Feb 5, 2007

It's a small world after all.

This past few days, I've been noticing that this is really a small world after all. I mean it. Seriously. Okay, let me explain my discovery. Hah.

Okay. Well, I think it started like this. When I started college last May, I found out that my classmates, Anis and Li were from USJ4. And before this, I met Vincent Phang during my Leo days, he was the Leo President for USJ4, and I was the president for my school, so yeah, we were in the same batch in 2004. So, it's really a surprise when I knew from Anis that they were classmates with him. Somehow you never lose that connection. Although we are just, and still is sort of aquaintance but then aren't you amazed of the how small the world is, or a smaller scope here, how small Malaysia is? heheh.

Then 2nd discovery. NS camp, so this guy, erm friend- aquaintance-sort, hah, Ashleigh Hong. He is actually my childhood's friend's schoolmate/basketball mate. lolz. Okay, so now he's in Taylor's and I happen to make friends with this girl, Sweei who happens to be in Rain-Malaysia, and she happens to know him as well. See, the connection? It's a never-ending thing, I tell you. And just yesterday I found out, that my classmate, Ashley is also friends with him. My God! lolz.

3rd discovery. In my previous Jap class, B1.. I found out that one of my classmates, Emily, went for the Youth Exchange with me, and we sat next to each other during orientation day! hah! And I only realized it on the last day of class! lolz. And... just yesterday, another classmate of mine, Chee How, is actually in Leo, and he's friends with people that I know, Grace, Simon, Kenneth, Chris. I mean the world is really reallllly small, you see.

Now I really believe what they say, that every person in the world is connected to each other with 6 people. But in my case, it's 6 people, or less than that. It's all in a circle. And now I truly believe that. Heh.

This is how it looks like.. Very confusing diagram I know. Not very good in paint. Will do it next time in Illustrator! haha..

Now you say you don't have friends? That's really a big BS. Go out and get to know people, you might not know that the next friend you make is friends with yours and likewise! hah! Am I confusing you or what?

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