Apr 30, 2009

grey is so gay <3!

It's everywhere. here. and here. and there. and in your face.

It has been my favorite color since feb; and i'm sticking to it for a while.

I have a grey tunic, a grey/black scarf, a new grey shirt that says: California dream!

I'd like to think grey looks gorgeous on tan skin!

maybe I need to figure out a new color by summer.

what would look great on a summer red carpet event?

Apr 28, 2009

poker. polka. oprah.

Johnny Weir shows his [love for] Poker face.

Oprah showing some love for Poker face (no kidding!) while picking her favorite sandwich.

Unrelated news flash:

And my love for Polka dots sandals. And oh, it's comfy too. <3!
In the midst of saving my blistered feet from misery, I discovered my love.

Apr 27, 2009

good old skype and my rusty nihongo

Good old Skype was my best friend since the day Internet went on strike. You should look at Streamyx's mascot: Blue Hyppo. The signs were there from the first day. And now, I'm stuck with a fat blue hyppo with the Balik Kampung tune in my head.

More on Skype the Clark Kent in disguise. Here and here. *chuckles*

Well, nobody can run from virtual OPM (old perverted men).


Well, my conversation on Skype with my host father who only speaks Japanese and minimal Engrish goes something like this...

Kengo: sonnakoto naidesuyo hisashiburini hanashi shite bikkuri desu!
Me : ....
Kengo: jyouzuni narimashitane...
Me: ..... *with full determination* Watashi wa Nihongo no benkyo gambarimasu!

Even that didn't sound right. And I'm sure it's not. Rofl.

Now that I looked back, I think he said something about if you continue study Japanese, you will be good! Great, now Japanese sounds like Greek to me. I'm totally ashamed of myself.

So much for appearing offline all this while and pretend I mastered the language. :/

The only thing I've been keeping up on Japanese is my favorite Conan comic- which is in Malay and Japanese drama- seriously HYD doesn't help you much.

And knowing the celebrity names or Japanese dishes by heart doesn't count as knowing the language. Yamashita Tomohisa/Matsumoto Jun or Soba does not help you (at all) to construct a sentence.

Well, at least for now, Oyasuminasai Minasan. Mata ne.

Apr 21, 2009

something bigger than yourself

You know that kind of feeling; you need to go some place and just 'great' because you happened to get stuck? Now add that with a hairstyle gone wrong.

No problem, let's move on!

I just want to talk about my current state of hair. You go to a saloon and you did a body perm and you realize, "Uh oh" Maybe it's not for me. And you're most probably right.

My point: Since college, I have been quite adventurous with my hairstyle after the first dare- well, everything else was history. I went blonde, I had a pixie cut, straightened it for the 100th time, long, medium, copper to chestnut, and the latest perm.

My main point is, we make mistakes. We make the wrong hairstyle choice, we make wrong decisions in life, we go round in circles, doing the same thing and expecting different results. Now that I know a body perm doesn't work well with my hair, I would definitely know better to avoid it the next time.

Also, my question is: When are you going to wake up and change?

Not everybody changes for the better. I changed my hairstyle, it was a tad bit of a disaster, and I learn from it.

Change is uncomfortable. Change is inevitable. Change is for the good.

We want a change in politics, we want a change of lifestyle; but yet a lot of people don't vote, and a lot of people are still doing the same thing.

Well, if that isn't insanity; I really don't know what it is. :/

So, once again, this makes a lot of sense to me, because I can relate something bigger than me; my hair. Haha. This is so Legally Blonde- moment; well at least I think it is.

If You Think You Can, You Can

(This excerpt was taken from Denis Waitley's Seeds of Greatness Treasury)

You can be a total winner, even if you're a beginner
If you think you can you can, if you think you can you can
You can wear the gold medallion, you can ride your own black stallion
If you think you can you can, if you think you can you can

It's not your talent or the gifted birth
It's not your bank book that determines worth
It isn't in your gender or the color of your skin
It's your attitude that lets you win

You can live with "coulds" or "shoulds," or be like Tiger Woods
If you think you can you can, if you think you can you can
Even if you're hesitant, you can be a woman President
If you think you can you can, if you think you can you can

It doesn't matter what you've done before
It makes no difference what the halftime score
It's never over 'til the final gun
So keep on trying and you'll find you've won

Just grab your dream and then believe it
Go out and work, and you'll achieve it
If you think you can, you can
If you think you can, you can

-- Denis Waitley--

Apr 17, 2009

Dream Dream Dream

Slumdog of the year: Susan Boyle.

Never dated, never kissed, 47 years old; and now living the dream she dreamed.

And some say "Why dream? It's not going to come true"

She proved everybody wrong. And this is a great lesson.

Everybody was laughing. And everybody stopped laughing now.

I heard this theory from an ex pirated vcd seller who is obviously successful now:-

If you dream of owning a BMW and people around are contented with a Myvi, do you think they will laugh at you? Of course. And likewise.

You don't need to be rich to think rich.
If you have the dream, and people laugh at you, think of Susan Boyle.
And especially if you're young, I'm sure we can afford to make some mistakes and take criticisms along the way. And then they stop laughing; that would be better than orgasm. ;)

Apr 16, 2009

don't dance around it

I've noticed that it's only human nature that we do things out of emotion, & often influenced to do act the way you act.

So much for logic and facts, don't bother, because when you decide on doing something, buying something, you decide immediately like this:-

I see it. I like it. It feels good. I heard it's good. I buy it/ I do it.

