Oct 31, 2008

Samsung Innov8 Run: 1 more day

more hints, please? xD
click here.

p/s: hana yori dango movie free passes at Cathay @ Cineleisure!

now, who wants to watch it with me?

Oct 30, 2008

#SP 6: Seeing Cheap : Save money on Eyewear!

One thing about buying eyewear is that optical retailers, be it franchises or sole proprietors is their exorbitant prices. As consumers, one often finds you’re at the losing end because the retailers decide on how much you should pay, and not based on market value, which is usually the case.

Let’s just face it, eyeglasses are expensive, and it’s not a one-time purchase as you continue to upgrade your lens as your power increases. I had no qualms with it at first because I had perfect vision before. “Had”, and now after 2 ½ years of college, most of the time on the computer, well, it’s natural your perfect 20/20 vision is well, not perfect anymore. My dad refuses to get prescription eyeglasses for me as he feels that often retailers weren’t able to justify the price and what more, if you’re a new user.

Now the question is what if you could get quality eyeglasses on the cheap? Now, it’s actually possible looking at what the Chicago Tribune has to say in its Spending Smart column. Read here.

Among the bunch, ZenniOptical.com struck to me as what I would call a good deal, no less. Claiming that it manufactures frames direct to their customers, without any help from middlemen and virtually no advertising budget, sounds like something eyewear consumers should start looking into, as an alternative to old school retailers.

Giving you choices from $8.00 eyeglasses, a variety of designs, colors, materials, which is well, really a click away, as you type in your prescription, whether you want to tint your lens, or polarize it, all on one page. For shipping outside the US, it reaches you in about 10 days (depending on your eyewear order) from its overseas lab based in Hong Kong. Now it’s a really good time on thinking on how to spend that money wisely by considering smart alternatives like online eyewear. Let's save money on eyewear. Are we seeing cheap eyeglasses?


Site-Wide Disclosure Only

Oct 29, 2008

Surprise package from Japan

A surprise package from my host family from Numazu, Shizuoka-ken. This is the millionth package (in which I lost count, no matter big or small, it's always the thoughts that count) they've sent me, I thought I'll share some pictures with you...

My mum called and told me I received a package in which of course, she opened it, in which she found a few packets of pasta sauces, a box of chocolate and a nicely wrapped gift.

this. of course, my mom opened it, but wrapped it back.
(in its "original" form, so i can take some pictures, lol)

it came in a pretty cute pouch.
which says: casio, baby G.
oh boy, you can tell i was extremely excited!

tada! a white casio baby-G! I literally squealed with joy, when i saw it.

the old(left) and new.
my previous one was from my first host family, which was a 2004 Christmas gift.

oh yea, it was meant to be a graduation gift. and they printed out a family pic with words of encouragement, and congratulatory messages.

from left: Yukari san, Yuu-chan, Yuki-chan, Dai-chan and Kazutoshi (Kawaguchi) san.

Dai-chan when he was only 3 years old, he doesn't really remember me now, but we were pretty close when I was there, I had fun playing the big sister to three of them.

Fun times, and these are the friendships that are meant to last, to be cherished, because 20 years down the road, you can say: I've done that, and there shall be no regrets, because the only regret you will have is what you didn't do, and not what you did.

Oct 28, 2008

Henna-me pretty

I got into the Deepavali mood, and went for it.
More here.

Oct 24, 2008

We're in the city of wonder

before i m-i-a into the weekends. *evil laugh*

basically, i slept in today, i guess must be the late nights taking toll (bad habit), and i went out to grab a bite while waiting for the cobbler to fix my Nike's.

Advertisement break:
Go to Zul (cobbler), just outside Killiney's at Damansara Uptown, he's the best, and cost effective too! For your monthly heel-quick-fix, it's only RM3, which is ALOT cheaper than other places, of course, if you're around PJ/Damansara area.

I'm still *looking at the messy pile behind* very much unpacked. And yes, I shall continue after this, I promise! I will be packed packed packed! next week, up and down Ipoh-KL/PJ, I don't think I've ever been that busy, a far cry from the "chill out, bumming around" routine I expected after finishing college. So, it's untrue, myth busted, alright!

A quick run down on what's keeping me alive:-

1) Press conference for Bloggers Buff 2008. (it's finally happening)
2) Samsung Innov8 Run (fingers crossed, shall we?)
3) Driving examination (Wish me Luck!)
4) Move, Work, Move? (How am I going to juggle?)
5) Personal Statement/ Reference (Procrastination is the real devil!)
6) Birthday party event: Editing,Interview, Door Gift!
7) Post pics of Perak Academy's talk, Malaysian Dilemma (on flickr)
8) Bound for Singapore on the 7th-9th Nov.

