Dec 30, 2008

reminded me of a shot in a movie

in The Uptown Girls.
a reflection shot which pans up to the real thing.

funny how I'm able to capture memorable shots like a camera.
a line in DaVinci's Code: he ran his meaty hand across his hair.
a glance through the car window; the sun gently sits on the clouds' pocket.

that's how i would like to be remembered.

Dec 29, 2008

tis the season to be healthy

T'was a great Christmas, a little quiet, but it's okay. The awesome year is coming to an end, and I can't wait for the year 2009.

You have to agree that this year is one of the craziest one ever- from Edison Chen's scandal of the year to Politics- a significant change; "Yes, we can"- Obama to the great win by our Opposition party in Malaysia; 15 year old Miley Cyrus-Hannah Montana reportedly making $25 million this year alone, to Gossip Girl hype (everyone wants to be Blair), to Britney's downfall and superb "Piece of Me- Womanizer" comeback to Divorce of the year-Madonna the Material Girl; Wall Street to Main street downturn- global financial crisis- one of the biggest yet; I say "When the going gets tough, the tough gets going".

And yet there's so many more to come. The Uptown Life will also go through some changes, which I can't wait to share with you guys. Updates soon.

Dec 23, 2008

Cause if you liked it you should have put a ring on it

everyone's talking about Christmas, but really, what is Christmas? the Christmas carols. the food (it still amuses me how Malaysians especially eat turkey on Christmas, take note, we don't really celebrate Thanksgiving, so all the leftovers, please send it here, por favor). oh, don't get me started on the parties. the booze. i for one, don't enjoy drinking, but i enjoy buying booze. like the party i helped my friend organized recently.

i was reading the papers today, written by columnist Kevin Cowherd ( on the complexity people "create" when it comes to the season of enjoyment, on food. One will be allergic to nuts, One is on a strict diet bla bla bla.

Like, seriously, eat, don't ask. Don't be a kill-joy. And I agree. You know what's going to be in that roast meat, beneath all those succulent oh-so-delicious, layers of grease and fat and yes, tons of calories. like you didn't know already.

if you know you have high blood pressure, you have yourself to blame. but of course, the healthy people, moderation is always key.

so, have a merry merry Christmas everyone. Tis' the season to be jolly, tomorrow's looking bleak but don't worry, at least you have turkey leftovers for now. =p ho! ho! ho!

blindfolded moment

two years of not celebrating my birthday with my friends got me into trouble. i should've known. but i was naive and only when i got into the car, they had me blindfolded, driving to random places like the bank(to withdraw money)- which i knew later. and making me walk in public places, although i was actually thankful because i can't see. the beauty of it.

okay, here's a moment where i had to stop to pose. (without knowing "hyper' greg who was behind me)

gosh. i love the speakers. "in love".

they get to check out random cute guys while making me beg.

After one hour of begging, and posing- statue of liberty etc, they gave me a cake.

that's kelly, sara, (me), sandra, kris, and beba.

jade came by as well. and thanks for the pressie.
you know me well, jedi jade. haha.

with pam.

with the girls and azian who also came.

oh, in case you're wondering. i made rm17.75.
Ka Ching! ;)

thanks for the birthday party. i love you peeps. and yes, thanks to beba and jade for the lovely pics. more on fb, and beba's flickr.

Dec 19, 2008

asian girls prefer white men. umm.

i was re-watching this. it's ancient, but i really ought to say something about this. my brains itch, i have to fix it. it's a fascination towards white men, like hey, we all (grew up with) love 911, BSB, Westlife! 98 Degrees (the list goes on and on forever, you know it). when a white dude actually stand before you, like OMG! right? seriously, i think that's usually the case with asians living in asia (that didn't sound right, nevermind). what more with asian-americans? *shrugs*

i think i'm pretty balanced when it comes to that. I grew up to love both kinds, asian and the white. like how we would all watch japanese and taiwanese, oh not to forget, korean dramas, and drool over boy bands. well, i love my asian men. if you watched that video (link above), you would've noticed some "asian" girls were lamenting about how asian men are so (sarcastically) feminine. Okay, no one likes a skinny dude (girl) with long hair. hey, is that johnny depp (over there)? *rolls eyes*

well, overall it's just a fraction, a minority, maybe 1 percent of the *imagine China's population* that claims we, asian women would fall (die) for a white dude anytime. well, no, they're not even close to a greek god; let's just settle for the inevitable attraction between a girl and guy, and let's not forget, a guy with a guy and a girl with a girl (come on, let's be fair, okay?). all in all, human beings are attracted to each other. full stop.

