appointed as the heir of his father's company, ends up learning hatred, forgiveness and love.

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