Jan 9, 2007

Meeting online friends.

Hey peeps.

Meeting online friends. Well. I just came back from one! That's y I wanted to just, blog about it. heheh. I know. What's so big deal about it? Righttt.. Anyways, I'm sure alot of us never had the guts to meet online friends right? I mean this is my first time. haha. Okay. Let me list out why we usually hesitate when thinking of meeting online friends.

1. Security. You might not know whether you can trust your friend or not. But in my case, it is, because my friend introduced this friend. So yeah. heheh.

2. Expectations. Well, you tend have certain expectations, like sometimes you feel nervous, you tend to have that thinking, of whether he or she would be up to your expectations and likewise, what the other party thinks of you. Well, in my case. I saw him through the webcam, so I guess I do know how he looks like. But you see, it can be very different in person and online. So, don't say I didn't warn you.

3. What should we talk about? What should we do? This usually comes up in your mind and this is one of the things you're worried about. I suggested for a movie, so it won't look so awkward. But it didn't went really well, because the original movie we wanted to watch sold out. So, buy the tickets earlier, and don't end up in bad quality movies. read: malaysian horror movies. Well no offense, but it was that bad. And plan something before, maybe some ice breaker. getting to know each other. Maybe foosball or something like that. heheh.

So yeah. this is what I can conclude from it. for now. Will be back for more. Don't worry. There will be a PART 2. fret not. heheh. if you are reading this, and saying out loud a big DUHHH, as if I didn't know. I promise I'll post my experience. So, there will be a Don'ts and Dos.

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