Mar 13, 2008

flattered. thank you.

there's a girl
who stands at the bus stop every morning
waiting for the 8.30 am bus

and there's a boy
who stands on the other side of the bus stop
waiting for the same 8.30 am bus

a week passed
there was nothing

the 2nd week, the boy wasn't there
comes the 3rd week...

the boy appeared again
waiting for the 8.30 am bus

this time he walked to the other side
where the girl usually stands alone
with her earphones and a book in her hand

he walked right infront of her
and stood a comfortable distance of 1 metre away

the girl turned a little
just enough to acknowledge his presence
and sighed silently because

she had to had dandruff- day
simple red t-shirt and slacks
and a pair of flats to match
with blemished and fatigue looking face
oh-why-today? she asked herself

she noticed he wore a striped dark blue polo tshirt
old school, baggy faded jeans and yellow bagpack

compared to hers
it looked a million bucks

and all that
he still noticed her
in her heart
she's flattered
and would like to say thank you. :)

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