Aug 29, 2007

Quick updates- Time Management with Felicia.

Tick tock. Tick tock. The time is running out. What do you do when faced with such dilemma?
Easy as ABC and 123, just follow a simple 5 -Step to better Time Management with me of course.

Step 1- Back to basic

Draw up a timetable, or your own version of calendar. Screw the so-called "pocket" calendars you have in your wallet or your Yahoo Messenger, it's easier to scribble it on a piece of A4 paper, and list your to-do list.

Step 2- Tick Tock? No, it's tock tick.

Yes, when you're running out of time, and you have piles of workload, it's only best to work backwards. As wise man, J said, work backwards. Yes, that is what I just said. Very simple, you just circle on the date which is your DEADLINE. And plan accordingly what to do everyday until that very DEADLINE. Easy?

Step 3- Join Forces.

Two heads are better than one, they say. It's true. Ask for help, if you're really desperate, beg for it. Don't be an anti-social, while you drown in your workload. May the force be with you. Amen.

Step 4 - Stop your daily routine.

No, that does not include brushing your teeth, or bath. That is a must. You know what's been holding you down? Internet, your daily msn chats. Remove it by all means. If you must, throw your modem out of the window. Joking. But hey, make sure you still have your warranty card. :p

Step 5- When everything else doesn't work.

... What are you waiting for, pabo? Pray. And hope for the best. Believe me, it will work, well, at some point when you crash rock bottom? I don't know.

As for me, I shall get going right now. This is an unusual quick update from me. Have a nice day. Make good choices, have good time management kids. Well, not that I'm old or anything. : )

Aug 28, 2007

Ruby? It's Groovy.

Today is Tuesday. Yes, I'm aware of the fact that I have break until Sun, but I'm still here in DU. It's really funny for someone to complain that we have like 6 days break, and now still here, when there's another extra 5 days or so? Whatever.

So, what's with Ruby? It's not Ruby, that's Hardip wife, hehe. How the Ruby came into picture was actually like this:

Jamie: Hey, they said something when the customers walked in or out.
Me: Really? Maybe it's irrashaimase?
Jamie: no... it sounded like Ruby..
Me: Ruby? WTH? Why do they have to say Ruby?
Jamie: I don't know.. maybe the manager's name is Ruby?
Me: Hmmm.. LOL.

After paying the total bill of RM59.60,

Me: Excuse me, what did you guys said when the customers walk in?
Waitress: Oh, it's GROOVY
Me: Oh! (look at Jamie) That's why it sounded like Ruby. lol..
Waitress: (thinking) weird ppl!

Today, we went to Sushi Groove, the "sorta new" sushi place in 1 U. Jamie's brother, Jason blogged on their little "makan" trip there, and we're tempted to try it out as well. As usual, I succumbed into temptation :p

One thing I learned:

You always end up eating expensive and nice food with Jamie. It comes with a price.

A replica of Jason's pic. :p Oh wells.

Cozy interior. Groovy eh?
Long communal tables. So that you can sit with strangers. Apparently. I did not come up with this. They said that. :p

Very blur pic, but this is the only pic we took. haha.

Even their plate looked interesting. :p

Waiting for the food! *stomach growls* Jamie, mama never taught you, is it?

Muahaha.. This is the.. Tempura Bento Set and the HEAVENLY Unagi Roll (it looks like a dragon)


It looks like Jamie's blog now. She's in most of the pictures. :p

My review: Well, I would say it's great. Superb, like how French would say it. Hmm.. definitely value for money, what you pay is what you get (s0 far). It's not cheap, cheap, Sakae is still cheaper, but this is really good. Please don't ever go to Sushi King to eat anymore. I'm sorry, but that's the truth. Hmm.. If you're really on student budget, you can order one set meal, like we did, and two side dishes. The Unagi roll is to-die-for. We're supposed to show you the California rolls, haha.. Luckily we didn't order two sets, because of the huge portion.

They're also okay with you sharing, we didn't get any weird stares from them (Read: CHILLI's), although they did look at us, "Only one set?" Dude.. Nvm that. Service is relatively faster than our KTM train (I'm just exaggerating :p) They were really fast in terms of service. Okay for friendliness. Music a but too loud, we had to raise our voice to talk. haha.

