Oct 19, 2008

I want to run with .... Samsung!

Well, literally, really running to get some exercise and also win a brand new Samsung Innvo8.
Why? Why? Why?

1) It's the first ever 8 megapixel camera phone with 9x optical zoom!
Oh boy, oh boy!

2) Battery Life is crucial to me since I'm always on the "run".
It's long lasting apparently. How long, I'm not sure, but it sounds pretty neat.

3) With the movie maker/story board application, hey it's perfect, as I love random shootings.

I'm going to be famous on Youtube. haha.

4) It calls itself the premier pocket theater! well, with 3D surround sound system and storage up to 16 GBs, I can put my entire song library in it and what more, all those long journeys back to my hometown will never be boring... Oh yeah, and movies too!

5) I'm not so much of a gamer, but with the accelerated chip, no more lagging is for sure.

Well, I hope to have a good time, who knows, I could be the new winner of the brand new slide phone... :) Run. Run. Run.

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