Aug 26, 2009

Keep friendships like you keep long hair

This has nothing to do with Jennifer Aniston and her hair. But today felt like Friends on the last few episode of the last season. What a journey it has been for me this year, my best ever yet, and I hope to say that for every single year.

Friendships are like your hair, if you let it grow, it gets longer.

Today I sit at my [messy] cubicle, reminiscing over the past 10 months I have been here. And it's coming to an end in two days. To think that a couple months back, I was in state of emotional turmoil; it feels in a situation where you struggle to finish the last few bites of your food to avoid being accused of having an eating disorder.

That which does not kill you, only makes you stronger. -Nietzsche-

For the past ten months, I have learned more than I what I've learned in theory. The characters that I meet, the frustration of dealing with people, and never fails to remind me to work harder on myself, in terms of attitude and mindset no matter how big your dream is; whether it is to change the world or change the person next to you, you have to start with yourself.

Adventure is out there! -UP-

Most of us is like Mr. Fredricksen, we often look for perfection in timing. We are always in fear that our lives will never start; and as time passes by, we get old and die. Funny how we never appreciate what life has to offer us at the moment.

Ask someone who failed their test by one mark, the joy of passing the second time
Ask someone who missed their flight by one minute, when they're on time

We may fail today, we may struggle, we may face the biggest challenge, we may be waiting and wondering when life starts.

The one message I really like from "P.S I love You", "Honey, life has already started. We make mistakes, and you're in the wrong species if you think you can do without it".

But here's how you can minimize the wrong things, and do more of the right things. :)

Aug 21, 2009

champions are not made in gyms

#1 It's Friday!
#2 This is my true calling.
#3 I'm starting this in September.
#4 I'm thinking of getting another new pair of Nike's (maybe this)
#5 Next purchase: Canon Powershot G10.
#6 Off to Singapore and Taiwan, next couple of weeks.
#7 This has been an exciting year- looking forward to 2010.

Aug 18, 2009

Are you a Giver or a Taker?

I have a fair share of people who I came across and have told me that I'm going the wrong direction. A doubt? Or just maybe it's the experience that they have gone through. I happened to have one of those conversation today.

A few years back when I was making a decision to go to college (deciding what to do in life), my dad hooked me up with a college principle who offered to be a career or study counselor. There was no preparation at all; I wasn't going for a job interview, I was going for a "life" interview and at that time from knowing what I wanted to do, I didn't know what to do (if that made any sense).

Long story short, I didn't do very well. He told me straight (not in exact words but you get the drift), "You don't have a plan, you don't know what to do in life, based on our interview, you have no dreams". Friends who are reading this would shake their head in disbelief. This friend that they have known through school, through college cannot possibly be the same person who went for the interview, because I've always "knew" what I wanted.

Obviously, I was boiling inside like a volcano which is about to erupt; probably it's the ego, but today, I thank him (in a way) for what I have become today, for the choices I made to stand where I am today. I didn't prove him wrong, I just proved myself that I am capable of growing and live to my fullest potential throughout my college years.

Today, on the verge of my two weeks notice, I had a long talk with my boss. After a series of "Kiyosaki-Trump-Napolean Hill-Ziglar" years of experience cramped into one, I was again challenged once more that I'm heading the wrong way.

As much as I could wish to say I'm right and he's wrong would be unfair as he has experienced and seen more of the real world. Although I'm not saying anyone that has seen more of the world would be right all the way.

Remember taking tests that is so easy for fifth graders and seems so complicated for us?

As a freshie, you won't be able to win a lot of debates against experienced been there-done that seniors. We may be a 5th grader, but we may know the simple answer to complicated questions if compared to someone who's trying to solve an minor problem with a complicated answer.

Out of the 60 minutes talk, I would like to extract one statement which probably my guide when I leave my comfortable chair and cubicle in less than two weeks time. This question or statement would be one of the reason why he is in his position today.

The question would be, "Are you a giver or a taker?".

Most people think in terms of "What do I get from giving?", consider this instead, "What can I offer?" This applies to everything in life- work, relationships, spiritual. Something for you to ponder on. I already have my answer to that, and I will continuously use that for my decision making in life. So should you.