Oh yeah, the menu wasn't user friendly at all. LOL.

Ambience- 7
Service- 8.5/10
Value for money- 9/10
Pricing- 7.5/10
Taste- 9/10

What do you mean this is not Blue Cheese?

Do you know our food was actually cooked by a RAT? Well, no.. haha... it's just that we went for Ratatouille after our scrumptious lunch. Enjoyable, cute.. It's kinda cute.. But rats, and food. GROSS. I think our DU's The Ship's food is cooked by rats. You should see the "wonderful" back alley. You would never want to eat there. Ew.. haha..

Next (next :p) update: NKFM.

Aug 24, 2007

Top 10- Interesting facts about Malaysia

Hey peeps,

Today I'm back with my usual rambling. Hopefully it's something not-so- bs-ing. You know when you put me and blogging together, the world will come to an end, probably because of the following:

1) I crap a lot.
2) I'm pretty much boring. (I'm not Kenny Sia, but I think I'm better than X... :p)
3) Well.. I crap a lot. I'm a crap engine.

Yes, this is the "retarded" me. Pic courtesy of

Okay.. back to not-so-crappy, the no-nonsense side of me. :p
Today's topic is about: The TOP 10 Interesting facts about Malaysia.
In conjunction of our golden jubilee, celebrating Malaysia 50th anniversary. So, i thought, why not?

1) The Malaysian flag was adopted on Sept 16,1963. The flag was designed by Mohamed Hamzah, a 29-year old Public Works Department architect in Johor Baru who entered a design competition with two designs.

I thought this would be an interesting fact. After all, it is our Jalur Gemilang.

2) LOCAL time has been adjusted on several occasions. On Dec 31, 1932, clocks were adanced by 20 minutes to "lengthen" daylight; Sept 1, 1941, sped up another 10 minutes; 1942, fast forwarded two hours to follow Tokyo time; 1945, reverted to the time observed in 1941, and on Jan 1, 1982, pushed forward 30 minutes so that Sabah, Sarawak and the peninsula followed Malaysian Standard Time.

That's something I didn't know. I don't know about you? :p

3) The word ringgit means "jagged" in Malay, and originally referred to the separated edges of Spanish silver dollars widely circulated in the region.

Hmm.. Wadya know? Spanish... hahaha...

4) SEVENTEEN-YEAR-OLD Kok Shoo Yin became the first Malaysian citizenship certificate holder when he received the document on Nov 14, 1957.

Bet cha din know?

5) The Pomelo is the World's largest citrus fruit. It can be found in Perak.

I'm a bit of bias. :p As much as I don't think what is so great about pomelos, my dad LOVES it so much. It's a good fruit though. Get the best from Tambun, Ipoh.

6) The biggest pencil ever made is 20m high and it is located in Malaysia. The pencil is part of the Faber-Castell Malaysia production site.

LOL. Hmm...

7) Malaysia is the only country in the world that has a great diversity of people.

I can't help but be proud that we are the only nation in the world that live in a diversified society, speaking in a few languages, and able to stand each other. That's really something!

Shoes must always be removed when entering a Malaysian home

At first I thought it was practiced everywhere, until my ex Indon housemate walked in the house without taking her shoes off. Apparently those with high status don't take off their shoes. Maids actually clean after them.

9) Michael Jordan makes more money from Nike annually than the entire Nike factory workers in Malaysia combined.

Number 23. Remember worshiping the Num. 23? *shakes head* Now I know why he is so bloody rich. :p

10) Do you know that people still think we live on trees? Yes, in fact some ignorant foreigners think we do. When we explain :
Malaysia is in South East Asia. It is just north of Singapore and south of Thailand. They will ask, there's a country in between?

Speaking about ignorance, eh? Don't look down on ourselves, in fact our Geographic knowledge are better than half of the population in New York. Seriously.

I tried my best to avoid controversial issues such as racism etc., so yup, this is my list. You know, I might get charged under the sedition act or something. I'm not being coward, but well, sometimes, some things are loud and you don't need to write about em, I believe a reminder is good, but there's a limit, and something we call as over-doing.