and afterall, all it takes is a good looks, mountain of confidence, great smile, that twink in the eye, and maybe some aphrodisiac; alcohol will do. you look gorgeous already!

you're so hot, teasing me

today's another day. last night, the caroling group came over to sing. oh, i didn't like the improvisation. hear this; you know the song "Feliz Navidad"? I guess I'm used it the old way, where you go pa ra pa pa... and instead of chicka bom chika chika bom. alright, it was awful. and to top it with a cherry, i'm having a really bad cough; yeah, i sound like a frog. croakk..

i've been messing around with hosting, and i don't really want to do this, but head over to i've always imagine something more hyper, like come on guys, i got my own domain, woohoo! but it's still WIP, and for now it's a temporary portfolio blog for me until i settle down with a hosting (God knows when). but do check it out, i'm sure you'll be entertained with the snowflakes, at least. i adore it!

christmas is less than a week, about 5 days, and wow, you do realize the year is actually coming to an end. gosh! unbelievable, i mean yesterday i was in diapers. ppft. bad joke. okay. moving on.

okay, i'm stumble-ing. and look what i found:

click to listen to alice in wonderland (pt. 1)
click for some shakespeare's sonnets.

who remembers prisoner of zenda from english literature? heh. listen.

and one of my fav from Oscar Wilde. Picture of Dorian Gray. Click. :)

okay, haha. hear this. i never thought of this, but do you realize whenever someone looks through the binoculars, you see two joined circles instead of one. only in the movies. Click.

this will end abruptly. er. now.

Dec 18, 2008

imagine there's no heaven

Imagine there's no Heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world

You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one

Dec 17, 2008

the more you know, the more you know the things you don't

i think this year passed too quickly, and poof! there goes my 20 years of life man. but well, this is best of 2008. a year that i grew up the most/the fastest maybe, although i'm stuck at 5'7" now. ups and downs, terrible and good decisions, friendship, and drama, prolly a tiny weeny increase in the social life (oh, it went extinct after that), and moments to share! :) [in no particular order]

before that: click to listen to this song. new soul by yael naim.

tanah lot@bali.
a million memories, thousands of pictures.

end of internship for some of us.

jamie and beba's birthday.

i.act photoshoot. oh we had fun.

camp with kids@FRIM.

CREACTIVE peeps@Open Day.
Our family during college days.

"How Long" shooting.
the couple of year.

marie digby.
and the crazy kl crowd. =_=;

speed racer!

yea. i think i missed out a lot.
but i cherish every one of it.
oh yeah, david smiled at 77,777 subscribers. :D:D:D

I'm a new soul
I came to this strange world
Hoping I could learn a bit 'bout how to give and take
But since I came here, felt the joy and the fear
Finding myself making every possible mistake

See I'm a young soul in this very strange world
Hoping I could learn a bit 'bout what is true and fake
But why all this hate? try to communicate
Finding trust and love is not always easy to make

Dec 16, 2008

a million things can go wrong

credit: pic

yeah. naivety is one of the causes.
but today an angel came to my rescue.

credit: pic

i'm still a budak mentah at work,
which means naive kid;
besides, technical procedures isn't really my thing, you see.

BM: Yeah, I was wondering if I could get the airway bill from you?
Lady@Luft: What? Your agent asked you to do what?
BM: Get the airway bill from you?
Lady@Luft: Smart! You do know that it's their job and they're asking YOU to do it?
BM: Oh? I didn't know.
Lady@Luft: Give me the agent's number, and yours. I'll deal with her.
BM: Ok, thanks!

*** [5 mins later]

Agent: Hi Felicia! [very hyper]
BM: Yes?
Agent: Okay, so my drivers will come and pick both air/ship freight?
BM: So, everything is cleared?
Agent: Yes, but you need to fax me the invoice and packing list.
BM: Okay, your fax number, and attention to?
Agent: It's XXXXXXXX and Att to [insert name]
BM: Alright, I'll fax it to you, and you keep me updated.
Agent: Okay, thanks, and bye.

Wow, that agent must have had it from Lady@Luft (my angel).
Whatever it is, boy, am I glad or what?
Lesson learned and filed. Case close.

Dec 15, 2008

looking in the mirror today

i'm trying to keep positive here.
with a running+blocked nose at the same time; there's really nothing much else to do.
can't wait for the week to end.

this is one of my fav feel-good song from Britney. :)

I'll be anticipating
This is our song they're playing
I wanna rock with you
You're feeling this right
Let's do this tonight.

