Jun 25, 2007

Happy 25th Birthday Ji Hoon.

Hello, this is Rain.

I came to be over twenty-five years old already.

I thought I might always be able to stay at my junior age; I 'm in mid-twenty already.

I still feel the high school girls, who put on the uniforms, as my sisters,

I cannot believe that I became mid-twenty.

Anyway, thanks for the message of happy birthday.

I' m so happy for you guys' message.

It will be more wonderful if I could spend this time with you guys.

I' m also so sorry.

However, I decided to contribute my birthday to my future.

(I didn' t have a seaweed soup yet too bad..)

Now I' m staying in LA, meeting all relevant people with regards to the movie and

my English Album.

The movie, " Speed Racer," which I will take shooting from next month, will be very fun.

It will be such a great experience, and I 'm so excited to work with so many good talents.

And also look forward to the album.

I' m having meetings with good people and preparing a huge project.

The movie and the album will come out next year.

And above all, I 'm very thankful for all your support to help the Asian concerts finish very well.

This tour was planned 3 years ago, and all the people did work really hard.

However, it was you guys who made it.

I do appreciate all your support!

Now on the way to America for the concerts, I faced a couple of problems such as the

name of "Rain" and the production issue.

I' m very sad and upset, since I really wanted to keep my promise with you guys.

I had to forgive so many things because of this tour, but..

Besides, a lot of rumors came out due to the production problem.

I hope that people 's greed don't ruin our concerts anymore.

I' d better plan next tour and set up the stage by myself. Then, there won' t be any problem,

will be? Keke.

Anyway, don' t worry.

I' ve told you many times that I wouldn't even start, if I couldn 't show 100% of my things.

I' m doing my very best for that 100%.

I' ll be your Rain who you guys are very proud of and not shame on.

Please keep watching me and support me ^_______^

Jun. 25th, having twenty-fifth birthday,

Very truly yours,


This was his birthday message. I'm glad he's taking this well, the stupid lawsuits.
Saeng-il chukahamnida Ji Hoon!
I wish you all the happiness in the world.

Jun 21, 2007

You know you're in college when...

1. High school started before 8am, but now anything before noon is considered “early."

2. Weekends start on Thursday/Friday.

3. 6 am is when you go to sleep, not when you wake up.

4. You know many different ways to cook ramen noodles or macaroni and cheese.

5. You know how late McDonald’s, Domino’s, Pizza Hut etc. are open.

6. Your underwear/sock supply dictates your laundry schedule.

7. You wash dishes in the bathroom sink.

8. Your primary news sources are the internet and internet.

9. The standard of meals per day falls to two, sometimes just one.

10. You wear the same jeans for 13 days without washing them.

11. Your breakfast consists of a cup of coffee or cereal bar on the way to class... anything with caffeine will do.

12. Your idea of feeding the poor is buying yourself some ramen noodles.

13. You try to study but seem to procrastinate by eating, going to study breaks, talking to people, etc...

14. You talk to your roommate on instant messenger when you’re both home.

15. You've traveled with bags of dirty clothes.

16. Going to the library is a social event.

17. You skip one class to finish another class’ assignment.

18. You never realized so many people are smarter than you.

19. You never realized so many people are dumber than you.

20. You meet the type of people you thought only existed in movies.

21. You call restaurants that deliver more than you call your own family.

22. You can't imagine life without your computer/laptop/cell phone/ ipod.

23. T-shirts and jeans become the norm - shirts are considered "dressy" at certain occasions... like school.

24. A canceled class is almost as exciting as Christmas.

25. Taking a nap in the library is perfectly acceptable.

26. Your teachers swear in class and no one cares.

27. You stay on campus for hours in between classes when it's too hot to walk home.

28. There's always a "question kid" in at least one of your classes, and you really wish someone would just tell him/her to shut the hell up.

29. Laundry is an all-day event.

30. You become increasingly annoyed with the "old" people in class - props to them for going back to college but they generally ask really, really annoying questions.