Here, also I would like to applaud Namewee for his "brave" attempt to tell how he really feel inside. There's no point of being sensitive really because he's just saying something what a lot of people have been talking about. It's just another issue where we keep it under covers. Instead of breaking another record of the THE BIGGEST JALUR GEMILANG, it's good to talk about this issue. This is no anti-merdeka issue, why want to hide? It's really the time to really talk about it, don't ya think? 50 years of independence? From the British/Japanese? I think, instead we should choose to be free from the bondages we're facing. Ready to face the challenge, citizens of Malaysia?


Happy 50th Independence Day, Malaysia.

Aug 20, 2007

Paranoia. Tell me about it.

Hey peeps, I'm back for my updates. Well, today it's going to be on the topic: Paranoia. It's kinda impromptu thing really. I just read The Star, today. And I happened to have read Mary Schneider's weekly column on "But then again.." Yes, no prizes for guessing, it's about my topic, which is Paranoia (in case you haven't been paying attention) Sorry, I'm a bit high on sugar or you could say D.... haha.. : x

So, I'm back in Batu Gajah again. In case you don't know where's that, it's somewhere near Ipoh, Perak, and yes, it's in Malaysia. It's my hometown, and it's one of the most famous small towns in Malaysia during the erm... 1930's? :p

So, yeah. I was saying that, I was in the car with my parents, on the way back here from PJ, debating on my education. Yes, my dad doesn't really like the fact, or don't believe that to further your studies, you have to go overseas. He was giving me a looong list on people (friends' sons and daughters) who graduated here, and with their PHDs and he didn't agree why I should further my studies overseas. Maybe also, we are used to hearing news, like for example, this family friend's daughter got married to a Black (after she went there to study and work), and divorce cases. Hmm.. Using Schneider's line, but then again, who said I was going to go there to marry a black guy? Who is to say that I'll end up marrying a "mat salleh"? No one. I mean of course, there is no guarantee on the other hand, as well. : x

Schneider's article on how she was reading this recent news on the express bus accident, killing 20 people, injuring 9. At the same time, her 15 year old daughter was about to embarked on a journey to Melaka, by bus. When all these "news" appear on the newspaper, parents will automatically switch their "PROTECTIVE PARENT ALERT" mode on. Both mother and daughter discussing about it, giving her daughter a "Don't talk to strangers" speech etc.

I guess I can relate to that, I think anyone of my age, or like me, "the single child" status, would get caught in this situation. How to break through the "wall" that my dad has against me? I guess, better get that damn scholarship and show it to them, that you really want it (I mean further your education, not marrying a "mat salleh") Show that you are a BIG girl/boy, and you want to see the world. The world is not flat, so, when it's round, you go round it. I'm not sure what I'm saying right now, but yeah. haha.

To dad (if you're reading this): I prefer Asians. :p Keep your fingers cross, so I don't end up with a "mat salleh". But like you always say it, God knows best! Peace!

Aug 17, 2007

I learned a new word today. Plagiarism. *gulps*

I'm sure you guys have been well exposed to this term call plagiarism (well, mostly in college). But believe it
or not, we might be taking it for granted, and who knows you might be caught for plagiarizing, yes, even without you know it.


According to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, to "plagiarize" means

  1. to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one's own
  2. to use (another's production) without crediting the source
  3. to commit literary theft
  4. to present as new and original an idea or product derived from an existing source.

In other words, plagiarism is an act of fraud. It involves both stealing someone else's work and lying about it afterward.

All of the following are considered plagiarism:

  • turning in someone else's work as your own
  • copying words or ideas from someone else without giving credit
  • failing to put a quotation in quotation marks
  • giving incorrect information about the source of a quotation
  • changing words but copying the sentence structure of a source without giving credit
  • copying so many words or ideas from a source that it makes up the majority of your work, whether you give credit or not (see our section on "fair use" rules)

In genuine cases, it sometimes usually because we take things for granted, and we don't reference it properly. So, beware of that, because it WILL only lead you to FAILING the subject, or RISKING your whole semester!

Believe it or not...

