Mar 31, 2008

the days when you just feel like...


no, you know what I really feel like doing?

i feel like shaking my head, "feng tau" style with the 'goyang-goyang' music playing in the background.

er. yeah. skipped work today. woke up with a tonne of rocks in my head, figuratively speaking. feeling oh-so- cranky.

and to feel unappreciated because a certain someone forgot my name. again. that's twice.
and i'm counting.

damn, i don't know whether i should feel sad or happy?
coz i really need something to think of something happy. real fast.

are you still awake?

came back from watching Awake starring Hayden Christensen and Jessica Alba.
go watch it. i'm not going to spoil it for you. so read up and decide. :p

What's it about?
A psychological thriller that tells the story of a man undergoing heart surgery while experiencing a phenomenon called "anesthetic awareness," which leaves him awake but paralyzed throughout the operation.

The explanation:-
"Anesthesia Awareness", a term used to describe a situation where the patient is "awake" during the operation, some even could feel the pain or hear the sound, and unable to do anything in a paralyzed condition.

Anesthesiologists in the United States point to another recent large study that found an incidence of awareness much lower than the statistics cited by the Joint Commission -- more like one in 14,000 patients.*

*which is lower in reality than what is stated in the movie of course. exaggeration. pfft..

What can you expect from it?
Star said an article that "Awake" promises that the film will do for surgery what "Jaws" did for swimming."

Who shouldn't watch it?
It's definitely not for the faint-hearted. If you're terrified of blood, and scalpels and syringes, maybe it's not for you.

Why you should watch it?
I promise you that it offers more than just blood. expect drama, twisted plot. Corny line in the end but the rest makes up for it. :p

Although 'Awake" was nominated for the Razzie award for worst screen couple and actress, I beg to differ. Alba's acting surpassed my expectation this time.

I must admit "Good Luck Chuck" was blehh, but she'll surprise you in "Awake". ;)

Mar 29, 2008

Colbie Caillat Showcase In Malaysia @ Laundry, The Curve

sorry for the late update.

14th March 2008.

the crowd and the stage.

Emcees of the night: Natalie and Adam C.

It started raining shortly at about 8-ish when it's supposed to start. Most of us ran for shelter. Kris and I had dinner, and came back an hour later.

guess what? the show hasn't started yet. phew. :p

skip unnecessary part- right to the show.
larger than life: i never thought i would be able to watch her live!
i can't even remember all the songs she sang, i do remember a few, namely, The Little Things, Bubbly, Magic, Realize, Battle...

The contest winner, Preema gets to go up on stage to sing. You go girl!

I can't believe some people actually said: She's gonna ruin the song.

she did great actually!

I think this is when she sang Bubbly. I love this song since I heard it on youtube and I knew I had to learn to play the song. although it's kinda overplayed on Mix Fm nowadays.

note: they should play other songs on her album!

One of my favourites: Realize. I adore the mv.
and btw, the (justin young) ukelele sounds awesome! (smaller version of a guitar)

i like this shot. you can see the whole band. drummer: michael baker, guitarist: Justin Young and Tim Fagan.

awesome set up. she has a talented bunch of musicians to back her up + Jason Reeves who co-wrote most of her songs.

warm smile. like sweet honey flowing over rocks, just like the way describes her songs.

Side note:
Photography by yours truly.
No flash was used to maintain the original lightings and feel of the event.
Shot using a Canon 400D.
Click on the pictures to view the enlarged version.

Mar 27, 2008

i hate my blog's layout.

just a quickie update.

i'm starting to hate my blog. the colours' off. shitty layout. blerggh.

i'm not keeping track, but according to yelena and ryan, internship ends in 6 weeks time. if you just realise what i've just realised, then we both know that time flies. weeee.... i'm so crazy for colbie. lol. sorry. that was totally random.

i'm back to dreaming. fairytales and all. i can't put a face to it. i think it's has been like this- since like 1/2 a year ago. it's that long. wow. it was fun while it lasted.
but i'd like to have a shoulder to lean on.

today i let my emotions out. this girl can cry, hell yes!
it's an ability to cry. and it shan't be misinterpreted as weakness.
i tell myself, if i want to love, it would be deep.
it would be unconditional. full of passion. and respect.
something along those lines. i want to love like that.