When was the last time you look at the fruits/vege section at the Supermarket, that you went, "Oh, I should get some tomatoes because of the high lycopene in it?"

The power of influence:- Something you read. Something someone told you. An advertisement.

"Do you know tomatoes improve your skin complexion?"
"Hey xxx, I've been drinking tomato juice every morning and I feel great!"

Don't tell me you walk into Starbucks because it's the only place that serves coffee. 7-11 does. Any eating joint does.


Starbucks is hip. They have cooler names, like Frappuccino, and Caramel Macchiato, free WIFI, nice music.

When you think like that it means when you walk into Starbucks, you're not just buying any drinks, you're buying the concept, the experience.

You see it. You like it. Someone tells you their Caramel Macchiato is to die for. You buy it.


Think about your bff, or someone you're really close with.

First impression when they're strangers to you. You despise that cocky look, that horrendous outfit, & a million other pre-judgments that was going on in that head of yours.

Then they introduced themselves. Likewise.

They tell you, "Hey, that's a cool shirt, is it from xxx?"
And you tell them you shop online. "Oh really? I do too! My fav is YYY.com!"
And you go all excited because you meet someone with the same interest.

And long story short, hate to love, strangers to bff!

Oh, for Public Relations major: HAPI--> SIAK!
Oh, how I missed those lectures.


It's the same theory used over and over again- used as a persuasion factor- in every decision making you do; it doesn't matter whether you like it or not.


You despise something, but because of other factors, you suddenly find yourself compromising, "Yea, maybe it's not so bad".

Case in point: Relationships. Give and take. Word.


and the whole point is don't dance around it. it makes perfect sense in my imperfect world. .x

Apr 15, 2009

Become a millionaire!

Now wait a minute!

Probably most of us would end up in a situation like the above pic.

Pfft, you say. How do I not know what to do with money?

Well, I can safely claim, we're not even sure what to do with ourselves after 17 years of "education"? You tell me. Why would you be doing what you're doing now? Still figuring out a way to meet month's end, just enough to cover your basics?

Now, wishing you had a million dollars would sound really great, but I just can't help but pause to think for while that
"Why aren't we miilionaires?" Because we're not born one? Because we don't deserve it?

Of course. Not.

Millionaires these days are not born rich, most are high school drop outs, had odd jobs like chicken catcher or construction workers.

But again,
"Why aren't we millionaires?"

Just a couple of posts back, I wrote something about goal setting and this post, I would just like to put my message across, by really repeating the question, "Why aren't we millionaires?"

It has a good ring to it.
*Insert name here* The Millionaire.
Sales reps at LV or Prada know you that well to know what's your favorite drink.
You get out from your Lamborghini roadster while everyone at the clubhouse turn and look.

The fantasies can go on and on and on...
And you do realize it's not going to happen if you keep doing what you're doing- a 9 to 5 job- being just over broke.

You might have a high paying job enough to get you a new BMW 5 series, but when you think back, do you really exchange your time with the salary you get?

Do you miss those times when in college you get to shop during the weekdays? And you just simply wish, with the money you have now, you would be able to do that?

And George (Amazing) Carlin said this:
Most people work just hard enough not to get fired and get paid just enough money not to quit.


and our problem is?

We don't change. We are comfortable. It's a different story all together when you wrap yourself in your blanket on a winter night. We think to ourselves, "Nah, I'll be better off like ths; you know the economy is pretty tough; I'm lucky to have a job".

and if you're frustrated over your job now - who wouldn't be, like seriously?

Good. I congratulate you.

Thomas Edison said,
Discontent is the first necessity of progress.

Because you will come to a point- when enough IS enough. and frustration leads to action.

Only during tough times, you'll learn; to be a leader, to act inspite of fear. And when you succeed, the satisfaction is ten fold.


So, first step to goal setting.

Rule of Thumb #1

Set to be something great; because of
what it will make of you to achieve it.

Not because you
want 1 million dollars.

Because you will become a millionaire first-
mentally and then when you get your 1 million dollars, I'm positively sure you will know what to do with it.


Money buys food and care for people in the world, yet it funds nuclear and war.

Subconsciously, most people think that money=evil. There are evil ways to acquire money, but money itself is not evil.

Back to the rule of thumb that is
to become in order to make it a reality.

If you're an unhappy little person; and there's a sudden windfall, do you think you will stop being unhappy? Big chances, not. You will continue to be a miserable scrooge that will have nightmare thinking someone is going to rob you of your riches.

If you're a drunkard, you will drink more when you have more money.

"Becareful of what you wish for?".


There this one time I remember a certain conversation took place between two friends, one is a multi millionaire and the friend asked him, "Do you feel insecure when you're rich?".

"No, I worked hard to what I have today, and if I've arrived here today, and done bad things in the past, I'd probably would. But if my riches were taken away from me, I know how to earn them again."

He has become to what he is today; and that is the true definition of being a millionaire.

Have you wondered why some people can have a few million dollars in the bank account but yet they have no lifestyle?

Lifestyle does not start only when you're rich.

Lifestyle start when you're living life with style.

By becoming refined and living the qualities of such, you can have lifestyle.


Apr 14, 2009

this is how you should look forward.

Today I came across a quote from george carlin which says, do whatever's next.

When you're driving in the dark, there's only so far you can see, 200 meters.

When you do that, you'll get to your destination, because all you could see is the light, 200 meters in front of you.

So, bring one more if you have.
Complete one job if you have to.
Just one more.

and in the words of Nike; Just Do it!

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