Changing the words of an original source is not sufficient to prevent plagiarism. If you have retained the essential idea of an original source, and have not cited it, then no matter how drastically you may have altered its context or presentation, you have still plagiarized!!!

Types of Plagiarism

Sources Not Cited

"The Ghost Writer"
The writer turns in another's work, word-for-word, as his or her own.

"The Photocopy"
The writer copies significant portions of text straight from a single source, without alteration.

"The Potluck Paper"
The writer tries to disguise plagiarism by copying from several different sources, tweaking the sentences to make them fit together while retaining most of the original phrasing.

"The Poor Disguise"
Although the writer has retained the essential content of the source, he or she has altered the paper's appearance slightly by changing key words and phrases.

Sources Cited (but still plagiarized)

"The Forgotten Footnote"
The writer mentions an author's name for a source, but neglects to include specific information on the location of the material referenced. This often masks other forms of plagiarism by obscuring source locations.

"The Misinformer"
The writer provides inaccurate information regarding the sources, making it impossible to find them.

"The Too-Perfect Paraphrase"
The writer properly cites a source, but neglects to put in quotation marks text that has been copied word-for-word, or close to it. Although attributing the basic ideas to the source, the writer is falsely claiming original presentation and interpretation of the information.

"The Resourceful Citer"
The writer properly cites all sources, paraphrasing and using quotations appropriately. The catch? The paper contains almost no original work! It is sometimes difficult to spot this form of plagiarism because it looks like any other well-researched document.

Did you know?
  • It doesn't matter if you intend to plagiarize or not! In the eyes of the law, and most publishers and academic institutions, any form of plagiarism is an offense that demands punitive action. Ignorance is never an excuse.

Unintentional Plagiarism

No honest student would walk out of a neighbors' house accidentally carrying their television. But even the most well-intentioned writers sometimes "appropriate" the work of others without proper authority. How does this happen?

Plagiarism vs. Paraphrasing

Many students have trouble knowing when they are paraphrasing and when they are plagiarizing. In an effort to make their work seem "more original" by "putting things in their own words," students may often inadvertently plagiarize by changing the original too much or, sometimes, not enough.

"I was just copying my notes"

Students often mix their own ideas and those of their sources when they take sloppy notes, creating confusion when they begin writing their papers.
It may be worthwhile to go over some note-taking methods with your students. Teaching them to document their sources using different colored pens and "post-it" tabs to mark pages, for example, will save time and keep references clear.

"I couldn't find the source"

Students are often sloppy about writing down the bibliographic information of their sources, leaving them unable to properly attribute information when it comes to writing the paper.

Explain how important it is to keep careful track of references during the note-taking stage. Students may be eager to focus entirely on the content of their research, and need to be told that how they handle their reference material is a significant part of the assignment. Having them turn in bibliographies before they turn in the paper itself will also encourage them to pay more attention to their sources.

"I thought we didn't have to quote facts"

Because the internet makes information so readily available, students may find it difficult to tell the difference between "common knowledge" they are free to use, and original ideas which are the intellectual property of others.
The easiest thing to do is teach your students the maxim "When in doubt, cite sources."

Confusion about expectations

Students may not be aware of what proper research requires. They may think they are being asked simply to report critical commentary, or to "borrow" from a number of sources to show that they have "done their homework." In either case, it becomes a problem if what they turn in tends to be predominantly the work of others.
One of the most common sources of confusion is the ambiguity of terms such as "analyze" and "discuss."

Author's notes:

Yes, please understand that plagiarism is a one way ticket to failing, which means SHAME! You might not do it on purpose, you might not have that intention, but because the lack of proper referencing, you will still be found guilty as charged.

I am certainly starting to look at it, and now I know the true importance of referencing. Do not take this lightly, seriously. You might not be so lucky every time.

Just another post. My 80th post.

