Jan 11, 2007

Ah. Backtracked.

Hey peeps! How ya'll doing? lolz. Okay. Abit too hyper. Should be because of the indo mee I had just now at the mamak stall.

Well. This post. A bit, slightly backtracked. hehe. Well. I blame it on the earthquake in Taiwan which causes the internet connection to be down and I can't blog so yeah, and in the process I totally forgot about it.

Well. It's about our little trip to Bahau, Negri Sembilan for our movie shooting. We could have did our shooting at A Famosa but then again, to think.. our actors, and the place wasn't what we want in the movie, so we chose a far far away place which is Bahau. The place was beautiful, but the journey wasn't, haha. So, the ambience was perfect, everything is cool. We got ourselves a little bungalow on the hill top, and no Jack and Jill did not tumble down, lolz. okay, moving on...
The place was beautiful, and eerie enough to pull off a haunted feel to our movie especially at night. The place did a job well done, to wake me up in the middle of the night. I can still feel the wind blowing hard, the dogs barking, the eerie feeling of the place. Heheh. I guess I was too into getting the place feeling all eerie. hehe.

So, anyways. My main point of the blog is the pictures during our journey there. Hehe. I slept all the way from KL- Seremban, so I did not sleep on the trip to Bahau from Seremban. That's when I started taking pictures in the bus and the surroundings with my low pixel-ed video cam, haha. So here ya go.

See how poor the condition the bus is? lolz.

Beba and Kris' sleeping.... ^^

Jan 9, 2007

I'm back.

09.01.2007 .Tuesday. Gloomy night. Playlist: Kiss . Because I'm a girl.

I'm back. The past week has been really stressful. I guess the burden I've been carrying all these while has been pilling up, and has taken a toil on me. Mentally, I'm really tired. Sometimes I just feel fed up of life. my life. You tend to ask questions at times. Why this and why that? And along the way, you forget and tend it brush it aside, and you experience it all over again and the process is never ending. So, for now, let's just brush it aside. and start anew. Go figure! ^^

So, my last article was on meeting online friends. Yup. I guess today I shall talk about my experience.

Well, it went like that. I was hesitating on whether to go for it, because having classes and all. Lastly I decided to watch a movie with him, part of it, because I was nervous and you would have something to cover up in case you don't have anything to talk about and also I've been lagging behind the pop culture. Talking about hitting two birds with one stone. haha. So, my friend and I went for dinner before meeting up. We met up. I was basically doing all the talking. I mean I was shy. But he's worse. lolz. Sad right? I tried to break the ice, but failed. So, ended up sitting on the bench, he and his friend on the other bench, and me and my friend on the other one. Making things worse, we couldn't get the movie we wanted and ended up with a stupid local movie. But luckily my friend and her boyfriend came to the rescue. We ended up playing foosball since we had time to kill before the movie, so that broke the ice a bit. That was really nice.
So we went and watch the movie. We were practically condemning the movie all the way until it ended. After the movie, we talked for a while and then we just went separate ways. So, that was basically it.

In conclusion, it wasn't a good meet up or date, whatever you want to call it. But I don't regret it. It's a start of a friendship. So, yeah. hehe.

Basically that's it. I guess I shall stop here for now. Be back for more substance. lolz.

This is the seating plan for the Malaysia's concert..... This is so exciting...another 17 days 22 hours and 30 minutes to go!!!!! i'm crazy i know.....

Meeting online friends.

Hey peeps.

Meeting online friends. Well. I just came back from one! That's y I wanted to just, blog about it. heheh. I know. What's so big deal about it? Righttt.. Anyways, I'm sure alot of us never had the guts to meet online friends right? I mean this is my first time. haha. Okay. Let me list out why we usually hesitate when thinking of meeting online friends.

1. Security. You might not know whether you can trust your friend or not. But in my case, it is, because my friend introduced this friend. So yeah. heheh.

2. Expectations. Well, you tend have certain expectations, like sometimes you feel nervous, you tend to have that thinking, of whether he or she would be up to your expectations and likewise, what the other party thinks of you. Well, in my case. I saw him through the webcam, so I guess I do know how he looks like. But you see, it can be very different in person and online. So, don't say I didn't warn you.

3. What should we talk about? What should we do? This usually comes up in your mind and this is one of the things you're worried about. I suggested for a movie, so it won't look so awkward. But it didn't went really well, because the original movie we wanted to watch sold out. So, buy the tickets earlier, and don't end up in bad quality movies. read: malaysian horror movies. Well no offense, but it was that bad. And plan something before, maybe some ice breaker. getting to know each other. Maybe foosball or something like that. heheh.

So yeah. this is what I can conclude from it. for now. Will be back for more. Don't worry. There will be a PART 2. fret not. heheh. if you are reading this, and saying out loud a big DUHHH, as if I didn't know. I promise I'll post my experience. So, there will be a Don'ts and Dos.

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