Mar 25, 2009

480 thread count, ginger tea and a home

I've been blessed most of my 20 years of life; no complaints. I get to travel, there's food, nice clothes [although maybe not my fashion sense few years back], king size bed and room by myself, you know, just enough for everything I wanted; of course I didn't want to buy a Bentley then :p

So, here I am today, covered in 480 thread count quilt [cover], sipping ginger tea waiting for time to pass, and somewhere I can feel at home. Hey, who could ask for more? Or the right question is: Am I greedy if I hope for more? Well, maybe, but let me share with you about a wisdom that I came across.

There's a difference between greed and legitimate ambitions.

Legitimate ambitions: Be happy with what you have, while in pursue for better things in life.

Once I got that, now my conscience can rest in peace, literally.

I was going around, doing some goal setting. This time was different, because aside from the goals, I also decided to state WHY I should achieve those. And WHY you ask?

Because of what it will make of me to achieve it.

If helping people to grow will ensure that I achieve my goals, wouldn't that be great? If being happy and attracting lots of opportunity will bring me closer, that's even better!

We always want more. More of this. More of that.

How many of us admit to thinking this way?

"If I have more money, I will be able to..."
"If I have more time, I would..."

Haha. Hands down!

If you were to become more efficient, would your boss promote you? If you were to become more responsible, would you be the one that your boss think of first when he decides to give a raise?

Key: Is to become to achieve those goals. Simple. and Wow.

So set a goal to become a millionaire; for what it will make of you to achieve it. If you set a goal, you move forward and not only you will achieve it but what it make of you in the process.

Leave a comment if you want next post to be on tips for goal setting. :)

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