Dec 12, 2008

Obama's dirty little secret

Yes, it has raised eyebrows, made a couple of headlines, truth is, he's going have to quit- smoking, that is. No men can resist that macho-cowboy Marlboro, not even President-elect Barack Obama who has admitted to smoking, and to the question on whether he has stopped the bad habit, "I have" he said. "What I said was that there are times where I have fallen off the wagon". Well said, no?

Many of us might just dismiss this issue like watching the sun go down, and go off to bed, waking up to a brand new day. There is this saying I would like to quote, "How you do anything, is how you do everything".

The trivial fact that he has a smoking habit didn't mean a thing until how the issue taken out, magnified x1000 times, and how he responded.

That's what matters.

If he's not going to own up to the fact that he's a smoker, what makes you think he will own up to bigger issues? Again, "How you do anything, is how you do everything".

And be sure that his first lady, Michelle Obama won't let him get away with it. And no surprise, her self-titled autobiography is coming out soon, although critics quickly slammed it and labelled it as a snoozer, I beg to differ. You're talking about the woman who can shine on her own without being overshadowed; now that's my kind of girl.

i can speak too

Funny moment on the lrt (train) today. okay, not really funny, but it's something you'll probably remember for a period of time, and especially if it happens to you. This is a situation that will either make you proud or make you go "Oops, this is so embarassing".

I guess this is also a situation where you have to be there, to feel it. But I'm sure most Malaysians will go through this. Okay it went like this:-

A group of Chinese youths boarded the train, and one of them, a girl sat in between me and this elderly Malay man. So, bla bla bla, they were talking.... and then one of the stops, the girl suddenly stood up and moved to the opposite seat, mumbling something that sounded like, "I can't stand the smell" in her native language.

I was innocently reading my book when the man who was seating next to her shouted at her face with the same language, "You think I stink? You stink!"

Who would've thought he knew the language? the girl remarked, of course after he left. *shakes head* Ignorant little brat, I thought to myself. In this half a century old country, one should've learn long time ago, that given the fact that these three main races have been so staying together for that long, even if it's just a "harmless" remark in public, it's better to be cautious, or should I say, a tad bit more sensitive?

I was dumb enough to try that with a fellow chinese in another dialect thinking he wouldn't understand; suffice to say, I was seriously WRONG! xD Today was clearly a flashback on that situation 10 years ago, although I don't remember it clearly, I did learn my lesson.

Dec 11, 2008

Fran Drescher the senator

Let's take a moment of silence. Hold it. Wow (with a nasal tone).

Ms. Fine, the nanny of Sheffield's has decided to upgrade herself, from nanny to senator. Not that it's confirmed, but she did made a clever remark by saying , "All he (Gov David Paterson) can do is say no". I think most people would think, "Is this woman serious or what?". I guess we all can't put away the image of her as the nanny, and how she goes, "I love you Mr Sheffield" (don't forget the nasal tone) Hmm...

New Yorkers, meet your potential senator.

With a clean record to boot, also an avid women's health advocate since her battle with uterine cancer almost 9 years ago; she might have what it takes to be the senator; and don't forget she's also a household name- clearly with her trademark nasal voice which is played up a little during the filming she admitted, maybe she won't be that irritating. And she has a sense of humour which is a huge plus, and we can be sure she won't be caught with a scandal, quoting her, "I won't get arrested" she said referencing to Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich who was arrested for trying to sell Barack Obama's seat.

credit: miami herald

Dec 10, 2008

flight attendants equals supermodels

This blog got forwarded to me by Mrs. Aviero, or has it become Mrs (insert-some-random-hot-guy's-name)? Specifically the highlight was on this article and it was "assigned" to me to comment on it. Just to get her off my back (haha), I browsed through the article and found it was rather interesting, like this blog.

So, long story short. This article, taken from Wall Street Journal, subtitled "Emirates Flight Attendants Live It Up; Champagne and Strict Rules on Weight". One glance at that, one might dismiss the topic; obviously we ALL know about the usual you-cannot-be-fat scrutiny and the "so-called-high-flyers-more-like-supermodels" lifestyle these flight attendants go through (hey, no complains!)