i'm exposing myself too much. :x peace out. good night peeps.

the not so tough girl after all.

this girl
known for her tough exterior

this girl
oh so predictable
nothing is happening anyways

this girl
like the autumn leaves
changing colours to red and yellow
a sign to tell winter is coming

this girl
know love

this girl
can cry

this girl
is a girl

Mar 25, 2008

as we were strolling by....

yna was lamenting how surprised she is to see fresh juice stall at the SS2 night market besides the crowds' usual favorite bubble tea.

i knew somehow health is back in trend.

everyone speaks the health language. like the current chain sms forwarded thru and fro about drinking water from the plastic bottle can cause breast cancer. health is such a big issue, so much so, everyone is basically a health "minister" or preacher.

but what we saw at the night market monday was a mind blowing experience! rofl. this was going to be a picture perfect moment a.k.a. good blogging material. heh.

Original Space Bottle. (look at the description below)

Virtually unbreakable! lmao.

side note: it totally pawned the titbits signboard!

food for thought

today's paper says: the ministry will have their very own blog up soon
i'm thinking: and these are the same people who came out with terms like "goblok(g)" *stupid in javanese i think, and calling bloggers cowards. period. Go BLOG!

April 24 D-day for women to renounce her faith- Siti Fatimah, a muslim chinese seeks to renounce her faith after her Iraninan husband left.
i'm thinking: now i realize we shouldn't just assume the name, Siti Fatimah belongs only to woman with headscarf. speaking of don't judge a book by its cover.

in other news:

Hardline Indonesian cleric, Abu Bakar Ba'asyir (buasir?) insults tourists (women esp) calling them maggots because they're "naked".
i'm thinking: does he know how freaking hot is it in Bali, esp in January? And what do you expect women to wear a bubble jacket to cover up? most foreigners are there for a tan anyways. Lastly, er... what has maggots got to do with "naked" tourists? tak bisa begitu tuan.

Rae found dead. "Just like a star" singer Corrine Bailey Rae's husband, Jason Rae was found dead of a suspected drug overdose.
i'm thinking: too much drug abuse deaths and sex scandals this year. i simply lost count...

China labelled Dalai Lama a "hijacker"
i'm thinking: i can imagine this on a movie poster- Dalai Lama Vs. Dalai Baru: Free Tibet!*
on a serious note, what is happening to the world, really?

*direct translation Lama= old (eng) Baru=New (eng)

Conan, the praying temple dog in Okinawa attracts visitors.
i'm thinking: simply mimicking the monks to get dog food, but hey, it works. and it attract more people to come and pray besides checking out the dog? Now I can say, even dogs can go to heaven!

Mar 24, 2008

when i make things harder. try harder.

i fake a frown
and i stare at the ground
ignoring the piercing stare
which i pretend that I don't care

my friends say I push my luck away
now i think i'm damn suey (bad luck)
but i know the time isn't right
and i know it isn't a'ite

i often bury myself in disguise
in crowd, i'm like ice

it's not easy to penetrate my defense wall
be really careful as you might fall

find your balance
find your center
you might find the answer.

Mar 23, 2008

a long list of serious questions. srsly.

I've been tagged by Mei Sze.

what age do you wish to be married? above 25. below 30
2. If you can have ONE talent, how will you make use of it in your career?
Perfect pitch. I would compose every day.
3. Where is the place that you want to go the most? Home.
4. If you can have 1 dream come true, what would it be? Being able to do what I love!
5. Do you believe you can survive without money? Barely. but when there's a will, there's a way.
6. What are you afraid to lose the most? My passion. in work. in whatever I do. Being passionate is important to me.
7. If you win $ 1 Million, what would you do? Invest it!
8. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her? Er.. No...
9. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
Athletic, Go getter, Confident
10. What requirement you wish from your other half? Make me the best of me.
11. What kind of person you hate the most?
People that likes to put other people down.
12. If you are given the chance to go back to the past and make a difference, will you?
We are what we are because of our past.
13. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. What does it mean to you?
Giving without conditions. From the heart. Not judgmental.
14. What do you think is the most important thing in your life? Family and God.
15. If there's ever a war(or things that are similar) happening in your place, are you going to move to a safer place, or fight? Fight for the right reasons. I will back off if I think it's for the better.
16. If you have the chance, which part of your character you would like to change? My self-esteem/confidence.
17. Who is the person that you can share all your problems with?
My parents. God.
18. Do you think Mickey is a Mouse? :p Finally a question not so serious! Yes. I 'd like to think so. :p
19. What's the thing that you're most proud of? Being who I am today. My parents' child. I'm grateful for that.
20. What is the one thing you regret most? Being too critical of myself that stopped me from a lot of opportunities.