It's 1:16 am. I'm procrastinating since 5:30 pm, and I only left my computer to go for supper at Aman Suria. So here I am, once again, posting an entry, not just any entry, it's my 80th post. So hear me out. :p

What I'm going to talk, or write (lol), will be something bigger than me, something that represents, wait, something that doesn't represents me, but as a whole, like a true Humanistic philosopher would say, the sum or whole is bigger than it's parts. Anyway, my point is, what I'm going to talk about is... f.r.i.e.n.d.s.t.e.r. I'm not trying to be like Fergie, I don't really like Spelling Bee. Yes, Friendster. Yes, it's the same thing everyone is trying to repeat, it's over-used, it's over-rated, it's LAME.

What about Friendster? Hmm.. Well, you want to know a secret? I use Friendster to check my horoscope. :p hahaha. You didn't expect that?

Yes, I used to add people that adds me, or adds someone who knows my friend who knows my friend, and you know, that kind of thing. It promotes tribalism, and you know what? When you have like 500 friends, you get jealous? If you're not in that circle of friends, you feel left out? Oh yeah, I also realized that Friendster is a place to show/promote yourself. No sarcasm, or maybe yes... :p Do you like my new hair? Or, we're in this really cool party, and I looked pretty in the pic. Or, this is my new art, check it out (that would be me, coz I don't have nice pic to post, lol)

And you have this function where you actually view people secretly w/o them knowing. And we all know you're dying inside to know who viewed you. hahaha. And when people post some pics, you tend to check it out, and when it's controversial, or just "wow" or maybe "bleh", you spread the news around, "HEY CHECK IT OUT!" What's the point really?

Oh, another thing. Friendster is also a place for nude/really exposed pictures? Some Angie, or Amanda... inviting you to check out their nudes, it's just REALLY annoying. If you want to show, go put up your own classified, don't come to Friendster, but then again, it brings people in, because people "wants" to see it. The more friends you have, the better. The more interesting comments you get, the more popular you are. "Apparently".

Also, did you guys know, Malaysians are the majority user of Friendster? I bet cha kinda figured that out. I seem to have a grudge against Friendster. But hey, I still use it. Hypocrite, no? I guess I'm one.

Actually the "real" reason I posted, is because of my school friends. I realized I never kept in touch with majority of them. The occasional, hey... bye.. or something, but never going out yum cha-ing with them? Or movies? I wonder is there something wrong with me?

One will fly off to Medan to study Medicine soon. I know a lot of them are in Form 6, who are having their exams. Muet and stuff (which I don't understand, hehe), there's one in Sunway Coll, but only got to meet once, that was like way back. There are two in UTAR, but never meet up? Who else? Oh yeah, another one in Penang, Nurse training. And I bumped into my ex-classmate, on my way to KL Sentral (guess what? I don't remember her name, and neither did she?) She's currently in Mahsa Coll.

I some sort of know their whereabouts, but never really get to talk. Friendships are not easy. It's never easy. I guess, through Friendster sometimes, you can actually slowly search for them, their updates and stuff.. That's where it "comes in handy". hehe.

Here are my "friends". Looking back. It was a wonderful period of time, high school, no worries only schoolwork and exams. haha. Courtesy of Friendster. For those who are not inside, it's just I can't find your pics. :p no hard feelings...

Not very clear pics. But just wanna say, I MISS YOU GUYS ALOT.
The seniors, Leo Club (^ ^), 4/5SC2, the librarians, Schoolmates.... SBC la, in short! haha.

Aug 16, 2007

BMW? Think again.

News source:
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety:

BMW is always known for their style and the price of course. And what comes with a price? Most of you may think style, comfort and safety. Sorry all you BMW lovers out there, a rather bad cover story for BMW, I'm afraid.

BMW sedan performs worst in crash test.

Yes, awful. Board of Directors is facing the blow from the latest news report. It's a big "o-oh" for them, a not so good feedback saying that The 2008 BMW 5 Series was the worst performer in new side-impact crash tests of luxury sedans by the insurance industry. A big ouch, I would say.

A total of 6 sedans were tested, naming some, the Volvo S80, Kia Amanti, Mercedes E-class etc. All sedans are equipped with standard size airbags but the BMW 5 Series' airbag protected the head, but separate air bags designed to protect the chest and abdomen performed poorly, the institute said.