31. You set your clock 5-10 minutes ahead so you can potentially make it to class on time.

32. You eventually realize that setting your clock ahead makes no difference to you and you're still late.

33. The words "friendster" and "msn" have become verbs. And you use them... quite often.

34. You finish reading this and wonder how you can procrastinate next.

I find all these so true. I personally like No.31, 32, coz it hit me straight, OUCH! haha....
And yes, lecturer swearing is no longer something weird, it's a norm actually. And no one will actually get mad if you call them bitch. Seriously.

When a class get canceled, it's like Christmas.

No.28. I did not made that up. LOL. I was ROFL when I read that the first time.

Skipping classes to finish up an assignment are normal, which is so true in the 2nd semester.. lolz.

It's true when they say, going to the library is a social event.

I agree with No.27. With the weather in Malaysia, anyone with SPF 50 will still be at high risk on getting skin cancer. It's unbelievably hot here!!!!

Tell me your favorites! ^ ___ ^

Jun 20, 2007

Half the world.

Half the world lives
Half the world gives
Half the world makes
While the other half takes

Half the world hates
Half the world runs away
Half the world's late
Half the world praise the day

Half the world is
Half the world was
Half the world thinks
Half the world does

Half the world lies
Half the world burns
Half the world cries
While the other half turns

Half the world cares
Half the world weeps
Half the world shares
Half the world keeps

Half the world sings
Half the world laughs
Half the world brings
Half the world tries to be the other half.


Beautiful poem that I've stumbled upon today. It speaks so much truth about the world today. As I remembered from a movie, we're all substitute people, being a half, trying to be the other half, we share, we weep, we laugh, we take, we give, we hate, we love.

Sexuality. Virginity. Human race.

That was really random. Well. It just occurs to me that I have to blog about it. I was just going through some celebrity gossip sites, well, Derek Hail in particular. I never like Perez, he's just mean. haha. So, there was this article about Jessica Alba, about her saying that she prefers sex without strings attached. Quoting her, she said that she wants to try different experience, and she often wonders, why do you have to cuddle and all the next morning, she asked, why should you be here?

It brings me back to Gary's class yesterday. We were having discussion on sexuality and virginity. This particular question that he asked, you know, if we're so all about no pre-marital sex, it does means if your partner is going to suck at bed, you have to deal with it. The end.

Bringing in the religion factor, the culture, the norms, it's morally wrong. It should not be in your minds, you should not be even thinking about it, because it's a sin. It's really confusing for this generation, especially. Is it really wrong. They say our body is a temple, and sex is an intimate thing you share with your spouse, and it's supposed to be out of love and respect. This is something already not orthodox, because it's a very, yes, a subjective opinion, but a balanced, not biased, not conformed by any of the factors mentioned.

Back to the core question: Is it wrong? One can say it's okay or it's wrong for a lot of reasons, I might look at it the religion way, some might say, what's wrong with pleasure? The other one might say it's wrong because we weren't brought up this way, and it's the western culture. It's actually very debatable. But when we're at this age, of teenage-young adulthood, we tend to have a lot of these questions in our head, guided wrongly, you can say that we'll end up being a screwed up, as what the society would say. Sampah masyarakat or society trash? no better than a zombie (a living dead). This is a period where our curiosity is at its peak. No doubt, you can call it temptation or curiosity or peer pressure, it happens. Same goes with smoking, clubbing...

Is there anything wrong with it? Is this not our culture? If yes, how do we define our culture? Isn't our "culture" based on MTVs anyways? We are always the one following behind, we're the wannabes. It all goes back to who are you individually? Son of Wong? Daughter of Krishnan? CEO of some big time company? Mother of 3? Mistress of Datuk L? It's all labels. If we were to go back to Darwin's theory, where we came from a ape generation, and by evolution we became human beings. What about God? Adam and Eve? Did they came from ape according to Darwin's theory as well?

Who are you or the society to tell being straight, having a healthy relationship= boy+girl, is good, and not boy+boy or girl+girl? Who are we to tell being virgin till you get married is the way to go? Who are we to name people who sleep around with people, sluts or whores? What rights do we have, really?

You can argue that without all these, mankind would go haywire. There are a certain of bureaucracy to follow, an authority to lead, making sure everything works fine. But to what certain extend, can these people, us included, creates a "guideline", forcing ourselves and our grandchildren, to conform to these rules?

