Jun 10, 2007

Long Vacation.

I just finished my drama marathon. A 1997 J-drama, Long Vacation (Nagai Yasumimasu). The reason I bought it, despite the fact that it like 10 years ago, and the vcd quality is bleh, I knew I didn't made the wrong decision to buy it. Well, of course it was like RM20. But this drama, a Japanese drama which I watched like ermm.. 10 long years ago, and I still remember it, well, I can say it did made an impact on me, didn't it? If you ask around, people might still remember it.

10 years ago, I did not have the privilege to go for piano lessons, my dad and his I-have-no-time-to-send-you 1001 excuses, only in 2001, I did. Well, sounds off-topic from the previous sentence, but this drama is mainly based on piano and music of course, that's why I can relate. A senior in college, Hidetoshi Senna, plays the piano. He has problems expressing himself, when he plays, you can't feel it, because he kept it inside, not that he can't play, but the feeling is not there. Then came this lady, out of no where, into his apartment looking for her husband-to-be, who was Senna's house mate, and apparently ran away on their wedding day. Minami, a 31 year old, ex model, who is left by her husband-to-be and struggling for jobs. Finally out of desperation, she moved in with Senna, not invited, he was too nice to house her.

It's story between these two, how she helped him to express himself, not that he can't, but he just needed the right person to do it and of course the right timing. Senna and Minami fell for each other, despite the 7 years gap (he's younger). He was able to express himself through playing the piano, finally had the feeling of playing for someone, because all this while, he played but for no one.

I think I just wrote a drama review. LOL. But what I'm trying to say is, well, I find it really refreshing, it might a 10 year old drama, but it still has the same impact. Nowadays, I rarely see good dramas, there are exceptional cases, but it gets too predictable and you know if when they come out with 50 things that are a must in K-dramas/J-dramas. For eg: Someone must have leukemia and die. That kind of thing.

Thus, Felicia's Top 5 dramas of all time! (K-drama/J-drama) - in no particular order.

1. Long Vacation (J)
A pianist learning how to express himself, and an ex-model who's struggling to fight for love and career.

2. Last Christmas (J)
Two individuals who are neighbors, with an attached door between their apartments.

3. A Love to Kill (K)
A guy who wanted to revenge for his brother, but fell for the girl, and had to choose between revenge and love.

4. Sangdoo, let's go to school! (K)
A guy who try to earn a living for her daughter's medical bill and fight for his love for a girl.

5. Autumn in my heart (K)
How a brother-sister love changed into real love after realizing that they aren't real brothers and sisters.

You guys might wonder why Full House in not in the list. You guys might say No.3 and No.4 is totally biased. I'm choosing them based on the storyline, the acting and the overall concept of the story. So, you decide.

It might be lacking on the drama side, but I would say it's better on the movies. Definitely a lot of great movies out there now. A few recommendations...

1) My Sassy Girl (K)
It might seem a but weird, boring, weird (repetition intended), it all makes sense and good sense too, in the end. Very nice.

2) My Girl & I (K)
It's an adaptation from a J-movie (Crying out love from the center of the world), but the acting was good. Kudos to SHK! You might end up learning something from the movie. ^ ^

3) Millionaire's First Love. (K)
Cliche title, but I was blew away by the fine acting of Lee Yeon Hee, the location, and the soundtrack. Definitely a-not-to-be-missed.

4) A moment to remember. (K)
Good acting, good cast. Good lines. As for the Alzheimer disease, that's well, predictable. But it wasn't that corny. Try it.

Well, you might want to try Innocent Steps. I wouldn't say it's good good, but the main lead acting is good. I forgot his name, but his acting is believable. MGY is not too bad.

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