BMW of course had to defend themselves. Quoting BMW spokesperson, Thomas Plucinsky, he said that the test indicated the 5 series has a strong structure but the dummy was injured when it was hit by the arm rest. They also boast of their own 12 car tests, including a computer stimulation car crash (hmm...Maybe they had a hardcore dummy?)

"The issue is that depending on the location of seat, the location of dummy, the location of the sled, the results could change," he said. "This was one test on one day on one car." he added.

You mean they purposely fixed the dummy in a correct angle where during the crash test, it would injure it? Nice try Mr Plucinsky, you can try convincing the rest. Sounds pretty bull to me. If you want to play with "probability", well, don't you think it's risking the 5 Series' users? Are they that lucky not to be in that particular angle at the crashing time? Besides, there are no tries for accident, especially head on. Are we your guinea pigs?

The news article also proves that not all expensive cars guarantee safety, by promoting Kia's Amanti, being the cheapest model among the 6 sedans, and also tops the list of the safest, together with the Volvo S80 and The Acura RL, followed by the Mercedes E-Class in second highest in terms of safety.

And note this, out of the 6 sedans, the BMW 5 series is the only one which is redesigned for 2008, the rest are in 2007. Anything that shines, isn't always gold, eh? In this case, new doesn't mean good.

Aug 15, 2007


[One Shot] Smile for me, will you?

Inspired by David Choi: That Girl and I won’t smile.

I know this is really weird but yes, my boyfriend, David, he doesn’t smile.

Ever since we coupled up, or ever since I knew him, he doesn’t smile.

The same line I used over and over again, Will you smile, for me?

He won’t. And I wonder why.

David why don’t you smile? I’ll ask him. “Because the world will be a demented place” he

answered bluntly every time. Or he would say, “I don’t need to prove anything with my smile”

You know what’s weirder? I wished for him to smile.

Be it 11:11, or my birthdays, or Christmas. I wished for him to smile.

It’s been 3 years. But I still haven’t seen him smile.

I wonder now. Is it so hard for him to smile?

Today is my birthday.

I guess this year my wish still stays the same.

David just called me. He’s bringing me somewhere to celebrate.

It’s 5:01pm. He came and we went in his car.“Where are we going?” I asked.

“You will know” is all he answered.

It was somewhere near the mountain areas, where you can see the city from the top.

We sat on the hood, without a word. It’s 6:30pm. The sun just set. It was beautiful.

“You told me you’ve always wanted to watch the sun set” he said.

I smiled at him. “That’s not I wished for every time, but thank you. It’s beautiful” I told him.

He looked away. “I know, I’m sorry,” he said softly.

I gave him a bear hug. “It’s okay” I tried my best to cheer him up although I felt sad inside.

“You always ask me to smile, but you never ask why I never smile” he said.

I looked into his eyes. I nodded. Yes, I never ask him why he doesn’t smile. I wonder why?

We never spoke a word that night until I reached home.

Sigh. My wish didn’t come true.

Bleep. I just received a message. From David. “Hey look out the window

I went out to my balcony, and saw David on his car. Yes, on his car.

“What are you doing?” I asked him.

He didn’t say anything but he put his finger on his lips.

At the side laid some huge flash cards.

He held it in his hands, and showed it one by one to me.

I smiled at him. “Thanks” I shouted.

I chuckled. “I love you lots too” I grinned. I cannot believe he’s doing this!

“Huh?” I stared at him.

That touched my heart. Tears welled up my eyes.

I was speechless.

I looked away, trying to hide my smile. God! This is so embarrassing

I laughed. “What if I said no? Have you prepared a flash card for that?” I playfully said.

He came down from his car, and climbed up to my balcony.

“Hey” he said, wiping off my tears. I looked into his eyes.

We kissed. The sweetest kiss I’ve ever had.

We pulled out from each other’s embrace.

“Hey, what’s that?” he pointed behind me and I turned.

Nothing. He was just… I turned back to him. And I cried. Again.

He smiled at me. Okay, he smiled at me.

“You’re smiling at me!” I hugged him.

He grabbed my hands and looked into my eyes again.

“No, I was smiling for you” he said.

I got my wish after all.