Aug 6, 2009

Death never fails to remind me the impermanence of life

Death is an end experience to one, a first for most
First for some to feel a sense of loss of a loved one
First for some to wake up without the warmth on the left side of the bed after 30 years
First for some to be angry because it felt like a repossession of something that they had

While we complain life's a drag
Death snatches it like a quick exit

Life's too short to not enjoy, they will tell you
Life will be short if you enjoy too much

What if, life can be longer if you enjoy bit by bit everyday?At least you're able to control that part of your life. Being responsible of your own self, if the day comes for you to go on, then so be it. Don't take life's duration as an excuse for you to be a drunk, for you to smoke 10 packs a day, for you to womanize, for you to be lazy.

I have seen a young man who never used that as an excuse. My ex-classmate who battled cancer since he was 11; I never hear him grunt. His illness did not stop his creativity of his mind. He possessed the mental power that many might not have. He succumbed to death, only physically, but never his will power.

The sun will set, and it will rise again,
Let this be a lesson for the living who must move on,
Take this responsibility for your own life,
Never settle anything less than what you deserve,
Cherish every breathing moment, and that's what life is about...

Aug 4, 2009

I'm an idiot in matters of affection

Twitter is great because it always feel like you're standing on top of a hill, you shout whatever you want to, but usually it's soundproof-ed.

Todd Kuffner,
another mega talented bloody brilliant musician Youtuber, yet undiscovered, untouched, raw acoustics, dual brain- the logic and the writer, and I get to claim that I've "discovered" him first!

Maybe it's just me, but don't you feel "common" when you listen to a new song and you like it, and then, it gets overplayed on the radio, when they come out with a cd, it heavily produced with another 5 instruments, and suddenly the special song that meant a lot to you loses its feel?

It's always this case, we want something that belongs to us to be special, unique and one of a kind. I love the idea and all, but I believe the uniqueness ends at our fingerprint and DNA. I know this is hard to accept, but I don't think we're that unique. I think when you decide you're "different", you're accepting the fact that you're you, no matter how hard you try or how much effort you put in, you will remain as you are. It's like giving into fate or destiny, that's how we are, we shouldn't change anything about ourselves.

Stay stagnant. Do you see the irony of that?

I'm not saying get a knee extension if you're four feet and aspire to be supermodel, or change your personality so that someone you're trying to impress will like you.

I'm saying, to get an A, you have to do what you have to do, study if you must, put in extra effort in your presentation, push yourself to do the things you wouldn't normally do.

Be uncomfortable, the economy won't stay that way, if you don't have money, change, go learn some new skill to earn extra income, say YES to opportunities. You know being obese is unhealthy, don't tell me you're different, go take some nutrition class if you have to, go walk a mile.

I think what makes successful people different from the common people is the effort and the belief. They didn't have it any better; they were not on Forbes list the day they was born. They weren't household names the minute they graduate from high school.

Success is limited by your imagination and hardwork.

To be what is called happy, one should have something to live on, something to live for, something to die for. The lack of one of these, results in drama, the lack of two results in tragedy.

There are flaws in our education system, in fact, flaws everywhere we look, the government, the society, the media.

From how we were brought up to think, we strive for perfection, we airbrush fine lines and pores cover girls and trick every human being into believing that it's possible to look like that. Cosmetics and creams that promises that results, money spent on the quest for perfection. And media spends time talking about who's put on weight, and who has had botox last week.

Get good grades, get into an Ivy League, get a good job, have the perfect family, retire and die.

Is there any guarantee at all that you will become the most successful person if you go through that path? Or the happiest?

Now when you stop striving for perfection, you start to live your life. I'm not saying don't strive for what you deserve. If it's a dream to travel the world, go for it, by all means. We deserve the best things in life, only if you continue to ask yourself: What's next?

Ask a mountain climber who has conquered Mount Everest, I'm pretty sure that he has upgraded himself slowly by going for various mountain expeditions and have succeeded before he went for Everest.

Would you have passed a driving test before learning how to drive?
Would you have understood grief if you haven't lost a loved one?
Would you have done 100 push ups if you can't even manage 50?

Strive for what life can give you.
Strive for what it's worth,
Strive for the destination, as the journey will be unfold its magical moments.

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