Mar 14, 2008

i need oxygen. (colbie-toxicated)

Clumsy-ness (sic. :p) has taken over me
When "love" bites, I keep tripping and stumbling all over;
Now that's where the reality sinks in.

The whole Darwin theory of survival of the fittest. it's not just a theory.
Screw the whole prince in shining amour.
or everyday is spring when love is in the air. such bull.

and what scares me most: click: Article (read: first impression is a long lasting one)

i came to a sudden realization that ladies (at least for me), are not afraid of being judged but the other way round. and that scares me. just great huh?

can someone expect too much when looking for a partner? i'm afraid so. *cold sweat*

let's just pray we'll find the:

rightness in every wrongness we do (watch: dan in real life)
perfection in every imperfection
possibilty in every impossibility

and to meet halfway
where you'll fill each other
with what they're lacking

like coffeemate together with your daily jave (read: lactose-intolerant alert!)
like cosy blanket over your skin on rainy days

you get what i mean.

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