Aug 25, 2010

you think i'm pretty without any makeup on

How many of you will say, "Yes, me too!" to the below?

No. 1 You dislike something like a trend to the point you have to pay attention and then you decided it's not to bad, and it's a click on the "like" button.

Katy Perry (she's edgy and lives in solidarity, lives in a "Perry World" like "Paris' World" or "Gaga World" and that's hot! ;) Let's leave the "brains" out)

No. 2 You listen to every song (overplaying it) of a particular singer or genre and try to have a para social relationship with the meaning between the lyrics. Even though it doesn't apply to you. :s

John Mayer aka Mayerism (from quoting lyrics to even defend his serial dating behaviors), Paramore's song: The Only Exception. No my parents did not break up, but the lyrics just move your heart and it makes a really good proposal song by the way and you're lucky if you can get Paramore to serenade while you bend down on one knee and ask for her hand in marriage ;click)

No. 3 You're young or you still think you are when you start receiving wedding invitations from your high school friends, or recently learn that your ex school mate is married with kids, or is in a stable relationship, and probably heading down the aisle in the near future. Not just marriage, but in career, and studies. You reflect on your life so far, and you think, "Is it just them, or am I not progressing?" Basically you feel like you're Peter Pan.

I'm not bothered with the fact everyone is jumping into "I love you-Do you love me" or "I do" wagon. Just the fact that, life does moves on, and pretty quickly too. Life is brief like a candle, it's never short, just ONE chance of making the best out of it, and I feel time is like the breeze. Maybe a little too quick.

Karl Lagerfeld
says, "I can have remorse, but no regrets" Amen to that.

Aug 19, 2010

she's perfect, so flawless, i'm not impressed

The main subject for today is going to be the search for imperfection;which is a synonym for happiness which is also widely misrepresent with perfection. Tonight, I stand united with those in agreement of Mayerism, the song "Comfortable" as suggested in the title plays an crucial role in my hypothesis in this post.

We strive for everything perfect. Must be without any flaw. "Practice makes perfect" "Perfect score" "Picture-Perfect" "Perfect timing" are some examples of the word "Perfect" is being used in our daily lives. Have we not learned that perfection has brought us nothing but misery which is the total opposite of happiness that we think perfection may bring us to?

And that is why I believe that imperfections are what brings individuals together that they'll complement each other and make up for what they lack in, and likewise. Otherwise, the line "You complete me" would be totally irrelevant. Because of imperfections, also, we learn alot about acceptance and forgiveness. If one has not yet achieved the ultimate happiness and contentment, at least they will have a peace of mind. Ohmmm....

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