Jun 11, 2007

Perfume and hot guys.

I might sound like a screaming horny girl fan right now, but hear me out. LOL.

This is a perfume bottle. I never really see myself a big fan of perfume, but I do have a few preference, something not too strong, nice to wear for special occasions like dinner or something like that. My few fav(s):

1) So Magic (Miracle) - Lancome
2) N 5 Chanel (the pic is too small, haha).
3) Spirit Moon flower -Body Shop.

Well, that's not what I want to say actually. My point is, perfume. I've never really thought much about perfume, yeah, it's a nice scent, very alluring, enhances ones' beauty or attractiveness. I mean well, what is so special about some alcohol+cinnamon+musk+rosemary mixture anyway? For me, I've always thought it's something overrated, especially with celebs like Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and even Hilary Duff, has their own scent, which you can purchase, in exchange of your $$$ (Speaking about the high exchange rate!)

So back to my main topic- excuse me, I have a tendency of going OFF-TOPIC (OT). lol. Perfume- A Story of a Murderer which hit the cinemas, months ago, which I just watched recently. ;p I was really intrigued by the trailer, but never got the chance to go watch it, but I did now. Okay. Where should I start? Well, it is a story of a murderer, who killed 14 girls, where he was to be hung on the cross and bashed by the iron rods- a total of 12 times (as so he was sentenced, that's all the story started). This Jean Baptiste - (I forgot the last name), was a very special kid, even when he was born, the 5th child (the mother was a fish monger, and the other 4 siblings died as a still born), so he was left to die, but something happened, that he survived and was sold to an orphanage (yes, the orphanage make money out of it). He was a special kid, like I mentioned earlier. He has a very distinct sense of smell, everything has a scent, he could smell wood, even a peach, far away (as good as a dog, really).

He was then sold again to this tannery where they make goat's skin, as a slave, of course. He worked day and nights (14 hours, hey, that's child slavery!) even through winter, well the four season. I was surprised he could survive the winter (he was like baring his chest, lol). Anyways, it was fate that one day, he followed his master to the city, where he stumbled across this perfume shop (where this weird dude in a wig, presented two ladies, his new perfume, amour and psyche) He was so intrigued by what he saw, but something was way more intriguing. A girl with a basket of fruit walked passed him. The smell, attracted him. It could be the fruit, but imo, it's the girl, that he was so into it. He followed her, and of course the girl sensed that someone was following her, and all, so, she turned to him. The girl was shocked but she offered him her fruits. But what he did was grabbed her hands and started to smell it, like a possessed being. And of course, the girl ran away. He followed her, where she was sitting at a corner, dark alley where she was cutting the fruits. He came near, and when the girl realized, she screamed, of course, because of fear, he covered her mouth to stop her, and in minutes, she was already breathless. He laid her down, and shred off her clothes, trying to smell her, touched every part (yes, no joke here), trying to smell, and remember the smell.

To cut the story short, he met this perfumer, and worked for him. He was a genius, mixing good scent, that brings good business to the perfumer. But he wanted more... He wanted to learn how to preserve scent. He tried experimenting, but failed, he couldn't. And, so he sets off to Grasse, where perfumer calls it as a heaven for scent (sth like that). So, then it started. Because of his obsession to preserve scent, he started to use human body (women's body), using animal fat to wax them and then boils the wax, and get the scent. He went on and on, until he completes his collection (13 bottles= 13 women). It was really weird all right, I didn't know what to feel, disgusted or fascinated. It was going way beyond any sane human mind. He was all about preserving scent. To him, it's everything.

I didn't like the ending, but I get the meaning. I won't say anything here. But in the end, his perfume had everyone possessed, people are so (out of their minds, I would say). But he realized that, it didn't bring him love, nor care, nor affection, it was like temporary lust and desire. He didn't get what he wanted.

I would give this movie 8/10 for originality. 7/10 for DOP. 4/10 for storyline. In the beginning, it was really good, but it went awry in the middle and the end. But to connect perfume and obsession, it was a good concept. The locations were awesome, it was like LOTR, now that I flashback. haha.. Except there were no volcanos. Or hobbits. But very similar. ^ ^;;

Okay, let's take a 5 minutes break, before continuing to PART TWO.

Hot guys. Yes, I was just watching Hana Yori Dango (Flowers over guys)- A Japanese version of the Meteor Garden (Taiwanese drama- feat F4). 1st and 2nd episode. I was ROFL, when I saw the Harry Potter - dining room. LOLZ. haha.. But anyways, hot guys. Actually it's just hot guy. I was debating with Jamie, where I said Oguri Shun is hot, and she said no, he's not. So, yeah, to prove who is right, I shall post a few pics. Haha..

Yes, this is Oguri Shun. The 2nd pic (he looks like a monkey) but he's good looking overall. haha. SO he's still in my good looking list. hehe..

But no one can beat::::

Yes, TAKUYA KIMURA! Well, he's still the cutest. ^ ^;;
But that's Japanese guys la. ^_^

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