Feb 28, 2007

Guns. Real bullets.

Pistol (refer to as L-pistol)



Real guns and live bullets.

On the 3rd day of new year... We went to visit my uncle and his family in Kedah. Well, surprisingly this visit was unexpected. With as above mentioned, with guns and real bullets. It turns out to be that my uncle has actually 21 guns licenses. 21 GUNS LICENSES?!!? Well, after all he is the secretary for a local shooting club, and each gun needs one license, that explains it...

So, he was briefing us on the bullets, the safety, how to handle a gun and stuff.. I actually got to hold a revolver, a pistol and a rifle. Can it get way cooler than that. It was very exciting but at the same time, scary.. The revolver.. also known as the cowboy gun and it is used in russian roulette (where one bullet is put inside and spinned, and then pointed to the head). The pistol was cool as well, where you insert a magazine (bullet case), then you shoot.. Those used in movies are so fake after looking at this. This is the real deal... Now I wonder how those heroin in the movies hold the gun.. It was really heavy...

Then he offered me a shooting session at the club... We're going to use rifle... At first, I was really awkward with the rifle, I wasn't steady, my arms were hurting, as the rifle as to be place on the shoulder as support. You can use the "guni" as a support, but I was too tall. lolz.. You get 5 shots everytime, and after that you have to take out the magazine to reload it. I was kinda a sharp shooter with 2 bulleyes!

And then.. it was the serious fun.. The revolver... It was really scary... Because it's so heavy, i was afraid I might jump when I fire. But well I did jump a little bit but the bullet still hit the board area although it's off course. hahah...

I think I shot about 100 live bullets all together.. It was real fun... I had fun to the max. hah.. To hell with NS and M16.. This is 100x better than that. hahaha..... I've come to learn that shooting is an expensive hobby, but it's very good for releasing tension. ^^;

Feb 19, 2007

Chinese New Year. Woo Hoo....

I'm back.. With a CNY mode on. NOT. Okay, maybe a little tiny bit. hehe.

So, we had our reunion dinner on the 17th, Saturday. Ooo.. I had my fair share of "Yee Sang.
For those of you who do not know.. Well...Look at the picture below:

Let me see, you have like radish, carrots, pickles, fish fillets (can be salmon fish as well), erm.. basically something sweet, something sour. It's serves as an appetizer. A tradition where everyone mix it up using chopsticks (duh!), to sort of hoping for the good year ahead. Yea, something like that. It's one of my fav dish, because you can only get it during the Chinese New Year.

Another one of my fav dish is steamed chicken. Although it's very common to have chicken everyday, but during the CNY, this one's on my want-to-eat list. Why? Probably because my grandmother would cook it during the CNY, well when she was still alive. But glad to say, my mom, and my aunties still continue doing it. Although not as nice (note: I did not say this), although not as nice, but it reminds me of home, of CNY, and of family.

A not-so-nice picture of steamed-chicken. (What we had was better obviously. hah)

Erm.. another dish is erm... Pickle cucumber with pork(siu yuk). Delicious, I tell you.

I think I love anything sweet and sour. So, yeah. lolz.

Oh, there's the smell of my another fav dish, pickle cabbage and stew pork. Spicy and oh-so sour! All these fav dish, reminds me of my grandmother. Oh, how i miss her.

Weird isn't when you realized how you miss that someone only when that person is not around.

okay, got to go.. Another CNY dinner at the restaurant. haha. it's all about eating! Seafood and more meat! muahaha....

Feb 12, 2007

Declaring a war on politics.

I had enough of this crap. First of all, it is not fun. Second of all, it is not FUN! I have the feeling you do see this coming, right? lolz.
Politics. Why does everyone has to play mind games, why want to manipulate others, why create unnecessary tension and make everyone go nuts? What good do you get? So that you get to get more people at your side, supporting you, having everyone hanging on every words or advice you give? Is that it? I don't see how greatttt is that? *rolls eyes* Dragging people into the mess.. If this is your idea of the more the merrier, hey ajasshi, you're too old for this high school thing. Maybe you should spend your time, counting wrinkles on your face while telling yourself to find something better to do during your past time.

