Nov 30, 2007

Have yourself a merry lil Christmas...

It's almost Christmas, and you're still feeling hot? It's okay, we understand you.

Come over to SS21/3- Damansara Uptown- for some seriously delicious, thirst-quenching Cendol Pulut!

Using the old "ice" machine. Like Phua Chu Kang's mother! :)

Kristina's cendol w/o cendol. *shakes head*

The real version. :p

One of my favourite songs, Have yourself a merry little Christmas, by DC.

Nov 21, 2007

Hey there Delicacy.

Hey there Delicacy
What's it like with Uptown Life?
I'm a half a mile away
But *insertwhateveryouwanttoinserthere* tonight you look so good
Yes you do
SS2 can't shine as bright as you
I swear it's true

Half a mile seems pretty far
But we've got buses, and worse comes to worse,
I'd walk to you if I had no other way
Our friends would all make fun of us
and we'll just laugh along because we know
That none of them have felt this way
I can promise you

Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
What you do to me.

Uniquely Uptown's- Squared Nasi Lemak.

Side comment: Total rip-off from the Japanese Squared Watermelon. But hey, at least they don't charge us RM 300 for it. :p

Yam Rice. Wow. Okay la. :")

Wa Tan Hor (that's what we call it in my place) Erm.. It's more like Yee Mee. Any other names for it?

Street food? Sort-of.

SS 2- Famous Tau Foo Far. Apparently so.

Soya Bean- For RM 1 (small bottle) RM2 (big bottle)

Yo. Wassup dude.

Too hot for Kris... :") RM 1.50 x 3= RM4.50

*drools* Tauhu Bakar.

Tauhu Bakar. :p RM 1.10 x 2 = RM2.20

*Jamie does the infamous Facebook 'POKE' *

Next: Sweet Basil Restaurant- Thai cuisine.

Kris trying to act "LALA". Failed miserably. :p

Jamie does it effortlessly. :) Mango and Glutinous Rice- RM 8!

Goo on Glutinous Rice- It's actually coconut..
Overall taste: So-so. :(

Back in Uptown. On the way to 7-Eleven.

Felicia: Ooo.. This is nice. *grabs camera* *Snaps*
Kristina: *rolls eyes*

Better shot: Deepavali... A rather quiet one this year, don't cha think?

Nov 17, 2007

Simple truth. but WOW.

Osama who?

LMAO. Cool!

Hahahaha... Ooops..

Yeah.. It reduces weight alright.. One lung at a time. :p

credits: Crooked Brains

Nov 12, 2007

Ipoh is my (food!) sanctuary

Friday 9/11/2007 4:30 p.m.
To: Medan Gopeng, Ipoh

Greeted by the sunset as the bus reaches the Simpang Pulai toll...

Ah! Perfect...

Nice reflection on the lake...

Sat 10/11/2007 Dim Sum Breakfast at Tai Thong

Not as crowded as Yoke Fook Mun or Ming Court, or Foh San... The dim sum is not bad, really... With a more peaceful environment and air conditioned.

Of course, only a limited variety to choose from and you order by menu...

Hey, buy 3 free 1. haha..

Yikes.. Too hungry.. :p

Dinner time:

Location: Pasar Pinji, Jalan Raja Muda- Opposite the police station.

It looks like any other normal chinese shops.
Famous for their : Stew Pork Legs.

Tau Foo Far! Yippee.. :p

Unfortunately no more pork legs, but they gave us a few pieces. lol.

Stew "Tao Foo"- Every bite counts! Delicious..

What else if not our famous Ipoh chicken and bean sprout? Not as nice as the original one in "15 towers", but it's not too bad...

And also a few more side dishes. :p

Total: RM 19.00 (I know... it's really crazy! RM 19? I was shocked to know how cheap it was!)

Dessert+ Coffee:

Our new haunt: Black Canyon Coffee

With Jusco card: 10% off. I can still enjoy a good cuppa coffee without spending too much.
Of course, there's Ipoh White Coffee. :)

Note: All the photos are taken using my new Neonode phone's 2 mega pixel camera. Most of the pictures are original, and untouched. Only some that need some brightening/contrast adjustments. Not bad for a 3' size phone. :p

Nov 11, 2007

I like everything small. (rubbish!)

There could be some truth to that, but hey, I do not like everything small! Yes, I have 12.1" screen laptop, and that's about it. I seriously have a problem with lugging a 2 kg and above object around...

Ask my close friends, I have a fetish for big bags- reason: to stuff in chopped up human bodies. :p

Please do not get this wrong, LOL, but I guess I have a confession to make, and I take this opportunity to announce it here.

