Mar 31, 2009

Top Of The World

Yea, that's me.
Not the one sitting, but the 2nd one from the right. ( ;

Baby steps. Baby steps.

Now, let's make it simple, fun and magical.
One day, I'll be on top, claiming my rightful place, on the top of world.
Well done, March. Now, April.

Mar 25, 2009

480 thread count, ginger tea and a home

I've been blessed most of my 20 years of life; no complaints. I get to travel, there's food, nice clothes [although maybe not my fashion sense few years back], king size bed and room by myself, you know, just enough for everything I wanted; of course I didn't want to buy a Bentley then :p

So, here I am today, covered in 480 thread count quilt [cover], sipping ginger tea waiting for time to pass, and somewhere I can feel at home. Hey, who could ask for more? Or the right question is: Am I greedy if I hope for more? Well, maybe, but let me share with you about a wisdom that I came across.

There's a difference between greed and legitimate ambitions.

Legitimate ambitions: Be happy with what you have, while in pursue for better things in life.

Once I got that, now my conscience can rest in peace, literally.

I was going around, doing some goal setting. This time was different, because aside from the goals, I also decided to state WHY I should achieve those. And WHY you ask?

Because of what it will make of me to achieve it.

If helping people to grow will ensure that I achieve my goals, wouldn't that be great? If being happy and attracting lots of opportunity will bring me closer, that's even better!

We always want more. More of this. More of that.

How many of us admit to thinking this way?

"If I have more money, I will be able to..."
"If I have more time, I would..."

Haha. Hands down!

If you were to become more efficient, would your boss promote you? If you were to become more responsible, would you be the one that your boss think of first when he decides to give a raise?

Key: Is to become to achieve those goals. Simple. and Wow.

So set a goal to become a millionaire; for what it will make of you to achieve it. If you set a goal, you move forward and not only you will achieve it but what it make of you in the process.

Leave a comment if you want next post to be on tips for goal setting. :)

Mar 23, 2009

going loco on lomo

I'm not supposed to be chirpy on Monday, apparently it overflowed from last Friday. But really, gay is good. ;)

Saturday; I decided on a trip in June. Too excited to describe how elated I am. We're talking about one of the many places I wanted to go since I was 12. And I will be paying for this trip- well almost.

I decided to become a Chairman and I'm set to build my Presidents' team. Super excited about that too. Ask me about it.

Monday; 3 months to the trip, I decided to go loco on lomo; I'll be joining the artsy fartsy lomo group by getting my own. :) I can't wait to take pictures like her.

Cheers to a great week!

Mar 22, 2009

another birthday

Happy Birthday to David Choi and all March 22nd birthday boys and girls.

Mar 20, 2009

lemon's morning mental delights

Starting today onwards, I hereby add another zesty and quirky nick to my already fabulous "Uptown life", and I shall be known as Lemon, a bright yellow fruit with sour taste that grows on trees in warm countries. So, so apt. Thank you sheep-pie!

Ah, and yes, a very good morning to you and you and you. I just realized those endorphins are no joke, may be passed off as "hyper", but what a good day to start. I'm just extra chirpy, so deal with it.

It's refreshing to open up my twitter page and check out what people are up to.

On the other side of the globe, Kina and David are driving down to San Diego for a gig, while John Mayer thinks out loud about 2 hours ago: 20s: coming into who you are. 30s: coming into who you are being. So true. so true. And Wes is enjoying SF Chinatown.

Okay, before anyone thinks I'm a potential stalker, I better stop here.

TGIF today! Looking forward to Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Feels like Heaven but short lived; the irony of it. So, I'm charged up to bring my goal setting to a new level- the power of visualization. Sounds yummy, really. Prolly when I'm done with it, I'll show you.

Mae-Tisbury Lane


That's all she wants to know.

Bubbye! I'll catch up with you on the other side (of the week). :)

Mar 18, 2009

if i were a boy

A lighter post. This has nothing to do with the song, just wishful thinking, "Why is that only guys are given the privilege to sweep girls off their feet (most of the time)?"

You think about "Will you marry me?" proposals, Valentine's, romantic getaway, opening doors, jacket over puddle, okay, you get the drift.

The whole idea just screams, "Of course, a guy should do all the above!"What a bummer. I like the action part, the part where you go, Where is the best place to propose to her (him)?

Like in Friends when Phoebe accidentally exposed her fiance, Mike, when he was about to propose every single time, the ring in the desert, the proposal on the LED screen during the Knicks' game.

It just proves that guys do run out of creative ideas, and most of them don't know this; the best proposal is always the kneeling down and saying those four words, when they least expect it. *shrugs*

Since we're on the Phoebe topic, I can't help but laugh silently since I can't laugh out loud when I remembered when she changed her name into "Princess Consuela Bananahammock", and her husband retaliated by changing his name into "Crap Bag". Hah!

But seriously, tell me your favorite proposal- real life and also on screen? :)



Mrs. Cris is planning to go pilot-husband-search so if you are one, look for her here this Sunday with a ring in a hot air balloon- like maybe fly her somewhere, preferably Spain, or South America.


