Dec 10, 2008

flight attendants equals supermodels

This blog got forwarded to me by Mrs. Aviero, or has it become Mrs (insert-some-random-hot-guy's-name)? Specifically the highlight was on this article and it was "assigned" to me to comment on it. Just to get her off my back (haha), I browsed through the article and found it was rather interesting, like this blog.

So, long story short. This article, taken from Wall Street Journal, subtitled "Emirates Flight Attendants Live It Up; Champagne and Strict Rules on Weight". One glance at that, one might dismiss the topic; obviously we ALL know about the usual you-cannot-be-fat scrutiny and the "so-called-high-flyers-more-like-supermodels" lifestyle these flight attendants go through (hey, no complains!)

But it's rather interesting to have a sneak peak, you know, creating controversial topics for us, mere "mortals" (read: the muggles of HP world). We already have Starbucks Gossip, and the recent hyped up Waiter's Rant, who made it big by publishing a book, I mean if you love the job, BORING, but if you hate the job, $$$! It's an innate behaviour or just plain human nature to know, read, talk, spread and gossip about something; best thing is to monetize it, and be super-fabulous! ;)

Back to the point, it's another unworldly life out there for these flight "more-like-supermodels" attendants. It's almost like another tribe, or some sort of species you turn into, surviving on champagne, being a nomad-travel to the same country for 32 times; a conversation with these species will go like this:-

Totally human: "Have you been to Prague; it's beautiful!"
100 countries & counting: "Oh, Prague? 30 times, I'm still trying to break the record!"

Like, almost instantly, you'd go "=_=;;". It makes any country so plain when you speak any of them. The amount of parties they attend; usually 50% off, luxury apartment accomodation, shopping at any part of world (Airboy purchased his Macbook in Singapore).

Quoting air stewardess, Jane Park from Korea, "It's so much fun, like being on a dreamy vacation. They take care of us here."

Cons: No-pregnant policy for the ladies, absolutely no gaining weight, dictating of the colour of panties (beige or white) under their light-camel-colour skirts, no drinking in the 12 hours before the next flight, premarital sex and homosexuals are illegal in Dubai. Hmm.

Read Melissa's comment at the end of the article. If there's anything worthy on the article to read, it's the comments, really. Read her blog as well, now, that's worth reading. Angelina Jolie was on first class on the same plane! Cool beans!

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