Parents: Ban this from your child, Readers: Fasten your seatbelt.

It's about... It's about time that I come clean... What I'm trying to say is... Gosh, you're making this hard for me. *arghh* Kidding!

Okay, cut the crap... I'm just doing a review on my new extraterrestrial object:

Top 3 Qs asked:

1) What is it? It doesn't even look like a phone!

Yup, it's pretty tiny.. About 3"? Mistaken as a toy instead of a phone.

2) How do you operate it? How do I make a call or sms?

Simple, it's a touchscreen. You tap on it.

3) Wow... How much is it?

It's about 439 euros which is about RM 2k? That's the market price, =p


Name: Neonode N2

MiniSD card (up to 32 GB)

User interface:
Neno user interface

MP3 Player (MP3, WMA, Wav), Calendar and Address book synchronized

Telephony: GSM Quad band 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz bands, GPRS


Bluetooth: OBEX, Headset, FTP profiles supported

LCD: 2,0” (176x220 pixels) color display. 65K colors

Stereo sound in headphones, Mono loudspeaker, Vibration engine

2 Mega pixel Fixed Focus Camera, Still pictures, Video play-back (MPEG, WMV)

47x77x14,7 mm (WxHxT)

Weight: Approx 60 grams

tap.. tap.. tap..

here's a tutorial on how to use it.
for the whole tutorial: CLICK

the E.T signature logo. I told you it's extraterrestrial! ;p

It's unbelievably small,
If you live for sms-es, then don't bother,
If you prefer it big, again don't bother.

It's kinda cool,
iPhone clone they call it,
But I'll stand by my Neonode N2,
And those who dare me,
Shall not live to see tomorrow.

I'm being weird right now,
Writing a poem that does not rhyme,
Since I'm running out of time,
I shall continue rhyming,
Its good for the ears, crisp sounds, equally charming.

Like they say, good things comes in small packages,
I like to swipe its edges,
And take lots of pictures,
Till the battery loses its juices (?)
I charge it all night long
Till it goes running all day long..

Nov 7, 2007

Chronicle Of Our Trip.

Field Trips are always fun! And this time, we're off to the launch of the book, Chronicle of Malaysia at Mandarin Oriental Hotel... Before you think it's all glamour, let me remind you:

1) When it's a class trip, you travel by public transportation...
2) Yes, in your formal attire, complete with "high heels" (YIKES!)
3) No, it's not fun to walk in those (Who the hell invented heels anyways?)

So here you go, the Chronicle of Our Trip... :p *tsk* *tsk*

This bus trip was fun really, although we stood all the way to KL Sentral, we were entertained by none other than our very own magician, Seb!

Open your eyes! Watch him do his trick!

Shuffling the cards.... Eyes still wide open?

Abracadabra? Poof Poof!

Never cease to amaze us... haha...

My entourage at KL Sentral... :)

Looking through the LRT... Gloomy day...

We're here! The Grand Ballroom!

The Chronicle of Malaysia... launched also in conjunction with the 50th year of independence...
For more info go here: Click!

Look who's sitting in front of us?!?
*shrieks* Shalin Zulkifli! Our very own national bowler!

We decided to have a lil fun! Jamie having her picture taken "with" Shalin.. haha..
Truth is, we were too shy to ask her for a photograph, and it was inappropriate to do so.. lol..

Since our dear beloved PM didn't make it (disappointed!), Dato' Seri Ong Ka Ting, our Minister of Housing & Local Government came on his behalf. It was kinda cool because we got to shake hands with him.

Why this picture? It's our dear lecturer, Mr. P.C. Shivadas. He was in the book's editorial committee. A lil cheer from us at the back, and by the end, everyone was mocking him of his so-called "fan club".. Hehe.. Lil cheer is an understatement, btw. :p

There's Tun Mohammed Hanif Omar, Chairman of the Editorial Committee, also former IGP, and Dato' Seri Ong Ka Ting.

Paparazzi style: Datuk Seri Ling Liong Sik who also attended the launch.

Of course, there were some refreshment provided.... *glees with happiness* - of course, I'm for the pictures. haha..

There's Murtabak, Karipap, erm... Nasi Impit...

And desserts...

Mr Shivadas and I. :)

Field Trips are fun. But not post-field trips, because we have to write a two- page feature about the launch. =_=!!

We went to KLCC afterwards and watched Stardust and you know what?It was superb! Go watch it! Full of wits and sarcasm! I love it!!! :)

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