Apr 23, 2007

VT shooting rampage.

All hell break loose, in Virginia Tech, when an English major student, by the name of Cho Seung-Hui, 23, decided go nuts and shoot freely, causing at least 33 lives, a lot others injured. Described as a loner, a quiet person by the students in VT, no one predicted that he'll resort into doing it. No one knew? Clearly, he was depressed. Migrated from South Korea at the age of 8, somehow in the process, he might have gotten the blow, the trauma that hit him so much, any emotions or feelings that he kept for 15 years, has been released, and ended up in total tragedy. When I first read the news online, it came upon my mind, a question: What could have prevented it? It's funny, well, amusing, to see heated up forums, people from different races and cultures debating about him, mainly him being Asian, South Korean, and what he did is shameful and it caused shame to his own country. There are also people with opinions with, "Hey, what about the 33 lives? Hello?" All this caused a racist issue out of a sudden, and to me, it's really saddening. The South Korea government even set up a meeting, and came with an apology. Well, does that even matter now? He is, after all an "American" with a green card. Did the S.Korea gov apologized because to save their image? To do some damage control? To stop people from labeling them as "killers"? Or even communist?

I think it's wrong for people to react to it, I mean in this way. Being defensive, and start to pin point when a tragedy which has already happened, trying to watch out their own image or pride. They're just making it harder for Asian people staying in the states. Some Asians, as reported, told the press that they're actually getting stares on the street right after the incident. Hey! Since when they're responsible for it? Does that mean people with the same color skin, has something to do with the shooter? Come on, give me a break~ What's more weird, or whatever you can label it as, people actually set up anti clubs in Facebook(sth like Friendster), against the shooter. Just let it go, he's dead, you can't actually protest anything? Why not set up a war in Asian countries then? And people sharing the same name, or look, or birth date, has also been discriminated, insulted.

I find that really insulting, to finally realize how bad is racism in the world. I've always knew of it, it's happening everywhere, colored skin (the black, the asians majority) are being labeled unworthy, unwanted. Starting off in the US, the discriminations against black americans, the hispanic. In Africa, black people are not worthy and will always stay that way.In Asian countries, can I just start from Malaysia? A beautiful, multicultural country they say. Reflecting back on Gary's class on media criticism, have you seen, or do you realize alot of stuff the media actually portrayed in the papers, in the television? For example, Happy chinese family, having moments of their life, eating KFC. Beautiful malay girl in Sunsilk, a perfect family of four consists of parents, a daughter and a son. Don't see anything missing here? What about the indians? I'm not saying there's none, there are the occasional Petronas ads, which surprisingly disappeared this year, to my dismay. Are Malaysians not ready yet? Is this the mentality? Are indians, supposedly just to appear in papers, asking for donations? Is the discrimination outside there not enough, that we have to be conformed by what the media perceives reality to be, and we're just following their footsteps, and indirectly accepting racism here? In Malaysia? Enough that we're so screwed up by the unfairness of man-made laws, and now this? Tun Dr Mahathir came up with the "Dasar Aparteid" against the racism in Africa, but what's happening here now proves that we're not walking our talk. The generation of today might be mixing around with friends of different cultures or races, but what we don't realize, is the impact that the tragedy of 13th May has brought along, it might look like it has been resolved. You can see that the gov is trying their very best, implementing National Service. For those who think it's no difference from military boot camp, well, the whole idea of it is actually to close the gap among the races and cultures, so the tragedy of 13th May wouldn't repeat itself again. The mindsets of people varies, unfortunately..People would pay RM3000 just to get themselves away- well, it's called bribing. Corrupted as we are, this is actually happening. Why is that so hard? All for the good for nothing?

Enough about races discriminating against races. I'm not going to start on the topic of how even in that race itself, people start dividing, and putting themselves higher than the others. It's happening here, and also in India. A sad thing, really.

Thinking of migrating to Australia maybe, after listening to all these 'stories"? Think again.. Australia might be even worse, even New Zealand. Don't get me started on European countries, they're worse! Reminding of my own personal experience of being discriminated. Sigh..