Author's note: Yes, you might be thinking it's lame or whatever. Well, this is part of my ranting actually. Yes, I write. And this is the first one I posted on my blog. Yes, it might be lame to you. I like it, though. Haha. You must be thinking (well, if you know me)- I can come up with lame, love stories like this? But really, I don't. Usually someone will end up dying or something. So, this is what I have to say. Leave a comment or something. So that I can improve on my writing. Yes, I write. :p

Aug 14, 2007

That Girl ( David Choi)

That Girl

Oh tonight I'm feeling fine
I'm alone just wasting time
no Friday movie nights or romantic candlelight

I'm just having conversations
with the thoughts in my head
all I hear are angels crying
oh won't they just sing instead

It would be wrong for me to say

I don't need that girl by my side
I don't need that girl in my life
I don't want to talk it out
or hold her when she cries

I don't want to say she's my kind
I don't want to say that she's mine
I don't want to tell her
that I love her more than life
more than life, love her more than life

Honestly, this won't do
how is she doing?
I tell myself I'm feeling swell
but I know I'm such a fool
I'll just take it as a new beginning
but you know I don't feel that way
who will take all this pain away?

I know it's wrong for me to say


Talk about a sin
was the day I walked into the other side
I would run back in
I wouldn't waste no time

I know it's wrong for me to say


Aug 10, 2007

PS time. again. ;p

This is a poster I did for a fellow Soompi-er. Her new fanfic, entitled, The Perplexity. I just like the title. That's why. 99% inspiration.. I'm still a noob in PS. So, please don't laugh! haha..

Rain-Malaysia is having a poster competition. And I haven't submitted anything yet.
And what I've done doesn't qualify, or anywhere near the pros. So, yeah, I've decided to post it here. ;p hahah..

I just love this pic of Jamie. So, I decided to play around. Not very nice. Well, I did it in *coughs* 5 mins *coughs* So, yeah. hahaha.

Aug 9, 2007

You said: what?!?

Response to Yel's blog entry on Feminine guys are better for long term-love.

Women see masculine-looking men as more unsuitable long-term partners but men with more feminine features are seen as more committed and less likely to stray, researchers said Wednesday.


Men with square jaws, larger noses and smaller eyes were classed as significantly more dominant, less faithful, worse parents and as having less warm personalities.

Let's take an example:

Small eyes, square jaws= short term?

Finer feature, wide eyes= long term?

Those with finer facial features, fuller lips, wide eyes and thinner, more curved eyebrows on the other hand were viewed as a better bet for long-term relationships.

What do you mean by me not being faithful? I have full lips too. Can't you see?

Older faces were also generally viewed more positively compared to younger ones.

Hmm.. I've made my choice.

What I think of the research? Too general, and it needed more substance. Some people can have small eyes, but full lips? So half faithful and half not-so faithful? LOL.

Aug 6, 2007



I am unwritten, can't read my mind, I'm undefined
I'm just beginning, the pen's in my hand, ending unplanned

Staring at the blank page before you
Open up the dirty window
Let the sun illuminate the words that you could not find

Reaching for something in the distance
So close you can almost taste it
Release your inhibitions
Feel the rain on your skin
No one else can feel it for you
Only you can let it in
No one else, no one else
Can speak the words on your lips
Drench yourself in words unspoken
Live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins
The rest is still unwritten"

Word. I'm in love with this song and Natasha Bedingfield.

These Words.

These words are my own

Threw some chords together
The combination D-E-F
Is who I am, is what I do
And I was gonna lay it down for you
Try to focus my attention
But I feel so A-D-D
I need some help, some inspiration
(But it's not coming easily)

Haha.. ADD. Attention Deficit Disorder. ^ ^;; Anxiety disorder ~ Psychology-related! ;p

Youtube. and my favorites.

Do you have a youtube account?
At least watched a video on youtube before?

You see youtube is sometimes full of BS and crap, I admit, but I must say it is one of the place where you get to watch cool videos, be it drama series that you might have missed, or music videos, and also don't you think it's cool to be able to upload your own and show the world? Yes, if you're able to take the harsh critics. Some can be really 'Suicidal', but hey, at least they are watching. lol.

