Apr 20, 2007

Simply ranting.

Back again. Today's definitely a lazy Friday for me. I felt a bit disgusted right now, just finish watching this video. What happens when you pour coke on a raw meat. Click here to watch it. You would probably never touch meat for one week, or for over-imaginative ones, a month?
Anyways, back to topic. So, Jamie and I went for 2 movies yesterday. We watched TMNT, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (translated as Penyu Remaja Mutasi Ninja in Malay. lolz.) and we watched Seasons Change ( a Thai love story.)

TMNT was not well, great, wow, or anything. Nothing much, it got a bit boring, the only main character that was well developed is Raphael. The sensei wasn't as old as in the comics, he was so much younger and very chinese-like (although ninja supposed to be japanese, and everytime he spoke, the background music had to be like from some chinese orchestra). I was a bit sad for the other two ninja turtles, it didn't do any justice to their characters in the comic. The plot was predictable, the storyline wasn't great, it's just like reading the comic book. The only highlight for me, the fighting between Leonardo and Raphael in the rain, and Mikey skate boarding underground. The angles were cool, the intensity of these two scenes were awesome. The only thing that was a bit "potong stim" for me was I couldn't feel what Raphael was feeling after he broke Leonardo's swords. I was like huh? And then Leonardo was kidnapped, and Raphael told his sensei, he understood why he chose Leo to be the leader and not him. A big huh? there. So yeah, overall I would give this movie a 6/10.

As for Seasons Change, we decided to give it a try, because it's a love story( I personally have been watching or making too much movies that involves dying, and psychology, so this would be good for me) and it involves music (which we really love). It's about this high school boy, Pom, who has a crush on his schoolmate since like forever, and he found out she's going to a music college, he decided to follow her as well. He plays drums, and quite good at it. So, he joined the college, and got in. And all this while his parents thought he was doing pre-med, he hid his music books behind all the science book. In college, he made new friends, two crazy, dumb guys who play the guitar, and together they formed a band, called, Ass-Holy( supposedly Ass-Hole, but one of the guys mispronounced it, and it became Ass-Holy. lolz) He also made friends with another girl, Aom, whose dad is his dad's good buddy. He told her to keep it a secret, so that his dad wouldn't find out.
She agreed to helped him, and they became friends after that. Later, he found out that his crush is in the orchestra, so he decided to join, he ended up playing the timpani. Soon, he begins to have a deeper relationship with Aom, they helped each other, by teaching each other stuff, helping, and covering up for each other. Aom begins to fall for him, but he still has a crush on the girl he likes. The girl finally notices him, and they started hanging out, which makes Aom feel left out.
In the end, a scholarship to study in Hungary comes up, and he decided to go for it, as his crush is also aiming for it. His father founds out about it, finally gave blessings for him to study music.
He got the scholarship but stayed, because he finally finds out what he truly likes, music and of course Aom.
Overall the story was nice, it's better than most local movies. And from a country that usually does horrors, a romance is the wayy to go! hehe...

Trivia: The lead guy is oh-so-cute! Check him out in suits! Phew! What a sight! haha.. He's really good in drums. Rocking!!!!
The lead girl, resembles Song Hye Kyo. I mean it. ^___^
There are two directors, and one of them happens to direct Dream Girls! Cool?
The crazy professor is actually a Jap who speaks Thai! Wow!

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I like d lead guy... CUTE!!!

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