Feb 2, 2007

Crazy Friday.

hah! Today was really a really full of thoughts day- thinking day. First, got a message frm Kris, her uncle passed away and she had to go back to JB. Dang, there goes a great plan for her b'day celebration. Now I really wonder is she so jinx that when it's near her b'day or something important, something will happen? God Bless her. I think it's just at times, it's just a endurace and faith test. So many things going through my mind. It's really a crazy Friday. So, crazy that I would do stuff like painting my nails black! Going goth is never my thing, but today is fun-crazy

day! haha.
Haha! With flash, my hands looks fairer! lolz. No point. hahah.

And jeng jeng jeng... announcement... I've found my emo-specs! It's actually in my dad's bag, and I'm now kicking myself for feeling so depressed! lolz.

Presenting me and my emo specs! haha.. I usually don't do this, but it's so weird by just taking pictures of my specs. hahaha.. Sorry for the bad pic, bad hair day I think... lolz.

I'm so into photo-blogging now.. Will post some later! haha...
Today we had fun during the meeting, discussing, brainstorming.. coming out with ideas which are really cool! Josh, you rock! haha...

oh, getting abit gassy after eating oreos.. must stop now........

Another few pieces left, *burp*.. God, it's tormenting! haha... I must watch my diet! That is after my choco bytes! Delicious! Hmm.. Chocolate, always my fav... reminded my suffering while having pistachio almond at BR, while Ms Jamie Lioh was having that oh-so-melting chocolate! Next time, it's my call, arasso? haha..

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you look kinda pretty in that emo spects of your. Lols

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