Human errors happen. We make mistakes. We create fiction, or fantasy. We make it real, that's what's I find to be terrifying. Not knowing the truth and the false. Not knowing what is reality? Living in denial. That's even more petrifying than global warming, if you ask me.

Under layers and layers of lie/truth. It's like it doesn't matter anymore, it's like we're living and will die soon, why bother fixing something, why do we even have to think about it? It's not like we live an honest life. Apathy is the word. I like the "tidak-apa" term which has the equivalent meaning. You know what? This calls for a PR Crisis Plan. lol. Well, jokes aside, seriously, this is the BIGGEST battle, because it involves the human race (internal and external).

Jun 19, 2007

Of talented.artistic.bad boys.

But before anything, I think I just have to let this out. Blog. I totally lost the whole meaning of it. Long gone were the days when you keep a personal diary, and snap at anyone who tries to peek at it. Blogging. I used to treat it like my own anger/emo-venting sandbag. It's personal, but it seems now that it's like, come and read my stuff, hey, leave a message, that sort of thing. Seriously, define blog. When it first came out, a lot of issues about it, you know people who tell out how they felt, basically writing a entry for their personal diary, people start commenting, condemning them, and bloggers actually committed suicide. Then comes the sensitive issues, where we're not supposed to blog about how our boss is a jerk, how our workplace sucks, political issues involving the government. People start suing each other. Er.. it's quite easy here though, you just get yourself thrown in the ISA, for questioning (read: condemning, have bad motives) the authority.

Hey, hello? Freedom of speech? To some extend, I agree with not "questioning" too much. So much chaos, so much whatever BS. Especially in a multiracial country, well any other countries as well. Racism is everywhere, remember? There's so much about the color, the race, the religion. In the end, it's true when one says there's no right or wrong. Just don't go too extreme, I believe staying in the centre. Two-faced? I call that adaptability, which works in our society, because everyone is different, you adapt to different people, differently. I used to call that hypocrisy, I used to use the word, fakers. But now, being exposed to the outside world, like they said, life starts after college, well, it might end right away, but hey, I'm still alive. Can't complain, can I? Imagine from a hardcore right-y to a center right. Well, I'm always near to the center, but being conformed so much by our society, I think most of us are forced to think and act a certain way. I still remember the infamous line, A girl should be seen but not heard. I was deeply hurt by that statement once upon a time, but now, hey, because of that, I'm still half struggling, because they say now, when you're not loud enough, no one will notice you. See how it changes? It's so hard being told when I was little, and now to do the opposite when I'm older now. You get uncomfortable, you get uneasy when being told the other way round. It does hurt when you're being mocked, but I've come to level, where one balance it by taking something lightly, but as a challenge to do better. As the Nike tagline goes, JUST DO IT.

Meet Yusuke Iseya. A model/actor/writer/director.
I thought gone were the days where I gush over bad boys. word.

hmmm. :) *dopey face*

Jun 15, 2007

If only...

If only every single music note could be translated into words, how will it be like?
If a C, is love, if an A minor chord represents sadness, or a G major is joy, how will it be like?

They say music is the universal language, you don't need to learn them, you just feel it in your heart? I wonder how that happens? If we follow the law of cause-and-effect, then it must happen for a reason, surely there is something that causes one to be able to understand a music. If a soft song is playing, why must it be a love song? A sad song? A sentimental song?

They could be singing korean, japanese or Spanish, but why is that, one can actually know what category it belongs to?

Back to where I really learn to love piano, the melody, is so sweet yet it can get as intense as it can be. The touch is soft, like waves hitting the shores. The splash sound is like the melody, every splash has a different sound, so does the melody from the piano, when you play a different chord. Piano cannot work alone, it's a combination between the soul of the pianist and the piano. Once seated down at the piano, one immediately connects itself to the piano, and the melody is the answer to the pianist's soul. One cannot simply be happy but playing a sad melody, and likewise. You may try to challenge, but ones' heart can tell, and it cannot lie.

Have you ever experienced moments, those "moments" where you can feel like a soundtrack is being played in the background? Like when you felt like taking charge of your life, you can "hear" BonJovi's It's my life, or when you're heart broken, you could just hear Natalie's Torn playing in your head.

