Dec 26, 2006

Lost n found.

Lost: Emo spec

<----- It looks something like this, but much cooler of course.

Reward: A lifetime gratitude! That's priceless

I cannot believe that I actually lost it. I was so depressed and still is. I mean not as depressed as before but still in the depressed mood. If you think this is confusing, it means: Congratulations, because I purposely did it to confuse you. haha. ok. fine. watever.

I don't have time to do this for today. So. I'll come back later and tell you the wonderful "experience" of going back to the downtown where I'm originally from. So yeah. Fret not. I'll be back in the uptown soon. So be prepared for some major crap/rantings/bla bla blas. Reporter Felicia signing off.

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