Dec 11, 2008

Fran Drescher the senator

Let's take a moment of silence. Hold it. Wow (with a nasal tone).

Ms. Fine, the nanny of Sheffield's has decided to upgrade herself, from nanny to senator. Not that it's confirmed, but she did made a clever remark by saying , "All he (Gov David Paterson) can do is say no". I think most people would think, "Is this woman serious or what?". I guess we all can't put away the image of her as the nanny, and how she goes, "I love you Mr Sheffield" (don't forget the nasal tone) Hmm...

New Yorkers, meet your potential senator.

With a clean record to boot, also an avid women's health advocate since her battle with uterine cancer almost 9 years ago; she might have what it takes to be the senator; and don't forget she's also a household name- clearly with her trademark nasal voice which is played up a little during the filming she admitted, maybe she won't be that irritating. And she has a sense of humour which is a huge plus, and we can be sure she won't be caught with a scandal, quoting her, "I won't get arrested" she said referencing to Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich who was arrested for trying to sell Barack Obama's seat.

credit: miami herald

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