And have you felt a song that feels like silk in your hands, or blanket over your body, warming you up? Or like rain dropping on your head, or a touch perhaps? Like it's an out of body experience, you suddenly feel like you're in another dimension, only you and your imagination exist? You could be in Provence, lying on the field of lavenders, soaked in its scent, the gentle wind gushing through your face, body, and every inch of your skin. Or you can be in Paris, next to Eiffel Tower, an umbrella over your head, rain falling from the sky like little threads, with the smell of romance in the air. That must be a wonderful feeling, huh?

Or it could be the time that you're in full anger, intensity, confused, stressed. The world comes to a stop, but imagine standing, stagnant in Tokyo, with crowds in and out of the train station, and there you are, still in the middle, train of thoughts running through your mind, like a storm coming. Or being in room full of glass, grabbing anything you can, and throw it, crashing it down on the floor, it's breaking, but there's a sound of silence. Your anger is louder than the sound of glass, and it won't go away. The ringing sound in your ears just won't go away, and it haunts you, and then you wake up suddenly in the night, knowing it's only a dream, and you shut your eyes, going back to your sleep.

It could also be the fairytale you've always dreamed of. The ones you watched, imagined and dreamed. A rose, representation of love, beautiful but slowly whithers and dies. What joy it is to have an eternal rose, with thorns cut out, protecting you from getting hurt. Your shining knight in armor, on a white horse, battles the evil dragon, or stepmother, saving you, and present you with a rose and plants a passionate kiss on your lips. Or in a ballroom, a timid you in the crowd, a handsome and charming prince walks through the crowd, towards you. He stops, and laid his hands, asking you for a dance. You took his hands, as he led you to the center, and you place your hand on his, and his on your waist, gliding gently, slowly, step by step, he leads you, and you danced beautifully, looking in each others eyes, the nose, the eyes, the jawline, the skin. The music comes to an end, everyone clapped. You blush in embarrassment, looking down, while his hands lift up your chin, and looked into your eyes, proclaiming his love for you. That's happiness for you.

All these, because of the music. All these, because of the melody. All these, your imagination. Thank you for such beautiful imagination, I think yours will be as beautiful as mine.

Jun 12, 2007

Kimura Takuya (Kimutaku)

Today I decided to blog about the infamous Takuya Kimura. Born on Nov 13, 1972 (He's 35 this year), a singer(in a a famous boy group- SMAP), and established actor (Long Vacation was one of his hits to stardom, Beautiful Life, Pride, Hero, etc). He's also a husband, and a father of two beautiful daughters.

A Won-Bin lookalike (although, it should be the other way round, acc to his fans, because he's older, lol) He's very talented, he can act, he can sing, he plays the piano, and guitar, and of course he's good looking (although that doesn't count as talent) ;p

Kimutaku is a nickname that he earned, but it seems that he doesn't like it, but people still know him for his nickname.

Why infamous you say? Many of you might not know the scandal, I was surprised myself. After breaking up (well, dump actually) of 9 years relationship, he was involved with a singer, Shizuka Kudou, and in 2000, he announced at the SMAP concert, telling his fans, he is getting married. Yes, she was pregnant before getting married. I guess that time, people are still very conservative, pre-marital sex is a no-no. And him, a rising star at that time, did a boo-boo, and he had to come clean, he admitted his mistake and they got married. In 2001, he was a father of one. Now, currently, he has two daughters.
So yeah, I think it was wise decision, to admit it, instead of denying it. I was on the verge of tears when I saw him struggling to speak out. (T T) He had guts, and I admire him for that.

Youtube link: His wedding announcement

Ah, I wanted to share with you the songs from LongVacation , so here it is: (youtube)

The song he played at the competition (a video of someone playing it, not him, but the song)
Click here.

The song he played for Minami - Close to you (not the Carpenters' song)
Click here.


Jun 11, 2007

Perfume and hot guys.

I might sound like a screaming horny girl fan right now, but hear me out. LOL.

This is a perfume bottle. I never really see myself a big fan of perfume, but I do have a few preference, something not too strong, nice to wear for special occasions like dinner or something like that. My few fav(s):

1) So Magic (Miracle) - Lancome
2) N 5 Chanel (the pic is too small, haha).
3) Spirit Moon flower -Body Shop.

