Aug 5, 2007

Just Great!

Note the sarcasm. I'm not sure I'm glad I'm full of it now, thanks to all the lectures in Semester 3. Here we are, coming to an end once again. Ending with a not so sweet note, EXAMS! The word I dread most. Well, not the most, but in my top 5? Politics still tops the list :p

Inspired by I will be - Avril Lavigne (Best Damn Song! ;p)

Keep me from falling apart
Don't let me go
I hope to get through today, tomorrow, forever
I still don't know what life would bring to me
All my life I thought I know the way
But now I know I'm in a circle
Neverending circle
I just hope I'll get through the day.

-yours truly-

p/s: God, let me get through PR tomorrow, and Psycho, well, all the exams...

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