I believe this topic, issue to be precise, will be an on-going topic, will never ever be resolved, it's something like hunger or poverty in the world. It really intrigues me anytime, without fail. Very interesting topic for debate, very sensitive as well... But I just love sensitive issues, after all, we face it every single day.

From a fellow Malaysian:

When I'm in the States, I'm a Malaysian, when I'm in New Zealand, I'm a Malaysian, When I'm in Malaysian, I'm an indian.

Victims being carried out.

Apr 22, 2007

Worth one post. At least. \ (^______________^) /

Woopee!!! I wasn't going to blog today. But something had to just be recorded down and to be kept somewhere, maybe the museum? lolz.. Anyways, before getting to the main point, let put in some fillers? ^^ Today was real fun, we went to KLCC to hang out. I just loveeeee Kinokuniya! haha..lolz... Erm.. oh, KLCC was great too! hehe.. We didn't get to see the fountain today, it usually starts around 7pm.. and we were back around 6.30pm? lolz. Sitting there, observing people, inspiration... I love the atmosphere! I just wished it was abit cooler, maybe 25 degrees? Then, it would be oh-so-perfect.
It is proven to me once again that this world is sooo small.. You can actually bump into someone.. well, Ian and his gf in Kinokuniya... How weird is that? Is it karma or something? lolz.. I promise I didn't talk behind his back? hahah.. Wookay...
Ah, I brought along a packet of Rocky which I bought from Jusco yesterday.. and it was the perfect snack for the three of us at Dome.. hehe.. Oh, yeah.. speaking of Dome.. cute lil berets.. I missed wearing them... Hmm.. Shall go get one.. preferably w/o the NS logo! hehehe....

I bought a red hair band from Lovely lace or was it Teddy Tales? hehe.. reminds me so much of Alfred! *kyooteee* Ooo.. and I had to buy this pair of earrings, because my last pair decided to come off! I bought this lil cute love shaped rhodium earrings. So tempted to get the star shaped though. Hah! No prizes for guessing! ;p

Oh, today is also very memorable, it marks the first time, our baby sotong has decided to be independent by actually taking the public transport! Yeah to that! ^___^ ;; Next time, be smart, get a car and drive us! hahaha... That's what I call independently smart! jajaja...

I finished reading the book, In Heaven as On Earth by Dr. M. Scott Peck. Very nicely written about his vision of afterlife. Detachments, moving on, temptations and faith are highlighted in this book. Great read. p/s: makes me think alot! it's a good sign ^^;; lolz.

Oh. Now is the moment all of us, young and old, the antis, the neutrals, the fans have all been waiting for... Let me quote a question asked during an interview recently in Japan to you-know-who-duhh! ^__^

[quote] - Which country do you hope to have one more concert again?
Rain: "Malaysia, because of religious factor. The ladies would have to use a cloth to cover their faces when they appear in public. So because of this I thought that there would not be much reaction. But when the concert started everyone got really excited and passionate, it was a very happy concert."

You know what? It's very advisable for him to have another concert here, although it would be pretty much impossible now. But, I'm just glad Malaysia is mentioned. Indeed, in his perception that the ladies here wears a head scarf (Note to Bi: not on the face, only some), and to add on that the laws said that he could not take off his shirt, he must have a different perception. And to his surprise, the response was overwhelming, we're not *ahem* as conservative as people perceived, and indeed, it was a very very happy concert! Do not make assumptions just because of the culture and the laws. hehe... There goes the saying, Do not judge a book by its cover! haha...

To his upcoming concert in Japan... I would like to wish him.. コンセト の がんばって ピ!!!!


Apr 21, 2007

Taxi drivers.

Taxi drivers. Malaysian taxi drivers are one of the worst. I had it with them.
What Malaysian taxi drivers do to make me so angry? Let me tell you why.

1) Harassment

Well, I'm not trying to say they sexually harassed me or anything, but it happened before, and it's really sad to hear all this cases happening. Have you ever been on a taxi, when they start concentrating on you instead of the road? When they start staring you down, on your body? Asking questions, which we would politely answer, when you go overboard, obviously, the answers are getting shorter, and please take a cue, por favor! I personally don't mind if they ask questions about which college are we're studying in, or about generals stuff, like the weather or the traffic.. What bugs me is that they ask you stuff like, Are you a Hongkie? or something that's so random, You look like a HK star! *coughs* Please, no offense, I just want to get to my destination, and there is simply no need for oh-so-fake compliments. Just a word thank you, and a smile would be very nice already.