Well, that's not what I want to say actually. My point is, perfume. I've never really thought much about perfume, yeah, it's a nice scent, very alluring, enhances ones' beauty or attractiveness. I mean well, what is so special about some alcohol+cinnamon+musk+rosemary mixture anyway? For me, I've always thought it's something overrated, especially with celebs like Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and even Hilary Duff, has their own scent, which you can purchase, in exchange of your $$$ (Speaking about the high exchange rate!)

So back to my main topic- excuse me, I have a tendency of going OFF-TOPIC (OT). lol. Perfume- A Story of a Murderer which hit the cinemas, months ago, which I just watched recently. ;p I was really intrigued by the trailer, but never got the chance to go watch it, but I did now. Okay. Where should I start? Well, it is a story of a murderer, who killed 14 girls, where he was to be hung on the cross and bashed by the iron rods- a total of 12 times (as so he was sentenced, that's all the story started). This Jean Baptiste - (I forgot the last name), was a very special kid, even when he was born, the 5th child (the mother was a fish monger, and the other 4 siblings died as a still born), so he was left to die, but something happened, that he survived and was sold to an orphanage (yes, the orphanage make money out of it). He was a special kid, like I mentioned earlier. He has a very distinct sense of smell, everything has a scent, he could smell wood, even a peach, far away (as good as a dog, really).

He was then sold again to this tannery where they make goat's skin, as a slave, of course. He worked day and nights (14 hours, hey, that's child slavery!) even through winter, well the four season. I was surprised he could survive the winter (he was like baring his chest, lol). Anyways, it was fate that one day, he followed his master to the city, where he stumbled across this perfume shop (where this weird dude in a wig, presented two ladies, his new perfume, amour and psyche) He was so intrigued by what he saw, but something was way more intriguing. A girl with a basket of fruit walked passed him. The smell, attracted him. It could be the fruit, but imo, it's the girl, that he was so into it. He followed her, and of course the girl sensed that someone was following her, and all, so, she turned to him. The girl was shocked but she offered him her fruits. But what he did was grabbed her hands and started to smell it, like a possessed being. And of course, the girl ran away. He followed her, where she was sitting at a corner, dark alley where she was cutting the fruits. He came near, and when the girl realized, she screamed, of course, because of fear, he covered her mouth to stop her, and in minutes, she was already breathless. He laid her down, and shred off her clothes, trying to smell her, touched every part (yes, no joke here), trying to smell, and remember the smell.

To cut the story short, he met this perfumer, and worked for him. He was a genius, mixing good scent, that brings good business to the perfumer. But he wanted more... He wanted to learn how to preserve scent. He tried experimenting, but failed, he couldn't. And, so he sets off to Grasse, where perfumer calls it as a heaven for scent (sth like that). So, then it started. Because of his obsession to preserve scent, he started to use human body (women's body), using animal fat to wax them and then boils the wax, and get the scent. He went on and on, until he completes his collection (13 bottles= 13 women). It was really weird all right, I didn't know what to feel, disgusted or fascinated. It was going way beyond any sane human mind. He was all about preserving scent. To him, it's everything.

I didn't like the ending, but I get the meaning. I won't say anything here. But in the end, his perfume had everyone possessed, people are so (out of their minds, I would say). But he realized that, it didn't bring him love, nor care, nor affection, it was like temporary lust and desire. He didn't get what he wanted.

I would give this movie 8/10 for originality. 7/10 for DOP. 4/10 for storyline. In the beginning, it was really good, but it went awry in the middle and the end. But to connect perfume and obsession, it was a good concept. The locations were awesome, it was like LOTR, now that I flashback. haha.. Except there were no volcanos. Or hobbits. But very similar. ^ ^;;

Okay, let's take a 5 minutes break, before continuing to PART TWO.

Hot guys. Yes, I was just watching Hana Yori Dango (Flowers over guys)- A Japanese version of the Meteor Garden (Taiwanese drama- feat F4). 1st and 2nd episode. I was ROFL, when I saw the Harry Potter - dining room. LOLZ. haha.. But anyways, hot guys. Actually it's just hot guy. I was debating with Jamie, where I said Oguri Shun is hot, and she said no, he's not. So, yeah, to prove who is right, I shall post a few pics. Haha..

