Aug 2, 2007

St Petersburg- Bewitching White Nights

The beautiful White Night view of St Petersburg.

White nights (Beliye Nochi) = a phenomenon where it has the brightest sky, night becomes curiously indistinguishable from day, from June 11 th to July 2nd. Now this is what I call the city that never sleeps. ^__^

Here are some pictures: (credits to Wandering Camera)

The raised Trinity Bridge. (See the cross look-alike on top?)

Further view of the Trinity Bridge

The Neva River

Waiting for dawn.

The main attractions of St Petersburg:

1) Ballet- The Mariinsky Theatre

2) Fine caviar - Beluga- the best, rarest and most expensive

3) Vodka- One of the finest vodkas available in Russia- Kauffman (most popular brand)
Drink it the Russian way:- ice-cold and neat!

VOGUE: "St Petersburg is like a large outdoor museum"


Now where's my passport? Haha.

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