Jul 28, 2007


This is something that I stumbled upon. Not the exact one, this is something I did in 5 mins.

Anyways, yes, on the topic of loyalty. and everything that goes with it. I came across this topic recently, so decided to blog about it.

Yes, loyalty. What about it? What can I say? Loyalty in a lot of ways. For eg: loyal to the organization you work for, could be some association you're in or loyalty in a relationship.

I think I'm in this situation now. I never question my loyalty. You can do that, but I can say, I'm a very loyal (at least I think so!) individual. Unless of course, when I get betrayed, you can maybe not expect loyalty from me.

I'm in a very weird position right now. Being questioned of my loyalty is what is happening right now. Yes, you may see it as not loyal, or betrayal, but I see this as moving on. Although I feel too guilty to come clean, you see. I hope I have the courage to come out clean as a white sheet one day, hopefully not next year, when I graduate. haha.. So much for courage?

As in relationships, well, I haven't been in a must-not-be-named relationship (hahah) so I don't about that yet. In friendship, I have too much of it, until the extend of me being taking advantage of, well, from primary until today.

One thing, I forgive too easily. Being the only child (I hate to repeat) but that makes me too loyal, I'm too scared to take the risk. I hate not being cared or respected as an individual or friend. I can be someone's loyal friend, but the truth is, I haven't found one. Is it that everyone must have hidden intentions? Has this world turned into a dog-eat-dog world?

Everyone competes, even from our school days, No 1 is great, and No. 39 is try harder, you suck?

Also in PR, I still remember a particular lecture when Hardip mentioned about A and B. A is someone who works for company 1 for 20 years, while B is someone who worked for 3 years in Company 2, 2 years in Company 3, and a few years in Company 4. Both earning the same amount of salary. Indeed B has more experience than A who is stagnant in one company for 20 years. But what about loyalty?

I quote again, "I work for money, if you want loyalty, get a dog"unquote. See what I mean?

And politics. When one subject is loyal to the other, during a change of leadership/management, one tends to be boycotted because they didn't gain their loyalty. This is a very simple example of loyalty in terms of politics. It's really sad actually to want to have people suck up to them, and if they don't, push them to the sidelines and let them die. It's the same thing, when one demands on taking sides. What about neutrality?

Maybe I'm just thinking too much of goodness, the world probably didn't start off from a non-competitive nature, and it's just all about politics, sucking up to gain benefits and also loyalty is just something made up so that people can portray it as a fantasy, a never to be achieved status?

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