Yes, this is Oguri Shun. The 2nd pic (he looks like a monkey) but he's good looking overall. haha. SO he's still in my good looking list. hehe..

But no one can beat::::

Yes, TAKUYA KIMURA! Well, he's still the cutest. ^ ^;;
But that's Japanese guys la. ^_^

Jun 10, 2007

Long Vacation.

I just finished my drama marathon. A 1997 J-drama, Long Vacation (Nagai Yasumimasu). The reason I bought it, despite the fact that it like 10 years ago, and the vcd quality is bleh, I knew I didn't made the wrong decision to buy it. Well, of course it was like RM20. But this drama, a Japanese drama which I watched like ermm.. 10 long years ago, and I still remember it, well, I can say it did made an impact on me, didn't it? If you ask around, people might still remember it.

10 years ago, I did not have the privilege to go for piano lessons, my dad and his I-have-no-time-to-send-you 1001 excuses, only in 2001, I did. Well, sounds off-topic from the previous sentence, but this drama is mainly based on piano and music of course, that's why I can relate. A senior in college, Hidetoshi Senna, plays the piano. He has problems expressing himself, when he plays, you can't feel it, because he kept it inside, not that he can't play, but the feeling is not there. Then came this lady, out of no where, into his apartment looking for her husband-to-be, who was Senna's house mate, and apparently ran away on their wedding day. Minami, a 31 year old, ex model, who is left by her husband-to-be and struggling for jobs. Finally out of desperation, she moved in with Senna, not invited, he was too nice to house her.

It's story between these two, how she helped him to express himself, not that he can't, but he just needed the right person to do it and of course the right timing. Senna and Minami fell for each other, despite the 7 years gap (he's younger). He was able to express himself through playing the piano, finally had the feeling of playing for someone, because all this while, he played but for no one.

I think I just wrote a drama review. LOL. But what I'm trying to say is, well, I find it really refreshing, it might a 10 year old drama, but it still has the same impact. Nowadays, I rarely see good dramas, there are exceptional cases, but it gets too predictable and you know if when they come out with 50 things that are a must in K-dramas/J-dramas. For eg: Someone must have leukemia and die. That kind of thing.

Thus, Felicia's Top 5 dramas of all time! (K-drama/J-drama) - in no particular order.

1. Long Vacation (J)
A pianist learning how to express himself, and an ex-model who's struggling to fight for love and career.

2. Last Christmas (J)
Two individuals who are neighbors, with an attached door between their apartments.

3. A Love to Kill (K)
A guy who wanted to revenge for his brother, but fell for the girl, and had to choose between revenge and love.

4. Sangdoo, let's go to school! (K)
A guy who try to earn a living for her daughter's medical bill and fight for his love for a girl.

5. Autumn in my heart (K)
How a brother-sister love changed into real love after realizing that they aren't real brothers and sisters.

You guys might wonder why Full House in not in the list. You guys might say No.3 and No.4 is totally biased. I'm choosing them based on the storyline, the acting and the overall concept of the story. So, you decide.

It might be lacking on the drama side, but I would say it's better on the movies. Definitely a lot of great movies out there now. A few recommendations...

1) My Sassy Girl (K)
It might seem a but weird, boring, weird (repetition intended), it all makes sense and good sense too, in the end. Very nice.

2) My Girl & I (K)
It's an adaptation from a J-movie (Crying out love from the center of the world), but the acting was good. Kudos to SHK! You might end up learning something from the movie. ^ ^

3) Millionaire's First Love. (K)
Cliche title, but I was blew away by the fine acting of Lee Yeon Hee, the location, and the soundtrack. Definitely a-not-to-be-missed.

4) A moment to remember. (K)
Good acting, good cast. Good lines. As for the Alzheimer disease, that's well, predictable. But it wasn't that corny. Try it.

Well, you might want to try Innocent Steps. I wouldn't say it's good good, but the main lead acting is good. I forgot his name, but his acting is believable. MGY is not too bad.

Jun 5, 2007

It's just tears. and rain.

No, it's not from James Blunt. Let's move on now. Oh, it's not from your movie as well, Jamie. hehe. Okay...