2) Cursing (Read: Rude!)

It wouldn't hurt if you're being nice at your passengers. There might be a jam where your passengers want to go, you shouldn't be scolding us, "Aiyoh, jam la.. Itu tak nampak ke? Macam mana pergi? Suruh saya pusing kiri pulak, *%#@^#*&$#%#@!" It would be lovely, if you could just suggest another way, so that you wouldn't be caught in the jam or something like that. You see, it's not our problem if there's a jam, we would be more than happy to agree to your suggestions. Besides, temper only causes you high blood pressure, the money you get from us, is just going into your medical bill. You don't gain much from that? So, try and be nicer, you can save up your medical bills, and hey, maybe a few dollars of tips from a happy, satisfied passenger. It's a win-win situation, eh?

3) Cheating (Note: Do not think passengers are stupid!)

I know, and been through so many taxi drivers, who's out there trying to earn a few more bucks. By taking a big round, purposely miss a turn, get into a jam, or roads that has more traffic lights. I remember this very clearly, this driver was so into my friend who's sitting infront, and was on the phone. I remember telling him (very clear instructions) to go 12 o clock at the roundabout. Guess what, he "missed" a turn, and the most stupidest remark he could come out with, is "Opps, miscommunication!" WTH? We're Mass Comm student and you're telling us that it was a miscommunication, where you could just pay attention to the instructions, instead looking, and eavesdropping on what my friend who's on the phone! Total sucker! Another encounter, was this taxi driver who's not only rude, but charged us extra 30cents! Don't blame me for being rude, but this is extortion! If your service WAS good, I don't mind giving you even an extra 50 cents, but this is too much!

I'm not saying all the taxi drivers are like that, but it's just so unbearable at times. I know they're just out there, trying to earn hard money and all, but if you do that onto your passengers, would you think the next time the trust is still there? You think you may get away, but in the end, don't you realize that you've ruined the image of taxi services? It is possible that people may not dare to take a taxi next time, and you lost a customer. It's sometimes, the little things that you do or don't do, that keeps the customers coming back for your service. Isn't that what you want?

Apr 20, 2007

Simply ranting.

Back again. Today's definitely a lazy Friday for me. I felt a bit disgusted right now, just finish watching this video. What happens when you pour coke on a raw meat. Click here to watch it. You would probably never touch meat for one week, or for over-imaginative ones, a month?
Anyways, back to topic. So, Jamie and I went for 2 movies yesterday. We watched TMNT, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (translated as Penyu Remaja Mutasi Ninja in Malay. lolz.) and we watched Seasons Change ( a Thai love story.)

TMNT was not well, great, wow, or anything. Nothing much, it got a bit boring, the only main character that was well developed is Raphael. The sensei wasn't as old as in the comics, he was so much younger and very chinese-like (although ninja supposed to be japanese, and everytime he spoke, the background music had to be like from some chinese orchestra). I was a bit sad for the other two ninja turtles, it didn't do any justice to their characters in the comic. The plot was predictable, the storyline wasn't great, it's just like reading the comic book. The only highlight for me, the fighting between Leonardo and Raphael in the rain, and Mikey skate boarding underground. The angles were cool, the intensity of these two scenes were awesome. The only thing that was a bit "potong stim" for me was I couldn't feel what Raphael was feeling after he broke Leonardo's swords. I was like huh? And then Leonardo was kidnapped, and Raphael told his sensei, he understood why he chose Leo to be the leader and not him. A big huh? there. So yeah, overall I would give this movie a 6/10.