But it's rather interesting to have a sneak peak, you know, creating controversial topics for us, mere "mortals" (read: the muggles of HP world). We already have Starbucks Gossip, and the recent hyped up Waiter's Rant, who made it big by publishing a book, I mean if you love the job, BORING, but if you hate the job, $$$! It's an innate behaviour or just plain human nature to know, read, talk, spread and gossip about something; best thing is to monetize it, and be super-fabulous! ;)

Back to the point, it's another unworldly life out there for these flight "more-like-supermodels" attendants. It's almost like another tribe, or some sort of species you turn into, surviving on champagne, being a nomad-travel to the same country for 32 times; a conversation with these species will go like this:-

Totally human: "Have you been to Prague; it's beautiful!"
100 countries & counting: "Oh, Prague? 30 times, I'm still trying to break the record!"

Like, almost instantly, you'd go "=_=;;". It makes any country so plain when you speak any of them. The amount of parties they attend; usually 50% off, luxury apartment accomodation, shopping at any part of world (Airboy purchased his Macbook in Singapore).

Quoting air stewardess, Jane Park from Korea, "It's so much fun, like being on a dreamy vacation. They take care of us here."

Cons: No-pregnant policy for the ladies, absolutely no gaining weight, dictating of the colour of panties (beige or white) under their light-camel-colour skirts, no drinking in the 12 hours before the next flight, premarital sex and homosexuals are illegal in Dubai. Hmm.

Read Melissa's comment at the end of the article. If there's anything worthy on the article to read, it's the comments, really. Read her blog as well, now, that's worth reading. Angelina Jolie was on first class on the same plane! Cool beans!

Dec 9, 2008

don't worry be happy

the new bobby mcferrin.
happiness is always near.
a story about real people. :)

here to download the song.
here for lyrics.

Dec 5, 2008

toilet seat up?

Okay, I have a confession to make. Sorry ladies, but I do leave the toilet seat up, and I simply cannot comprehend why I do that. When I did my internship, there were more men in the office, so it's actually natural for me to put the seat up when I'm done. And now that I'm working in an office where there are only three ladies including yours truly, I do the same thing.

It's just natural for me, and funny thing is I do that at home too in my own personal bathroom. And the best part is, I don't seem to find it a hassle to do that; I mean come on, ladies, how many times you reminded the opposite sex to put the seat DOWN before you actually gave up, and just bear in mind that they're just plain hopeless?

You might as well just chain it down, like seriously, but for me, I don't mind doing the "put-the-seats-up" routine, simply because I think they mess up the seats anyways, so if you just do your part, you get a clean seat when you need them. (read: no urine or hair in sight!) It's really a win-win situation, and there's no point screaming your pretty heads off every time they leave the seats up.

I wonder, am I normal or what? I begin to think I'm not.

Dec 4, 2008

Doc Martin a must-watch!

Now, I don't know whether it's my fascination towards British*coughs* accent *coughs* comedy but I simply look forward towards catching this Brit-drama every Wednesday night on Hallmark channel. Doc Martin, is well, about a doctor who is socially challenged (no, he's not retarded or anything), he's simply "mean", or find hard to express himself. And what's so fascinating about that?

Well, I think by the 3rd episode, you may find yourself rooting for him, like in the case of pursuing his leading lady whom you might just think she might have knocked herself over something to find Martin attractive at all. But, he's got his charm; one thing I've read in Notes from a small island by Bill Bryson is that you may find British people has a dry sense of humour; I think it reflects that perfectly well in Doc Martin, in which I found funny, in irony. I mean the straight face and all, how could you not laugh at that?

Good read, I find it amusing that even as an "American-living-in-the-UK-still-feels-like-a-tourist Bryson" has a knack in telling his own experience travelling around the UK. Often I find it hard to continue reading when I stop somewhere, but I can still pick this book anywhere in the middle, beginning, and continue from there.

Doc Martin airs every Wednesday on the Hallmark Channel-702 at 9 p.m. (Malaysia- Astro)

dear sir richard branson

pic: source

Great. i (actually) browsed through 139 pages on Twitter to find my name. And I missed it. I found I was a follower before President-elect Barack Obama, Roger Hamilton and even Sir Richard's own company, Virgindotcom. I was so close!

Anyways, Congrats to 2000th follower Jademayari for winning the autographed poster above. For those of you who don't know yet, I'm a huge admirer of this great entrepreneur and do check out his blog here. Amazing person; this is the only person I know who believes that sky is the limit when it comes to opportunities, I think for him, space would be more appropriate. It's definitely my dream to meet him in person; perhaps able to work with him, one day.

