Nov 21, 2007

Street food? Sort-of.

SS 2- Famous Tau Foo Far. Apparently so.

Soya Bean- For RM 1 (small bottle) RM2 (big bottle)

Yo. Wassup dude.

Too hot for Kris... :") RM 1.50 x 3= RM4.50

*drools* Tauhu Bakar.

Tauhu Bakar. :p RM 1.10 x 2 = RM2.20

*Jamie does the infamous Facebook 'POKE' *

Next: Sweet Basil Restaurant- Thai cuisine.

Kris trying to act "LALA". Failed miserably. :p

Jamie does it effortlessly. :) Mango and Glutinous Rice- RM 8!

Goo on Glutinous Rice- It's actually coconut..
Overall taste: So-so. :(

Back in Uptown. On the way to 7-Eleven.

Felicia: Ooo.. This is nice. *grabs camera* *Snaps*
Kristina: *rolls eyes*

Better shot: Deepavali... A rather quiet one this year, don't cha think?

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