I guess some people are Bush-wannabes after all.. Is it not enough that some people had to go through rough times, and by playing games, it's just like rubbing salt on other people's wounds? Rub it in. Do whatever you want to do, but please, do it alone. It isn't fair, when innocent college students who are just here to get their god-damn diploma are being dragged down just to live things up, maybe add in some flavor to what you might refer as entertainment. Maybe some people are just so bored that they need to break people up, maybe a bit manipulation to spice things up and just watch it like some soap opera. Hello? If you want to watch a live drama or play, go to the Actors' studio in Bangsar, or yeah.. there's the Phantom of the Opera in Singapore coming soon, why not do that? Or better join the drama club or something... Another option, go join some politic party, I'm sure there alot more entertainment for you out there. I'm sure they'll find you something.

For great, talented lecturers out there, I'm sorry you guys have to fend off jealousy and green eyed people out there. But I believe when one door closes, open a window or knock down a door! hehe... To excel, one has to go through failures, so that when you learn from it, you won't have to repeat it the next time. So, it's not a bad thing after all. When bad things happen, it teaches you to look at the bright side.
Okay, I'm so preachy right now. I have to stop.


Feb 5, 2007

The new ending. POTO!

Hah. My lecturer likes my new ending. Heheh. Isn't that cool? Er.. you don't really know what I'm talking about? haha. Well, I have this final movie project, for my Field Production & Techniques class, and it's going to be a psychology-thriller. Interesting? Heh. I don't really want to give it out. Well, not until I finished everything. I'm still in the midst of writing my synopsis and script after my treatment(which is a term in production lingo which means the big idea, usually from a one-liner).

So, I better start working on it. After I finish blogging. Hehe.

I was going through some stuff just now, online. And bam! I thought of going for the POTO. Phantom of the Opera! In Singapore. Actually my god-sis who's in the travel agency got this really cool offer for $120 for the VIP Box seat(usual pricing: $180). But then, it was like in Dec/Jan when she asked me. So, I'm not really sure, I can still get it for that price. I really wanna go. And my friends are excited as well. Don't you think it'll be so fun to watch it together? Hehe. I'll check my schedule, ask my dad again (although he said i can go the last time) you know, adults sometimes have this short term memory lost, and probably he'll go like, What? That freaking expensive? Singapore? Phantom of the Opera? ya dayadaadaa.. lolz. But I'm sure he's fine, after Rain's concert, any thing is definitely cheaper if compared. haha. Thanks alot! lolz.

It's going to be at Esplanade. Seriously, I haven't really been to any big plays like this before, and it sounds so exciting. heh. The only play that I've been to 1969- only because I have to write an essay on it.

It's a small world after all.

This past few days, I've been noticing that this is really a small world after all. I mean it. Seriously. Okay, let me explain my discovery. Hah.

Okay. Well, I think it started like this. When I started college last May, I found out that my classmates, Anis and Li were from USJ4. And before this, I met Vincent Phang during my Leo days, he was the Leo President for USJ4, and I was the president for my school, so yeah, we were in the same batch in 2004. So, it's really a surprise when I knew from Anis that they were classmates with him. Somehow you never lose that connection. Although we are just, and still is sort of aquaintance but then aren't you amazed of the how small the world is, or a smaller scope here, how small Malaysia is? heheh.

Then 2nd discovery. NS camp, so this guy, erm friend- aquaintance-sort, hah, Ashleigh Hong. He is actually my childhood's friend's schoolmate/basketball mate. lolz. Okay, so now he's in Taylor's and I happen to make friends with this girl, Sweei who happens to be in Rain-Malaysia, and she happens to know him as well. See, the connection? It's a never-ending thing, I tell you. And just yesterday I found out, that my classmate, Ashley is also friends with him. My God! lolz.

