Oct 19, 2008

How to spoil a good song/tune?

Have you heard of something so pleasant to hear until you hear the lyrics?

Or maybe watch the music video of your favourite song by your favourite band to see how they butchered your "interpretation" of the song?

Or you just happen to listen to that particular song at the wrong time?

This is my list of songs.

1) Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade.

Do correct me if I'm wrong.
After I watched this music video, it appears to me the guy is saying that he gave up on the girl, but because she looked so visually hot (refer to the video), she's never in full clothes in the video btw, he decided to fall for her over again (read: tonight).

2) If tomorrow never comes by Garth Brooks

Imagine listening to this in an airplane, before you take off. Talk about BAD timing.
Read: Airasia

3) Forever Love by Wang Lee Hom.

Something about forever love, but the music video shows him singing for his ex-gf who's about to get married to another guy. Of course, he did mentioned love is not easy, and is about suffering as well. I expected a happy ending. :(

4) Take a Bow by Rihanna.

this is Happy Slip's interpretation of the song. :)

(sing this to the tune of Take A Bow)
How bout a tune that sounds so wrong?
Standing ovation
This song sounds so wrong
Every word doesn't seem right?
T'was supposed to be happy
Then it turn so unhappy
What's going on?
(okay, let's stop being lame here)

You have to have the 'tude.

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