Anyways, what I'm trying to say is that I like youtube because of these creative/funny/talented people who take time to post their stuff online. I came across so many junks but hey, here are the real stuff. Here are my faves (very recommended!)

Best musician (creative/talented/funny) award:


This is a guy who plays the guitar and has an extremely BEAUTIFUL voice. He writes and composes his own songs, also at times he does covers.

One thing about him is that he can keep a straight face and sing (be it an emo/happy song)- which I find it to be amusing. He also has a song entitled, I won't smile- yes, explaining why he doesn't smile. Also he did this song for youtube- a love song.

Cover for Beautiful Girls- Sean Kingston. (Quite nice). So I present to you David Choi.

Best rant videos (from celebrities to stereotypes to dating) award


Another really cool video. This chinese-american dude is hilarious I tell ya. He can be talking (okay, ranting) about issues, particularly on stereotypes, and basically something we can all relate to, be it school or dating, or japanese porn. LOL.

here are some cool vids of his:

I need help with females
Kevjumba response to haters
My dog jackie and japanese porn

Best "hey-maybe-youtube-could-make-me-famous" inspiration award

Esmee denters

Yup, this is the girl who made it through youtube. All the way from Holland, she became famous overnight because of her videos of her singing covers. Beautiful voice really, nice... She's currently in the US, making an album, feat Justin Timberlake (she was featured in his song, What goes around) and she also sang with Kelly Rowland (ex-destiny's child). Hey, sounds inspiring to me, i mean a webcam and youtube made it happened. And a good voice doesn't hurt of course.

You go girl.

Here are some vids of her:

Unwritten- Natasha Bedingfield
Dance with my father- Luther Vandross
What goes around- JT

That's all for now. My top 3 awards. Psycho exam this Wed. Gotta run! ^__^;;

Aug 5, 2007

Just Great!

Note the sarcasm. I'm not sure I'm glad I'm full of it now, thanks to all the lectures in Semester 3. Here we are, coming to an end once again. Ending with a not so sweet note, EXAMS! The word I dread most. Well, not the most, but in my top 5? Politics still tops the list :p

Inspired by I will be - Avril Lavigne (Best Damn Song! ;p)

Keep me from falling apart
Don't let me go
I hope to get through today, tomorrow, forever
I still don't know what life would bring to me
All my life I thought I know the way
But now I know I'm in a circle
Neverending circle
I just hope I'll get through the day.

-yours truly-

p/s: God, let me get through PR tomorrow, and Psycho, well, all the exams...

Aug 2, 2007

St Petersburg- Bewitching White Nights

The beautiful White Night view of St Petersburg.

White nights (Beliye Nochi) = a phenomenon where it has the brightest sky, night becomes curiously indistinguishable from day, from June 11 th to July 2nd. Now this is what I call the city that never sleeps. ^__^

Here are some pictures: (credits to Wandering Camera)

The raised Trinity Bridge. (See the cross look-alike on top?)

Further view of the Trinity Bridge

The Neva River

Waiting for dawn.

The main attractions of St Petersburg:

1) Ballet- The Mariinsky Theatre

2) Fine caviar - Beluga- the best, rarest and most expensive

3) Vodka- One of the finest vodkas available in Russia- Kauffman (most popular brand)
Drink it the Russian way:- ice-cold and neat!

VOGUE: "St Petersburg is like a large outdoor museum"


Now where's my passport? Haha.

Random post.

Today. Workload off. assignments and deadlines. But not exams, it's on Monday btw. And I'm procrastinating. :p

As for today's entry, I shall share my random-ness with you people.
Wee... Presenting Rain in Berlin. Wait. Yeah, Berlin. :p

Rain: What BABES don't know? : x ^ ^;;

Joke of the day: Let me rephrase that: Jokes of the day! haha.

15 year old and mum:

"Mom! I'm already 15 years old~"

"I know"

"Can I get a boyfriend?~"


"How come sister Jenny could at 13~!?"


"Can I start wearing bra~?"


"How come Jenny can when she was 13~?"

"I said no!"

"Than can I use tampon?"



Q:What's the difference between criminals and mother in-laws?

Criminal are wanted (oops?)

Thank you for reading, have a pleasant day!

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