Dec 26, 2006

Heineken. Karaoke. Christmas.

What a way to celebrate a christmas night. A heineken. karaoke session is what I need. For those who do not know what is heineken (who am i kidding? LOL)


Karaoke? Erm. Actually it's not really karaoke-ing coz I spent my time reading books. S'pore ghost stories and comics. You know how adults karaoke-ing session can be really boring? Tell Laura I love her, Unchained melody. Oldies. Not that I don't like oldies, I like oldies, but maybe a different era. like frank sinatra. eric clapton. I sang Que Sera Sera though. and the carlsberg's can't take my eyes off you. lolz. It's not from carlsberg. i know that. heheh. But I started liking it after the ad. so yeah. heheh.

And I forgot the most important part. Food. eating. yup. I guess have to make up for those horrible food in Uptown. Maybe not that horrible. The western's and the indian food are not bad. Just the fact we're STUCK eating that food everyday! haha. lolz.

Speaking about food. Hmm... Mum's nyonya curry chicken. delicious! Love those potatoes.

okay. gotta sleep. tomorrow is a full working at home day for me! chaoz.

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