Dec 12, 2008

i can speak too

Funny moment on the lrt (train) today. okay, not really funny, but it's something you'll probably remember for a period of time, and especially if it happens to you. This is a situation that will either make you proud or make you go "Oops, this is so embarassing".

I guess this is also a situation where you have to be there, to feel it. But I'm sure most Malaysians will go through this. Okay it went like this:-

A group of Chinese youths boarded the train, and one of them, a girl sat in between me and this elderly Malay man. So, bla bla bla, they were talking.... and then one of the stops, the girl suddenly stood up and moved to the opposite seat, mumbling something that sounded like, "I can't stand the smell" in her native language.

I was innocently reading my book when the man who was seating next to her shouted at her face with the same language, "You think I stink? You stink!"

Who would've thought he knew the language? the girl remarked, of course after he left. *shakes head* Ignorant little brat, I thought to myself. In this half a century old country, one should've learn long time ago, that given the fact that these three main races have been so staying together for that long, even if it's just a "harmless" remark in public, it's better to be cautious, or should I say, a tad bit more sensitive?

I was dumb enough to try that with a fellow chinese in another dialect thinking he wouldn't understand; suffice to say, I was seriously WRONG! xD Today was clearly a flashback on that situation 10 years ago, although I don't remember it clearly, I did learn my lesson.

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