As for Seasons Change, we decided to give it a try, because it's a love story( I personally have been watching or making too much movies that involves dying, and psychology, so this would be good for me) and it involves music (which we really love). It's about this high school boy, Pom, who has a crush on his schoolmate since like forever, and he found out she's going to a music college, he decided to follow her as well. He plays drums, and quite good at it. So, he joined the college, and got in. And all this while his parents thought he was doing pre-med, he hid his music books behind all the science book. In college, he made new friends, two crazy, dumb guys who play the guitar, and together they formed a band, called, Ass-Holy( supposedly Ass-Hole, but one of the guys mispronounced it, and it became Ass-Holy. lolz) He also made friends with another girl, Aom, whose dad is his dad's good buddy. He told her to keep it a secret, so that his dad wouldn't find out.
She agreed to helped him, and they became friends after that. Later, he found out that his crush is in the orchestra, so he decided to join, he ended up playing the timpani. Soon, he begins to have a deeper relationship with Aom, they helped each other, by teaching each other stuff, helping, and covering up for each other. Aom begins to fall for him, but he still has a crush on the girl he likes. The girl finally notices him, and they started hanging out, which makes Aom feel left out.
In the end, a scholarship to study in Hungary comes up, and he decided to go for it, as his crush is also aiming for it. His father founds out about it, finally gave blessings for him to study music.
He got the scholarship but stayed, because he finally finds out what he truly likes, music and of course Aom.
Overall the story was nice, it's better than most local movies. And from a country that usually does horrors, a romance is the wayy to go! hehe...

Trivia: The lead guy is oh-so-cute! Check him out in suits! Phew! What a sight! haha.. He's really good in drums. Rocking!!!!
The lead girl, resembles Song Hye Kyo. I mean it. ^___^
There are two directors, and one of them happens to direct Dream Girls! Cool?
The crazy professor is actually a Jap who speaks Thai! Wow!

Apr 7, 2007

Going back to where you were before.

I've always end up blogging when I'm in a really bad mood or I may have just got so inspired by something... And I've always think that I write crap, really. I'm so into writing, but as I am typing, I don't see the "writer" in me. Self esteem problem here, I know. haha.

Okay, so my so-called next crap today, was inspired from alot of stuff, and recently reignited by this movie The Sotongz and I went and watch, Meet the Robinson. Imagine yourself, an orphan, nobody wants you, and you know, the only person who would accept you is your own mother, and 'coincidently", you are hella of a genius, and you set out on a mission to create a memory scanner, to remember your mother and find her. Then someone ruined your memory scanner and brought it back to the future. A stranger who helps you, telling you to fix your device, and brought you to the future using his erm.. time machine...Well..... bla bla bla... Let's get to the point... Have you guys ever thought of going back to where you were before, probably a moment you want to fix because you messed it up, or that moment is the happiest, and you just want to go back and stay there? Or you guys thought of going to the future, to see what will you become? A director? The CEO of your own company? Or just some normal human being whose trying to live life normally?

Let me give you another situation, an example. Based on this drama: Which Star are you from?

This is Lee Hye Su

This is Kim Bok Sil
Beautiful love story about this girl (Lee Hye Su) who passed away in a car accident, her bf, lived. This bf, a movie director, went back to Korea, was very depressed originally, got an offer to do a music video at a mountain area. And came out of no where, this country girl, Kim Bok Sil who looks exactly like Hye Su. He was shocked to see her of course. Of how two different people, with the same face, but of course different personality all together. By "fate" (only in K-drama, I think), she ended up working with him. Simple minded girl, she taught him about life, about little things that didn't matter. The most important thing, she brought back the meaning of life for him. He must still be overshadowed by the death of his dead gf, and it happens that way, that Bok Sil has to look like her, he is drawn towards her, and soon... it became well, love. Ya da ya da... The end. You have to watch it to know the story. lolz.
You see, in this drama... It happens in a way of serendipity, that somehow fatum as the greek says, now also known as fate or destiny, that people are given second chances, it always comes in an odd way, but when something is meant to happen, it will. You see, I see... That I'm getting no where. lolz. Well, you just have to have faith. You might not, well, mostly a zero percent chance to turn back time or fast forward, but do have faith, not on whether it's gonna happen, but have faith in the present, have that kind of faith that will lead you to where you want to be, not dwell in unhappiness or beat yourself up for what you might have screwed up. Don't erase those mistakes, take it, embrace it as a learning point. You can keep it and be haunted by those memories, but then why not do it the other way? It's your choice.
There will be obstacles... In coming in the future, or for some of us, everyday, we're battling them. For some of us, who maybe has abit of luck, well, count your blessings, and bless others as well. Life might be a bed of roses, nice to look at, but remember those thorns underneath. And for those who think lowly of life, well, life is like a vaccum cleaner, it sucks! You just have to learn how to find the switch, and turn it off!
Like I mentioned this earlier, if a door closes, a window shall open, or you can just break a door. Hey, sometimes rules are meant to be broken, if you did it at the right time.

