Aug 19, 2010

she's perfect, so flawless, i'm not impressed

The main subject for today is going to be the search for imperfection;which is a synonym for happiness which is also widely misrepresent with perfection. Tonight, I stand united with those in agreement of Mayerism, the song "Comfortable" as suggested in the title plays an crucial role in my hypothesis in this post.

We strive for everything perfect. Must be without any flaw. "Practice makes perfect" "Perfect score" "Picture-Perfect" "Perfect timing" are some examples of the word "Perfect" is being used in our daily lives. Have we not learned that perfection has brought us nothing but misery which is the total opposite of happiness that we think perfection may bring us to?

And that is why I believe that imperfections are what brings individuals together that they'll complement each other and make up for what they lack in, and likewise. Otherwise, the line "You complete me" would be totally irrelevant. Because of imperfections, also, we learn alot about acceptance and forgiveness. If one has not yet achieved the ultimate happiness and contentment, at least they will have a peace of mind. Ohmmm....

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