Today was a "lovely" day, I didn't started the day fresh, slept late ;p. But, of course, we made it to class w/o being locked out. We weren't late, late. But you know, I hate running to class in a groggy state. hehe. But we had a good class, great in fact, although I had a "bimbo" moment, by asking Hardip, whether lecturers are considered white collared workers. Well, not that I thought they are blue collared workers, it's just that I'm curious, and I wondered if they fall in a different category. It was a good laugh though? hehe..

I enjoyed PR today. Ah, video was great, national service in Spore. It was pretty much the same, only w/o the M16 (for my batch), not-so-clean food! and not so tough for us? For a moment, I felt proud to have gone through NS, again. I got goosebumps watching it, and of course, smiley moments, thinking about the sweet memories. How we were tortured by our coach, the night guard experience, the obstacle course and the under the sun marching! Excruciating, it was hard, I had a few tearful moments, where I really wished I was home, but it was true when they say, you cry when you're there, and you cry when you're going back. We, human beings, are just so weird by nature. haha.

At the end of the class, he really got me there.. I was actually convinced to go for PR. I find that PR is too interesting, I don't know about the rest, but it's really a life lesson. For someone who really hates politics and conflicts, he's doing a good job in brainwashing me. haha.. Okay, maybe convincing is a better word. I'm still thinking, I wouldn't say PR is definitely it. But, I wouldn't rule out the possibility.

As for Gary's class today, although I sat right behind the class, and "emotionally distressed", his class was really good. Once again, he made a point, a new perspective of an issue, the part, I've never seen before. He may call me cibai, that was a big OUCH! but he has his style of doing things. I don't agree with that, but it's just sometimes, you have to go through criticisms. Hey, it isn't called media criticism for nothing, okay?

People tell me he likes to repeat stuffs, and he loves the muslim topics, "sensitive" issues like gay, because he's passionate about those stuffs. Well, after today's class, I think as long as I learn something new from each class, I don't care if he repeats his stuff. It's all good. I still give me my respect, and that's what every one deserves. Each individual is unique. We still have all our prejudices, that's human nature. When he said, we can stay still, and stay the same. I say, the only thing that's permanent, is change. I'm not saying by changing, meaning you're different person. My experience so far, 19 years of my life, or to cut short, just this one year in college, made me realize that there's so many way to approach an issue, you adapt to it. You can't just have one way, I'm still the same old me, but the way I approach something might be different, based on experience with people and issues. I learn to deal with it, it's not easy. Like today, I might break down and cry, which I'm fine with. I fall, I wipe away my tears, and I stand up, and learn from my mistake and know what I should do next time, well if there's next time. Haha. Li said, we're all stupid people. I say we're all substitute people. We are the 2nd, the backups. I realized, and I truly believe it, because it's impossible to wait for people to appreciate what you do. You're really stupid to do that. In the end, you'll realize that you appreciate yourself, you give yourself a pat on the back, you love yourself. You don't wait for people to do that, it'll take ages, you even might not get it.

Accusations, rumors, assumptions will come, and hit you like a hammer on your head, or worse. Something like that. haha. They say face it. People assume. And ending up, making an ass out of you and me. I can't tell whether to do this or to do that is correct. It's hard. It's not easy. I can come up with a 1000 meanings for it, but you do get the picture. Whether you're the object of all that, or you're doing that, that's a fine line. You can't really tell. You feel angry, pushed aside, cheated, whatever. It comes in a package. If I can tell you the answer to fix it, I'll be writing a book, and I would have ended up a millionaire now. So, if you're looking for answers, well, I'm not your girl.

From an OST- Because I said so.

When it’s not always raining

Everyday is like this

If there’s no one complaining

Everyday is like this

Everything falls on into place

Like the flip from the switch

When my mama told me

Everyday is like this

When you don’t need to worry

Everyday is like this

When no one’s in hurry

Everyday is like this

Jun 3, 2007

Good weekend.

A weekend w/o Japanese class. A breather for me. But I'll like to go back to it soon. Can't wait. hehe.. My parents came down for the weekend, that was fun.
We had breakfast at SF in Uptown, lolz, my dad couldn't find the entrance. But I wouldn't really blame him, it was indeed very confusing, because there were no sign of entrance and it was joined with the RHB bank. Seriously, they need to do something. lolz. I had my chocolate chip muffin at last. Delicious!

