Jul 29, 2007

Soundtrack in my life.

Have you wished you had a soundtrack in your life? Well, this is a very similar entry to the previous (way back somewhere in my blog). I present you my soundtrack. Let me know yours as well.

1) I think I - byul

2) White Christmas
This is my favorite song every Christmas. The carolers will have to sing this song. ^ ^

3) Where are you Christmas? - Faith Hill
I think the best movie that goes with this is Polar Express. The true meaning of Christmas in your heart.

4) Bogoshipta - Kim Bum Soo
This is the song I adore most of the time. Tops my most-played list. Happy, sad, emo, this is the song for me.

5) Yu Jian - Sun Yan Zi
One of my fav piece to play on the piano.

6) Final Distance - Utada Hikaru
Really nice. First Love was my love, but this one is special.

7) I pray- Mandy Moore
Anyone could relate to this song. For me particularly. Adore it.

8) A way
God will make a way, when there seems to be no way. My fav line from this song. Helps me through tough challenges.

9) Pieces of Me- Ashley Simpson
Grew up with it.

10) Hero - Mariah Carey
There's always a hero in yourself. This song inspires alot.

11) More than words - Westlife
Yes, to all the should-not-be-name, this is what I want. Break the code. ^ ^;;

12) Beat of my heart - Hilary Duff
To the beat of my heart. I love this despite the squeaky voice.

13) Fly me to the moon - Eva Cassidy
Yes. Break the code.

14) Fallin' - Alicia Keys
What can I say? I'm a romantic person at heart. haha.

15) Not Ready to Make Nice - Dixie Chicks
This probably reflects the anger in me of the world. I'm a watchdog at heart. Very opinionated. often rejected, often being said no to, but hey, this is the song!

16) A beautiful life (La Bella Vita) - Lindsay Lohan
This is my beautiful life. Beautiful song from her.

17) One Candle- G.O.D.
Beautiful. More than words.

this is an entry that is made to procrastinate further from whatever work that is yet to be done. thank you for reading/ browsing through. Kamsahamnida!

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