Okay, put that aside.

So, I've been reading one of my fav blogs, and was intrigued by this particular entry, which focuses on Epistemology or the theory of knowledge.

According to wikipedia.com, Epistemology primarily addresses the following questions:

1) What is knowledge?
2) How is knowledge acquired?
3) What do people know?
4) How do we know what we know?

I'm not going to further elaborate because of time doesn't allow me to, but it seems to be that the theory of knowledge is very similar to psychology, which always has the fundamental question of, What comes first? The chicken or the egg? Mind or Brains? Nature Vs. Nurture. Can you feel the mental orgasm?

Okay, on the final note, this song has been stuck in my head since Kina Grannis' cover. So now, let's "bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum..."

Have a great weekend everybody, I'll check in later with my surprise package post.

Oct 23, 2008

i'm all teary.

"The Wings of a Man"
courtesy of Petronas Malaysia.

Happy Deepavali to all Malaysians.
And please do bring me some muruku(s). =)

Oct 22, 2008

thought i'd share: Religious humour

I got these from a forwarded email, must I say, these churches in the US and the UK have gone the extra mile to attract back the young people back to church. And I salute them, because these are really creative!

Amen! :)


Hey, I would want an everlasting life!

and #1 You've-got-to-really-say-Amen-to:

I've been featured!

While I was just thinking, what could possibly surprise me further for the day when I received surprise no. 1, a call from my mum (which I'll be updating later! so stay tuned for that!), and surprise No. 2 came in pretty quickly while I have yet to recover from my previous franticness. Okay, let's see what we've got here:

Thanks to Marcus, who was also featured on the page, broke the good news to me, and he left a comment on my post too, thank you! :) Now, my fingers are crossed, hoping I'll get a chance to be selected, and oh btw Marcus, I don't have a car, so can I join your team? ;)


YES!.....You made it. YOU are one of the Chosen Ones for the…..

:) oh boy, oh boy.
i'm intimidated-anxious-excited-all-in-one!

ignorance is bliss

forget our country for a while, and let's look at how to go about electing a US President, in plain english.

Oct 21, 2008

What I had for lunch.

Today the most interesting thing happened.

So I called McD this afternoon.
After ordering what I wanted, took down the order number etc etc.
And then, I put down the phone and went to the bathroom.

Mind you, I'm currently staying in a double storey house, so basically, you have be either really loud, or otherwise, I can't hear you.

I got a message not long after. And it was from the delivery guy.
As written: Order Mcd?

And not long after, he called, as I rushed downstairs.

My lunch. And yes, impeccable service noted, McD.
Good job! =)

#SP 5: Web Hosting Rating

Thinking of hosting your blog? Finally, upgrading to your own domain? Or you're just tired of how your current host doesn't give meet your requirements?

Question now, which host? You do want the best host which is cost effective while gives you the complete package, don't you?

Well, that's what WebHostingRating.com can come in quite handy. How? Well, it acts as an independent customer rating for you, measuring from customer satisfaction, affordability, reliability, uptime and technical support.

Aside from that, it also gives you a list Best Hosting Awards, arranging from categories such as Best Email Hosting to Best Dedicated Hosting, which provides you with all the 4-1-1 you will need to decide whether it's the host for you. If it's not enough, you can read up what other users think. Convincing, no?

From time to time, you can check out their article page, for web hosting articles & tutorials, on topics like, Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting. Click here for the article. Now, from a noob in web hosting, you become a pro instantly.

I've always been thinking of hosting my own domain, but doubtful because I have no idea how it really works, asking seems to be a hassle, but this site definitely made it easier for me.

For hosting sites owners who think they're up for a challenge, you may also submit your host to be rated. Now, what are you waiting for? After all, it's just a click away.

web hosting rating

Oct 19, 2008

How to spoil a good song/tune?

Have you heard of something so pleasant to hear until you hear the lyrics?

Or maybe watch the music video of your favourite song by your favourite band to see how they butchered your "interpretation" of the song?

Or you just happen to listen to that particular song at the wrong time?

This is my list of songs.

1) Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade.

Do correct me if I'm wrong.
After I watched this music video, it appears to me the guy is saying that he gave up on the girl, but because she looked so visually hot (refer to the video), she's never in full clothes in the video btw, he decided to fall for her over again (read: tonight).

2) If tomorrow never comes by Garth Brooks

Imagine listening to this in an airplane, before you take off. Talk about BAD timing.
Read: Airasia

3) Forever Love by Wang Lee Hom.