I just saw this online and fell in love with this idea. Or maybe have an engagement party too! I wonder how many said their "I do(s)" in front of the biggest and grandest Christmas tree in the world? It's so Home Alone. And *snaps* our honeymoon here, in the enigmatic Lost City of Incas (so they say), and stay in the best hotel, as we slowly sip our Moet Chandon with fondue strawberry.

For other potential special occasions' venues: 20 best views in the world.

now you wouldn't want this to happen.

Mar 17, 2009

a farmer, a soldier, and an athlete

My goal setting venture has begun. A long term range, a short term, 1 year to 10 years, the whole nine yards. I've never come to terms with the new year "resolutions", where nothing is ever resolved, nothing achieved, and by end of the year, even the piece of paper you wrote on, or the little mental note you make; oh, evaporates into nothingness.

This year will end, the next year is coming and the next one passes, well, you get the drift.

This time, it's a whole lot different. Let me give you this powerful question/statement that I've come across: What person I have to become to get what I want?

We all want things in life, the big car, a big house, and lots of greens. But we keep doing what we do, circling, and circling, and expecting different results. Now, that's insanity. It's like hoping to hit jackpot when you don't buy a ticket.

And so, I get negative feedback on dreams. Yes, dream is wonderful, they say. But it's reality. It doesn't work.

you grow money on trees.
you happen to marry a rich guy.

There's a lot more from where that came from.

Funny why people think money is the root of all evil. There are some evil ways to acquire money and likewise. You resent money, but at the same time you need money.

Now, there's a difference between greed and legitimate ambitions.

Now, tell me, do you think you deserve to have the things you want? You work hard, you try to save money; to pamper yourself, to give yourself a better life!

Now, you're saying I want, but I can't?

If you think you deserve it, try setting those goals for what if will make of you to achieve them, instead just wishing for money to fall off the skies.

If you want to be smarter, try reading one book a week.
If you want to be rich, pay yourself first- save before you start spending.

Why do you think rich people are rich? And smart people are smart?

Descartes said, "I think, therefore I am."

If you think like a rich person, you will be one.
If you think like a smart person, you'll probably read more.

The biggest value in life is not what you get, it's what you become.

How do I start?

1) Be a farmer.

Sow the seeds, be patient, invest in time, money, effort in order to harvest. Read more if you have to, go for classes to improve your skills, learn a new language etc.

2) Be a soldier.

Adopt a Yes Sir attitude.
Do you ask Why? If your General assigns you to a task?

3) Be an athlete

You aspire to run for a marathon.
So stick to that. Don't go playing badminton one day, tennis the next, and football. Commit to one for a while, and finish the race. Once you start the race, finish it.

Mar 11, 2009

spring called and invited the sun

it was a beautiful morning today.

on the couch; waiting for my ride to work.

great magazines for day dreamers like me. ;)

and we laugh,
we cry, and we live our lives,
and we love, and we love and we love,
and it comes back to us. -kina grannis-

Mar 10, 2009

for the women of the world

this one goes out to the multi-taskers who think and fight, and cook, invent, and manage and forgive and love.

to mothers, daughters, wife, cousins, nieces, good friends, cooks, designers, volunteers, prime ministers, politicians, corporate iron ladies, pilots, engineers, doctors, writers, singers, to those who challenge the status quo.

my family: my grandmothers, mum, aunts, cousins, my girl friends, inspiring women on earth: Saint Joan of Arc, Jane Austen, the late Mother Teresa, Michelle Obama, Hilary Clinton, the late Princess Diana, Margaret Thatcher, Condoleezza Rice, to those who has done good, in one way or another, showed compassion and presented themselves with full of grace.

to our gentle mother nature.

Yes, let's have a belated celebration!

We stand shoulder to shoulder.

Mar 9, 2009

Word of the day: Impertinence

A wet day, filled with gloom and mixed emotions
I sat here, wasting my day away, clenching my fist
Allowing myself to drown in toxic;
a breath that could just kill a healthy mice
Cancerous cells it may build
But one cannot stop a volcano from erupting
Nor we can tell the skies not to rain.

Ugly word of the day: Again.
Need I be told like a 5 year old kid?
Or does it just reveal your impertinence
I acted like one, and I deleted the haunting message

One blows the candle, while I kept its flames
One avoids the sea, while I drown myself in sea water
One chills with a cold drink, while I burn my tongue with a cup of hot java

T'was a toxic day,
And I shall detox by stirring up some endorphins
In which I hope will be soon
If not, another eruption shall take place
and it shall all end. violently.

wet day

She was a woman of mean understanding, little information, and uncertain temper.
-Jane Austen-

Mar 6, 2009

up in the skies and landed on the island of gods

and so it began...

Mar 5, 2009

i want my money back

the show by lenka (featured in UB)

i'm just a lil bit caught in the middle.

Mar 2, 2009

back to work

updates soon.

in the meantime, read about Walter Spies.

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