Apr 27, 2009

good old skype and my rusty nihongo

Good old Skype was my best friend since the day Internet went on strike. You should look at Streamyx's mascot: Blue Hyppo. The signs were there from the first day. And now, I'm stuck with a fat blue hyppo with the Balik Kampung tune in my head.

More on Skype the Clark Kent in disguise. Here and here. *chuckles*

Well, nobody can run from virtual OPM (old perverted men).


Well, my conversation on Skype with my host father who only speaks Japanese and minimal Engrish goes something like this...

Kengo: sonnakoto naidesuyo hisashiburini hanashi shite bikkuri desu!
Me : ....
Kengo: jyouzuni narimashitane...
Me: ..... *with full determination* Watashi wa Nihongo no benkyo gambarimasu!

Even that didn't sound right. And I'm sure it's not. Rofl.

Now that I looked back, I think he said something about if you continue study Japanese, you will be good! Great, now Japanese sounds like Greek to me. I'm totally ashamed of myself.

So much for appearing offline all this while and pretend I mastered the language. :/

The only thing I've been keeping up on Japanese is my favorite Conan comic- which is in Malay and Japanese drama- seriously HYD doesn't help you much.

And knowing the celebrity names or Japanese dishes by heart doesn't count as knowing the language. Yamashita Tomohisa/Matsumoto Jun or Soba does not help you (at all) to construct a sentence.

Well, at least for now, Oyasuminasai Minasan. Mata ne.

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