Okay. Dinner is calling. I shall leave my readers to ponder. I wonder why my posts always sounds so preachy.. Sigh.. Am I good or what? lolz.. haha... This is kang dong nim Felicia. ^^

Apr 1, 2007

Of beliefs. faith. and everything else.

I'm back! Hmm.. ok.. lolz... Where was I? About love. and thoughts. Ok..

Today I shall start a new topic, on beliefs. and faith. Today is Sabbath Day, well, Sunday. And also Palm Sunday, after 5 weeks of Lent, the next would be Holy Thursday: Last Supper and Good Friday. I have been wondering, well thinking on and off about God, well, my beliefs and faith. My parents constantly reminded me how I am drifting away from church. Yes, I know. I have lame, lame excuses... Assignments, Edu fair, Exams... Well, 1001 reasons. I felt bad. I know it's also pointless to go to church, if you treat others badly, if you, well, don't set a good example. But that's another thing. 18 years of my life, I've come to find that it's important to stay closely to God. Seriously, without him, it's like you lost the torch to light the dark pathways in life. Without God, when you fall into a black hole, you find it 1000 times harder to climb out. With God, you might be able to overcome it, although occasionally you might find yourself in death traps. Some other time, it helps you to even avoid it. It's kind of hard to explain. But let's just face it. Each religion works differently but what I'm talking here is about faith, which is universal, and it applies everywhere.

I'm a teenager (no longer one, next year, so cherishing it) who's trying hard to figure out. Is it okay to feel bad if you don't do what's in the norm, like going to church? Believing in product faith-well, i'm referring to something that is always practiced like going to church every Sunday without fail, it's a sin not to attend, it's a must that one cannot eat meat on Friday..stuff like that. and the true faith - knowing and truly believe, having faith in the the power of God, spreading the way of the true faith to others.. It's a fine line between the two, and often I'm very confused.

We all have fear. Fear of being hated, gossiping, unearthly beings (paranormal stuffs), being robbed, evil minds of people, violence. All these, we are afraid of. And not God. Wae? Isn't it in the bible, stating that have no fear in nothing but in the Lord. I hated fear, fear of all the above mentioned. Like how I yearn for someone, to feel safe, to be comforted when I'm alone. I still remember being alone, and just some noises can give me goosebumps, and I still remember the tremble. No one. When you are far away from home, sometimes, you are by yourself. There I was alone, and all I could grab is the rosary, which to my surprise, snapped into two. Have you heard of a rosary made out of beads and metal can snap into two? In my mind that time was "SHIT"! This is a perfect example, why being close to God is important. Having faith in God, takes away your fear. And at that time, why was I being so fearful, is it because God is not there? No, it's because I don't have him in me, I did not take the time to stay close to him, and dwells more into what I think is more important, trusting myself, and being fearful towards trivia stuffs.

Yesterday, I was in a position where I was alone again. Well, there I was, lying on my bed. Having a bit of fear, I told him to watch over me and the house when I'm asleep. I told also that I'm giving my full trust and faith that he'll be watching over me, so that I can have a peaceful sleep, and I promised him my trust in him. It went pretty well, as I was asleep in no time at all, and the next thing I know, the alarm went off at about 7am. It was indeed a peaceful sleep with no disturbance. I opened my eyes, and I thanked him.

During today's service, as I was singing the first song, the tingling sensation came back. Well, this tingling feeling (it's something like a vibrator in your heart), I get it quite a number of times during services. If I'm not mistaken, everytime I'm in prayerful mode. I can't quite explain why did it happened to me, but the feeling was good, it felt right, it felt good. I don't know, but in a way, I felt something is telling me something everytime I feel it. So... I'm still figuring out. But I know I did the right thing.

I'm now on my quest, to do my best, to put in effort to be closer to him. It will be hard, I know. But I believe in perseverance.

Father, unto you, I commit my spirit. Amen.

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