I would recommend you to get "Losing My Virginity" by Sir Richard Branson. It's an eye opener, I swear the book is a page turner, it tells of his story on his personal as well as career life; how he built Virgin. I don't think one could put down this book without feeling inspired, and it shows that he's a living proof on earth that, "Nothing is really impossible". I say, it's a good book to start the new year.

Dec 3, 2008

Stay Just A Little

This is for today.
For the gloomy weather.
For the day you felt stupid.
That you made that decision.
We have all been there.

And we all want to say, "Would you just stay a little?"
by Kina Grannis.

Dec 2, 2008

Iron Man is a Fairytale afterall

A photo which was posted on Flickr caught the eyes of the makers of Iron Man's attention and it became the backdrop of the movie's poster. Cool beans! Check out the story here. and the pic here.

And I cannot believe how fast time flies, I was wishing I could grow up sooner and then now I'm 19 turning 20. And you know what they say, it's all downhill from now onwards. I need to get those miracle "goat's testicles" cream Christine Baranski (Mamma Mia!) is using! She may be 56 years old, but she looks hella fine, maybe it's just the plastic surgery and botox, but hey great legs! And she played Trixie of the tele-version of Speed Racer. Now everybody say, "Cool beans!"

the one on the far left


And lunch break. I don't know what is that thing, but that "thing" makes me look back at what I've written and I feel like a starting a new post. rare occasions like this one, I make an exception. okay. I'm proud to announce that I officially feel "adult" now. okay, before you get any ideas, it doesn't mean I went and watch some porn. Gosh, that is a totally different thing. I was supposed to get my own Maybank account for my salary purposes, and my dad suggested me to get a visa debit. Okay, it's not exactly credit card, but hey, now I can supposedly shop online without adult surpervision. Okay. It wasn't supposed to sound like that, but you get the drift. It's one cool looking card too.

I've always wanted to get those Visa payWave; it's almost too cool, like how you wave and pay for your favourite Starbucks drink. Tsk tsk. I sometimes find it hilarious that I'm that easily amused. Like giving a candy to a kid *jumps*, except I didn't like candy when I was a kid. What a bummer, when I found out that you can only withdraw up to 4 times a month and then you have to pay 5o cents every time you use it. Old scrooge! Now, I have to find out whether I can withdraw my Paypal funds with it (not that I have any left for now, I just bought my Christmas gift! :p) Okay, shush! I've revealed too much already.

Dec 1, 2008

I've been a very lucky girl

No. That's absolutely bull. But, hey I can't complain, really. I think I've been watching too much of Channel E! that I'm stuck with 25 Stylish Celebrities, Weddings Dos & Don'ts even when I'm supposed to be working right now. And I think Keira Knightley's pixie hair is gorgeous and that is like eons away because she has had that hair since God knows when, but maybe I just have to much in my mind or not, thinking whether I should stick to having a short do. Am I even making sense?
"I'm a very lucky girl" Love that do, gotta love that accent!

Speaking of who's the lucky one, Britney looks sweet as ever on the latest issue of Glamour. And now you lose your doubt towards what makeup and lots of airbrushing and photoshop-ing can do for you. Dang, I have no doubt that it can bring the dead back alive. hmm..

But I'm not a Britney hater, as a matter of fact, I still adore her. Given her comeback, and acceptance of Bambi Awards for Best Comeback (whatever), I think it does proves that many people still root for her to succeed and likewise. Recent news, says that she throws up after her meals; they desperately needed to justify her weight loss of over 12.7kg last year. Gosh, here's to proving that she's more popular than ever. Bad publicity is still publicity, but really, LEAVE her ALONE! too shay.

Gosh, TGFI. Yes, thank God for the internet. Being in the workforce, contributing to the country's economy so to speak, isn't really the best thing because it sucks the life out of you. Not to mention, I have a non-existence life, and am in dire need to crawl out to civilization, pronto. I'm speaking like a diva, no? But seriously, I'm once again not being productive, day to day, and I'm turning into a dinosaur (not the size, the brains).

Good thing is, I'm writing again. Not that I'm not by blogging, I mean real writing (the characters, the scene, the emotions) I'm glad. I'm still pretty much a closet writer but I'm contemplating, okay, not exactly that, but actually I'm working towards getting closer to coming out with my dot com. So, watch out for that. I can't wait.


Okay, I'm not really considering. But I'm glad a few of my college mates will be going over, and I get a free place to stay if I go over to Melbourne. Hah. xD But it would be super fun I know, but I think this is it. You know do the thing, the spread your wings and fly high! One of the main reasons on why I chose that and not this. But we should get together, REAL soon!

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