not for reading, really
. rofl.

today's a day. tomorrow another new day...

Song title: How Long
By: David Choi

Cast: Beatrice Tan - Girl
Greg "sihum"- Guy playing guitar

shot, directed and edited by yours truly.
leave a comment! :)

Mar 18, 2008

the bus was late today

the normal routine:-
7:47 a.m. U82 bus to One Utama
8:30 a.m. U86 bus to Bandar Sri Damansara
9:05 a.m. Arrives at the office w my breakfast

7:47 a.m. U82 bus to One Utama
8:30 a.m. Still waiting for U86
8:45 a.m. Still waiting... (sms to inform that I'll be late)
9:00 a.m. Bus finally here (*silently cursing)
9:43 a.m. Arrived at the office (and my mentor's already in)

hmmph. incompetency.

Mar 17, 2008

rofls. notting hill-arious. witty!

quotes from notting hill, which i shamelessly ripped off the wikipedia. :p

Anna: You know what they say about men with big feet.
William: No, I don't, actually. What's that?
Anna Scott: Big feet... large shoes.

: What's the pay like in movies? I mean. Last movie. How much did you get paid?
: 15 million dollars.

: Would you like a cup of tea before you go?
: No.
: Orange juice? No, probably not... something else cold? Coke? Water? Some disgusting sugary drink pretending to have something to do with fruits of the forest?
: No.
: Do you... always say no to everything?
: [thinks] No.

: You haven't slept with her, have you?
: That is a cheap question and the answer is, of course, no comment.
: "No comment" means "yes."
: No it doesn't.
: Do you ever masturbate?
: DEFINITELY no comment.
: You see? It means "yes."

: Can I stay for a while?
: You can stay forever.

Mar 14, 2008

Censorshi - - *scratched*

the one thing that's permanent in *coughs*(censored!) *coughs*
tsk.tsk. :")

i need oxygen. (colbie-toxicated)

Clumsy-ness (sic. :p) has taken over me
When "love" bites, I keep tripping and stumbling all over;
Now that's where the reality sinks in.

The whole Darwin theory of survival of the fittest. it's not just a theory.
Screw the whole prince in shining amour.
or everyday is spring when love is in the air. such bull.

and what scares me most: click: Article (read: first impression is a long lasting one)

i came to a sudden realization that ladies (at least for me), are not afraid of being judged but the other way round. and that scares me. just great huh?

can someone expect too much when looking for a partner? i'm afraid so. *cold sweat*

let's just pray we'll find the:

rightness in every wrongness we do (watch: dan in real life)
perfection in every imperfection
possibilty in every impossibility

and to meet halfway
where you'll fill each other
with what they're lacking

like coffeemate together with your daily jave (read: lactose-intolerant alert!)
like cosy blanket over your skin on rainy days

you get what i mean.

Mar 13, 2008

flattered. thank you.

there's a girl
who stands at the bus stop every morning
waiting for the 8.30 am bus

and there's a boy
who stands on the other side of the bus stop
waiting for the same 8.30 am bus

a week passed
there was nothing

the 2nd week, the boy wasn't there
comes the 3rd week...

the boy appeared again
waiting for the 8.30 am bus

this time he walked to the other side
where the girl usually stands alone
with her earphones and a book in her hand

he walked right infront of her
and stood a comfortable distance of 1 metre away

the girl turned a little
just enough to acknowledge his presence
and sighed silently because

she had to had dandruff- day
simple red t-shirt and slacks
and a pair of flats to match
with blemished and fatigue looking face
oh-why-today? she asked herself

she noticed he wore a striped dark blue polo tshirt
old school, baggy faded jeans and yellow bagpack

compared to hers
it looked a million bucks

and all that
he still noticed her
in her heart
she's flattered
and would like to say thank you. :)

Mar 11, 2008

Realty in-session...


