Feb 5, 2007

The new ending. POTO!

Hah. My lecturer likes my new ending. Heheh. Isn't that cool? Er.. you don't really know what I'm talking about? haha. Well, I have this final movie project, for my Field Production & Techniques class, and it's going to be a psychology-thriller. Interesting? Heh. I don't really want to give it out. Well, not until I finished everything. I'm still in the midst of writing my synopsis and script after my treatment(which is a term in production lingo which means the big idea, usually from a one-liner).

So, I better start working on it. After I finish blogging. Hehe.

I was going through some stuff just now, online. And bam! I thought of going for the POTO. Phantom of the Opera! In Singapore. Actually my god-sis who's in the travel agency got this really cool offer for $120 for the VIP Box seat(usual pricing: $180). But then, it was like in Dec/Jan when she asked me. So, I'm not really sure, I can still get it for that price. I really wanna go. And my friends are excited as well. Don't you think it'll be so fun to watch it together? Hehe. I'll check my schedule, ask my dad again (although he said i can go the last time) you know, adults sometimes have this short term memory lost, and probably he'll go like, What? That freaking expensive? Singapore? Phantom of the Opera? ya dayadaadaa.. lolz. But I'm sure he's fine, after Rain's concert, any thing is definitely cheaper if compared. haha. Thanks alot! lolz.

It's going to be at Esplanade. Seriously, I haven't really been to any big plays like this before, and it sounds so exciting. heh. The only play that I've been to 1969- only because I have to write an essay on it.

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