Something about forever love, but the music video shows him singing for his ex-gf who's about to get married to another guy. Of course, he did mentioned love is not easy, and is about suffering as well. I expected a happy ending. :(

4) Take a Bow by Rihanna.

this is Happy Slip's interpretation of the song. :)

(sing this to the tune of Take A Bow)
How bout a tune that sounds so wrong?
Standing ovation
This song sounds so wrong
Every word doesn't seem right?
T'was supposed to be happy
Then it turn so unhappy
What's going on?
(okay, let's stop being lame here)

You have to have the 'tude.

I want to run with .... Samsung!

Well, literally, really running to get some exercise and also win a brand new Samsung Innvo8.
Why? Why? Why?

1) It's the first ever 8 megapixel camera phone with 9x optical zoom!
Oh boy, oh boy!

2) Battery Life is crucial to me since I'm always on the "run".
It's long lasting apparently. How long, I'm not sure, but it sounds pretty neat.

3) With the movie maker/story board application, hey it's perfect, as I love random shootings.

I'm going to be famous on Youtube. haha.

4) It calls itself the premier pocket theater! well, with 3D surround sound system and storage up to 16 GBs, I can put my entire song library in it and what more, all those long journeys back to my hometown will never be boring... Oh yeah, and movies too!

5) I'm not so much of a gamer, but with the accelerated chip, no more lagging is for sure.

Well, I hope to have a good time, who knows, I could be the new winner of the brand new slide phone... :) Run. Run. Run.

Oct 18, 2008

not an easy feat

how to present yourself in the best way possible without sounding like you're just having another bragging session?

Now, you can regret not doing your assignments. =)

Oct 14, 2008

a day around the island

quite an outdated post, but hey, who cares? So we took a day trip around Penang Island, and yes, no joking, we did go around it, to Balik Pulau which serves the "unofficial" best laksa ever.

mum at Tai Thong dim sum place.

cousin sis who had a break from the stressful Spore lifestyle decided to join us.

first stop. Look out for Nan Guang restaurant (corner shop)

what's special about the laksa served here in Balik Pulau is that it is mixed with santan, which is really nice. Go try if you haven't. Of course if you don't like it, you can still get the original Penang laksa which is just as nice.

Cendol stall by the road side.

Cheap. A glass of drink costs only RM0.70. Perfect drink for a hot day.

Dad continues driving.

We stopped by a cafe by the beach to have a cuppa coffee (mum)

Of course, what's life by the beach without something light to go with?

It's been years! since I went on the ferry, so we did...

We went up and took this picture of the ferry and the Komtar building, right in the middle.

And enjoyed a nice sunset as we leave Penang.

T'was a lovely trip. and good thing is that Penang is only 1 1/2 hours away from Ipoh. Gosh, can I say I love Ipoh? Yes, I can.

Oct 13, 2008

where is the fairytale ending?

when fantasy disappeared, and reality setting in. does this means that we don't get our fairytale ending, the one with happily-ever- after-the- most -gorgeous- dress-and the- sparkling -tiara? i do know that when you kiss a frog (or 1000 frogs, just to be sure), it doesn't turn to a prince, that's why we have morale of the story for, i get it, i get it. how about reality shows? the one with the bachelors and bachelorettes? gosh, i'm so sure that you (yes you), have at least watch one season and do we all admit guilty to the fact that we root for that one girl or one guy to be given the rose every episode?

and then the proposal with full drama (the whole tear-jerker-i-do! scene), and attend shows together, and what? Going their separate ways, and showing up in another season of The Bachelor/Bachelorette? And here we are reading the news, gosh, "was all that "love" fake?". Of course, we still haven't decode the Hollywood love affair just yet, but all this drama on the show, will you marry me? let's have 5 kids plan? I'm yours-you're mine? Wow, that's good acting.

"The Bachelor" Where Are They Now?

At least Andrew Firestone got his fairytale after marrying his Serbian model sweetheart, Ivana, and expecting their first child. I guess he didn't need help from the reality show afterall. The dress is gorgeous by the way.

Should girls/guys stop dreaming about fairytales? It won't really hurt, right? Good luck, but keep your feet on the ground, I'll suggest.

Oct 11, 2008

I need to start writing again.

If you don't write it down, it will still remain a dream for sure.
Ideas that aren't written down, are just merely ideas.
I sometimes wonder the point of writing when no one appreciates it.
I still love writing. But I continue wondering.

Recently I have a brilliant idea, and I wrote it down somewhere.
Maybe I should start again. For once, finish it.
What do you think of a semi-autobiography?

p/s: of course you don't know if someone appreciates your writing, but I know you have to be your no. 1 fan, and believe in it, before convincing someone you're just as good as J.R.R Tolkien or J.K. Rowling.

credits: pic

Oct 8, 2008

it's raining outside.

but let's cuddle in the sunset. ;)

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