We went to Kota Kemuning to visit Aunty Jill, had lunch at Juliet's, a cool cafe/restaurant w awesome decor, tropical garden style. We spent some time there, before heading back to my aunt's place in Ampang. It was raining so heavily, a minor flood actually (I blame Ji Hoon-shi, because he was in BKK! haha) But all these made me realized that we, Malaysians are in quite a deep trouble with corruption. All these are not supposed to happen, don't cha think? The underground pipes and the whatever you call it (sistem aliran) should work properly. On top of all these, they are still pinching our money from the toll. How about the tax? How do you explain that? I don't really know who's responsible but I have a strong feeling that Uncle Sam has something to do with it. How could they (the gov) be so irresponsible (lolz, recalling what the landlady accused us of. So deja vu!), cheating us of our money (well, my parents' money) , not doing their best in their job, tak amanah betul! ( I don't know why I'm into using Malay now, but yeah.. haha..)

You guys can go ahead and crap about the public buildings mishaps.. Pak Lah can go around and complain, asking Uncle Sam to submit him a full report, but ended up in the end, using another 22 million ringgit (ALOT OF MONEY!) to inspect the buildings? What for? So that, you can take some out of it? Really... I would really hope that the government can be more transparent with us. We're not that dumb, although we're dumb enough to keep quiet about it, for now... If they don't start to be transparent with the publics, we will keep making assumptions and it will lead us to maybe ISA? But in the end, it's actually all miscommunication, and why end up in chaos and all?

Cut off the unnecessary corrupted roots, and keep yourself straight. Why not do it the right way? It always come with religious talk and all, keeping true to your values, society and culture.
But you guys never really walk the talk, and that is really frustrating.

And I'm not starting today with the discrimination against women yet.. That, I'll keep it for next time.

Ah, what else I did? Ah, movies. So far I've watched POC 3 and Shrek 3. And I did some catching up on old movies, 007 and Norbit (grosss!). haha..

I love POC 3. I think it's awesome. The love story was a bit cheesyyy though... haha... I mean 10 years? Who can last that long? And they don't even have tv or internet to fill in the time? hehe.. Jokes aside. Let's talk about the storyline, the plot, and whatever.. I thought it was good, it answered all the question mark in the 1st and 2nd movie. Very good resolution, witty and funny. Acting wise, I think Johnny Depp has kept his consistency from the 1st movie, he's so crazy, witty and really funny! Hats off to him! And Orlando Bloom, I wasn't really into him in this movie, but he was really good in this 3rd one. Awesome, the expression, ooo.. and the bandana looks hot on him? Nah, I'm not really a bandana person. hahaa... Keira, good as well.. Definitely the best compared to the other 2 movies. But tooooo skinnny. The outfits are awesome, but she need some meat to look good in it.

Special mentions, I would say Chow Yun Fat was great! Although the part where he died, it was too corny.. And it was so sad that he actually mistaken Elizabeth for Calypso. That was really dumb! Ah, and Keith Richards as Sparrow's father! Hilarious! He's cool! So gypsy looking with that guitar.. haha... Ooo. and that turban guy... his voice is oh-so-funny! No wonder he didn't want to speak.. lolz..

I wouldn't say it was almighty great, I mean it was pretty much similar, on the sea, war, fighting, nothing spectacular.. I only find the acting superb, although of course, the costume, props, makeup made it look more real, adding the whole feel to it.

And I like the song they sang. The pirates' song!

Shrek 3? Well, it wasn't as great, I never reallyyy like Shrek, to me, it's like a whole fairytale mix into one. A parody of fairytales? something like that. I didn't like the storyline, but I like the corny jokes, funny lines, and erm.. character development. Yup.. I like Donkey's half dragon-donkey kids.. So cute! Puss, is awesome.. I love Antonio Banderas' voice.. Sexaay! haha..
There were a few great laughs but that's it. Yeah, and also good values.. Yupz...

Even though you might be seen as an ogre or a loser, it doesn't mean you're one.

I like this quote alot!

Jun 1, 2007


박지은 (Park Ji Eun), an acquaintance from Soompi (my regular forum) has been involved in a hit and run accident.

Rest in peace, Ji Eun.

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