3rd discovery. In my previous Jap class, B1.. I found out that one of my classmates, Emily, went for the Youth Exchange with me, and we sat next to each other during orientation day! hah! And I only realized it on the last day of class! lolz. And... just yesterday, another classmate of mine, Chee How, is actually in Leo, and he's friends with people that I know, Grace, Simon, Kenneth, Chris. I mean the world is really reallllly small, you see.

Now I really believe what they say, that every person in the world is connected to each other with 6 people. But in my case, it's 6 people, or less than that. It's all in a circle. And now I truly believe that. Heh.

This is how it looks like.. Very confusing diagram I know. Not very good in paint. Will do it next time in Illustrator! haha..

Now you say you don't have friends? That's really a big BS. Go out and get to know people, you might not know that the next friend you make is friends with yours and likewise! hah! Am I confusing you or what?

Feb 2, 2007

Crazy Friday.

hah! Today was really a really full of thoughts day- thinking day. First, got a message frm Kris, her uncle passed away and she had to go back to JB. Dang, there goes a great plan for her b'day celebration. Now I really wonder is she so jinx that when it's near her b'day or something important, something will happen? God Bless her. I think it's just at times, it's just a endurace and faith test. So many things going through my mind. It's really a crazy Friday. So, crazy that I would do stuff like painting my nails black! Going goth is never my thing, but today is fun-crazy

day! haha.
Haha! With flash, my hands looks fairer! lolz. No point. hahah.

And jeng jeng jeng... announcement... I've found my emo-specs! It's actually in my dad's bag, and I'm now kicking myself for feeling so depressed! lolz.

Presenting me and my emo specs! haha.. I usually don't do this, but it's so weird by just taking pictures of my specs. hahaha.. Sorry for the bad pic, bad hair day I think... lolz.

I'm so into photo-blogging now.. Will post some later! haha...
Today we had fun during the meeting, discussing, brainstorming.. coming out with ideas which are really cool! Josh, you rock! haha...

oh, getting abit gassy after eating oreos.. must stop now........

Another few pieces left, *burp*.. God, it's tormenting! haha... I must watch my diet! That is after my choco bytes! Delicious! Hmm.. Chocolate, always my fav... reminded my suffering while having pistachio almond at BR, while Ms Jamie Lioh was having that oh-so-melting chocolate! Next time, it's my call, arasso? haha..

Valentine's post.

Hah. Must be on blogging mode again. Not. I had to blog on the concert and now the valentine's. It doesn't go together, that's why. haha. Am so enjoying the post-concert blog though. It was real fun. Anyways. back to my point. The reason I'm blogging about this, is not for those How to? thingie. It's about something more important, something bigger than me. It's about my heart. Lame. Just joking, really.

Anyways.. Valentine's Day. A day where you appreciate your love, buy em chocolates, or receive em, go on dates, put on your "love is in the air" cap on.. lallalalallala... watever. For some reasons, I don't really get the hype on Valentine's. What is so great about it anyway? It's already like Valentine's where you see couple stick to each other like fly on a flytrap - opposites attract! hah! chocolates. great for stress, but for valentine's, it makes you fat! haha.. More like a gimmick, for people to earn money from you, sucker! I know, I do sound like a saddist, trying to make you singles out there including myself feel better because we don't have a date for Valentine's right? Not. I don't believe in rushing your heart. I was just watching Driving Lessons the other day, and I just wanna quote this: Don't rush your heart, it was the biggest mistake I've made. Unquote.

Don't you think it's true. There's no more fun when you have a bf/gf, just for the sake of having one, just when you feel like having one when all your friends have one. What for? I mean I know it's so nice to have someone there right? Someone to make you feel alright when the world comes crumbling down. Sounds like I copy and paste frm a song right? haha. But you see, it's not that simple as you can see.. Having someone is not just taking.. You give and take in relationships. And the reason you don't have one, is probably because you are simply not ready. I do not believe in that once, but now I really do. When you can have great friendship, why getting yourself into serious, twisted relationship? When you can have fun, breath life, why think of what to get your date a Valentine's gift?