Now what do you know? You can actually own your property the fast way. Using other people's money (OPM).

But today.

got on my nerves.

Old Perverted Man on the bus, that is. *&@#$@!

Session ended. Thank you.

Mar 7, 2008

a need to get laid. i'll pass.

a guy friend told me: you need to get laid.
he meant well, i take it that way.

you can't blame him when he gave you an option of polite or rude way of getting his message across. I chose the latter.
point taken. and now let me rebuttal.

1) i don't have the time to think about it.

as lame as that sound, i don't think i can focus on too many things apart from making a mark and conquering the world. any sane person would agree to that?

2) tell me just one reason why i should?

i'm 20. pretty pathetic to admit that i haven't been in a relationship yet in accordance to the society norms or whatever you call it. and yet. i don't really care unless provoked. of course.

3) i'm used to being alone, believe it or not.

almost 20 years alone- no siblings, i get loads of privacy, i enjoy me-time, i'm no where near dependent. not that i'm
claustrophobic to the extreme nor do i have commitment problems.

4) when they say "you'll know whether he's the one?"

i sort-of agree to it. i haven't really met someone that totally blows me away. i have very simple requirements. yeah. no one is perfect. but don't tell me, no one is average. i don't go for extremes unfortunately. i have yet to find something in the middle that just fits perfectly. okay, that may sound wrong. :x haha.

oh yeah, btw, in my book, sex is never the cornerstone in a relationship.

we eat to live. but we don't live to eat.
same concept. *shrugs*

Mr. Duh does Brylcream.

venue sponsor (it's a mess I know):
yours truly. :x

vote for them: (today is the final day!)

week 3.

3rd week of internship is coming to the end. just on wednesday, time just flew by without notice. but you know when they say, when you pause and start counting, that's when time starts to crawl. it challenges my impatient nature.

surprise. surprise. I got my "first" paycheck yesterday (I did waitressing before, so this is not the first time). Those were the days (first semester), my dad laughed at me, mocking me for doing cheap labour. hmmph. but he has a point.

I can just hear him, mockingly say now: I told you so. :'(

so, this week wasn't all work and no play. at least that's what i think la. had a balance, chilling tété-a-tété session with my friends- sharing and laughing over funny. and non-funny stuffs about work. It's almost like we're 60 year olds reminising over college days- and how much we miss them. Dang. So much for wanting to grow up- no more thirty, flirty and thriving. I want to stay in school forever. haha.

and so much for knowing what you want in life, what to do, where to go, what's next? in the end, you and I make stupid assumptions- i want to be a doctor-lawyer ambitions, and you wouldn't even know what will hit you in the head when you face crossroads.

what i've seen in the real world in these 3 short weeks? loads insensitivity, indecisiveness, most of all, lack of passion. dead zero. nada.

probably we all started with full of passion, on the charge, but we lose it along the way. it's really amusing, scary- when i hop on the bus to work- i see zombies. working people who are "stucked" in a routine. playing and rewinding, but never fowarding.

fatigue-looking eyes, expressionless face- i tried to reason with my dad- insisted into going into something that's RAT RACE written all over it- and when I see it for myself- I'm flabbergasted.

Almost disgusted, in fact.

Am I too late? Am I turning into that? Where am I going? *gulps*

Mar 3, 2008

the way i am.

how they say great leaders simplify things
how they say simplicity is profound

if we would just find the rightness in the wrongness we live in
then we'll be just alright.

if everyone would just take people the way they are
simple, no?

if i see you, i'd smile
if you're sad, i'd listen

if you're falling, then i'll catch you. -ingrid michaelson-

Mar 2, 2008

as a 3rd party with no personal interest in the subject.... :)

I could have met you in a sandbox
I could have passed you on the sidewalk
Could I have missed my chance
And watched you walk away?

so, why don't you hurry up?
I'll meet you halfway in time to come.

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