Aug 6, 2009

Death never fails to remind me the impermanence of life

Death is an end experience to one, a first for most
First for some to feel a sense of loss of a loved one
First for some to wake up without the warmth on the left side of the bed after 30 years
First for some to be angry because it felt like a repossession of something that they had

While we complain life's a drag
Death snatches it like a quick exit

Life's too short to not enjoy, they will tell you
Life will be short if you enjoy too much

What if, life can be longer if you enjoy bit by bit everyday?At least you're able to control that part of your life. Being responsible of your own self, if the day comes for you to go on, then so be it. Don't take life's duration as an excuse for you to be a drunk, for you to smoke 10 packs a day, for you to womanize, for you to be lazy.

I have seen a young man who never used that as an excuse. My ex-classmate who battled cancer since he was 11; I never hear him grunt. His illness did not stop his creativity of his mind. He possessed the mental power that many might not have. He succumbed to death, only physically, but never his will power.

The sun will set, and it will rise again,
Let this be a lesson for the living who must move on,
Take this responsibility for your own life,
Never settle anything less than what you deserve,
Cherish every breathing moment, and that's what life is about...

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