And on Valentine's, please don't lock yourself in your room, thinking it will be okay, after you sleep the whole day waiting for the 15th. It doesn't work that way. 14th of Feb is just another day. and it might be a great day for you, to read a good book, explore something new or just go out with single friends and have all the fun!

Hah! I actually wrote that all out in one breath! Serious. No joke. Anyways.. I leave you with one of my fav picture.. hehe...

Don't rush your heart. It will be one of the biggest mistake you will make in life.

Feb 1, 2007

Rain fever. Post-Concert syndrome!

The pictures say it all right? I guess I should leave it as it is? Nah! haha.. Ok.. Let me explain a bit. Wait! Chotto matte! *changes playlist to Bi songs* ok..that's better.. ^^

I went to for airport reception as you can see, that's our banner there! Rain-Malaysia. ^^It was really cool, it's like weird, the feeling is surreal, coz I'm actually meeting him, my idol, two years, and now in person. At around 11pm, he walked out.. Wearing a grey sweater with a Marc Jacobs tshirt inside, he was all smiley and waving to us. He came out of the VIP arrival area and headed straight outside, to his BMW, 7 series.. *even got the car number plate* lolz. He went off. That was it. But I managed to go to Nikko Hotel where he stayed, later, to send a friend from HK. But I did not see him, he probably went off for rehearsal that night, and sources says he only came back around 3am. Sigh. Such dedication. ^^

Anyways, the concert day. Went out of the house at 6.40am. i know it's really early. hah. I went to Stadium Putra, then to Nikko Hotel, and then back at the stadium. His press conf went well I think, his pic.. he was smiling! -commented that he is surprised by the fans at the airport and that malaysian girl are pretty! heheh. At around 7pm, we went in the concert hall, you can see the picture I took, the concert is full house at around 8pm. 10,200 screaming fans!!!! A submarine submerged, and BAM! he's on stage.. first song, it's raining! I can hear myself and the 0ther remaining 10000 fans singing along! Then it's Touch Ya! Liar (Aksu), he used this crystal mic stand, and crystal mic (gift frm hk fans). Then it was chindorago. Don't Stop was next. Cool song, I really love this one! Then he sang Na, song frm his 1st album. Then he went on with Nappun Namja (bad guy), he can ballroom dance as well! Cool! Then he went on singing a few songs... Okay this is the cool part... He was like the next song I wanna sing is for everyone. He then whispers I do.. I do.. We screamed of coz.. This is one of fav song. He also sang In my Bed. Great vocals. Nan, as you can see, he's supposed to take off his shirt, but due to the Malaysian Laws, he kept it on. But he's still sexy and did not tone the scream down. Most probably all the fans were like take it off!!!!! haha... I didn't I swear. haha.
I love I'm Coming, his left arm is partly recovered I think, but he did hold his arm for a while. With you was great.. he wore his bright orange bubble jacket which is really nice... He sang Not a single day.. it was nice.. Then he said, the concert is ended! We were like NOOOO....
He cheekily smiled, and told us that there's 2 more songs. I was feeling abit sad, coz I know it's gonna end. sigh... hehe.. He went on singing Friends.. The wings effect is really cool! Then the last song, Annyeongiran Maldaeshin! Encore! In his red outfit, he look awesome!!! We stood up, jumping, singing along with him! He and his dancers bowed and that was the end of a beautiful, state of the art concert!

He went back on the 28th night. I didn't go, but managed to get pictures from my friend. He was in his "cool-look" mode on, with sunglasses, only waved twice before going down the escalator. He did leave a message for the fans, that he enjoyed his concert here and hope to come back. By far, Malaysia's was the best concert for him... I think if compared to S'pore (DUH!).. He did lotsa stuff with us, like the "We will rock you" steps, and saying something random like I love your face, I love your heart, I love your body! lolz.. That was random alright...

And now, latest update, he's back on filming a new CF... Some dubbed him as Superman Jeong!

You see? haha...

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