Jan 24, 2008

Your Company.

My Company

There’s a girl that I sort of know
On the other side of the world
She looks so beautiful on her
Internet photo

Her Myspace says that she’s single
And oh I hope that is true
If she wasn’t I’d feel oh-so blue, oh-so blue

Would it be strange if we would to arrange a date for some coffee or tea?
Maybe you’ll be perfect for me
Oh I wonder
Would you like my company?

I’ve heard her voice in a dream I once had
Till the truck crashed outside I heard it was bad
Yeah felt depressed coz it was only a dream
So I tried to fall right back to sleep
But I couldn’t get her back to me

Would it be strange if we would to arrange a date for some coffee or tea?
Maybe you’ll be perfect for me
Oh I wonder
Would you like my company?

But I can’t afford to pay your fee
To fly you here right next to me
Guess we move on to Plan B
Just hope I can meet you again in my dreams

-David Choi-


Jan 23, 2008

Make it to the headlines.. for the right reasons.

The headlines these days are such that it seems like it's jinxed. You can't expect a good news anyway how because what's looking back at you is positively 100% negative. You won't see titles like: Robbers surrender themselves and return $1 million or Snatch theft, truly sorry.

Okay, I was joking- but yeah, we don't see things that are more like morally uplifting or something that we won't turn around and say, "This is not supposed to happen" or "What is happening to the society?".

What triggered me to post this up. One word: Death. An issue that doesn't go out of trend- I mean, some individual from some part of the world dies every single minute- and more so of a chance to be talk of the town- if you're a public figure. word.

People die of natural deaths, unnatural deaths? Well, let's not get there... Terminal illness, Accidents, Old Age- it happens. But what I really want to debate *coughs* today, is about those deaths that can be avoided, but still happen due to human error- where the whole psychology part takes over which I won't go there. yet. not this post. Murder, Suicide, murder..suicide... yea...those two.

Cases of murders and suicides are rapidly sprouting in the headlines since the last 2-3 years? And it is well, shocking, I might say.

Like I've mentioned earlier- public figures+ murder/suicide+scandal= HOT NEWS! I would say it's not just the 3S that sells- namely, sports, sex, sensationalism. Suicide might as well join the bandwagon. *shrugs*

Recent news: Actor Heath Ledger found dead. Truth to be told, I was dumbfounded, I couldn't believe my ears. Sad to say, least expected news of a promising young actor- DANG! What is really happening? CLICK

I just got off a convo with the Devil (she-who-shall-not-be-
identified-here-at-least) of a family friend who murdered his wife after several unsettled heated arguments. Read it here: Shocking News!!

Other proofs that suicide has become a sort-of "trend", well, just take South Korean celebrities who committed suicide after nasty comments from the netizens (internet users-technically speaking). One after another, it's almost like we're anticipating deaths. "There goes another one" we'll say.

We have seen individuals combating with terminal illnesses every single day, soldiers trying to keepsake their lives so that they can go home to their families in one piece.. and you see the contradiction, people literally throwing their lives away. External pressure, you may argue, but like I've said... human errors....What could be the cause?

Maybe just for one second, to hold that thought- of the people who still care about you, or maybe your dignity at least, losing hope when people had faith in you?

No one can understand you, nothing can solve your problems? If you just compare your problems with those who's suffering but still standing strong, maybe it'll shrink to the size of a pea. Maybe if you could just understand that by hurting yourself, you end up affecting the people around you- unlike your thinking of the world revolves around you alone.

But you know one thing? Believe it or not, the suicidal feeling or when you feel like pulling the trigger it doesn't just happen overnight, yes it happens in that split second where you just feel like letting out- but it has to start somewhere. If you find yourself to be short-tempered, if you find yourself to get sad over little things, it's more likely that you'll slowly bottle up those feelings- and when the time comes, it explodes just like a time bomb.

Tick tock. Tick tock. The time bomb is ticking.

Jan 21, 2008


My very own DSLR. :D
Yep. Canon EOS 400D.

Reflection. Life. Quote.
If it wasn't this, it'd be something else.

Reflection. Love
4 months old poodle and its owner.

Reflection. Seeing double.
"Autumn" leaves.

Reflection. Freedom.
Bird soaring in the skies.

Reflection. Morning Sea.
Yours Truly. and the wide ocean.

Photography by yours truly xoxo. :)

Jan 15, 2008

There comes a time...

..where 20 year old Japanese girls drape themselves in beautiful handmade furisode (long sleeves) kimonos to celebrate their "coming of age" (Seijin-no-hi) on every 12th of January.

You know how we have our 21st? Yeah. Something like that. We get our key to infinite freedom, but ironically, most of us still "stay" with our family. as in dependent. hmm.. so much for being a full adult huh?

These kimonos cost an arm and a leg- enough to buy a CLK- cute little kancil that is. :(

Guys wear a traditional men kimono too...(yes, it's not just for girls) with hakama pants- usually for graduation, other formal occasions such as coming of age.

Who says you have to look conventional in a traditional do?
This girl adds on a beret and a scarf- not exactly the best fashion sense- but hey, it stands out!

I do know Japanese go all wild in terms of fashion.
One of the biggest trend setters- look at Harajuku fashion.
Amazing market..

Pictures courtesy of Melanie Gray
Thanks lots! :D- Do check out her other blog: My life as a Gaijin

Speaking of which, read this: Woman in car, sunglasses and a kimono
Feminism rules! :x

On the other hand:-

In America, when you are of the legal age at 16, parents would love their "grown up" kids to pack their bags and leave them. Now that's what I call, true freedom, the whole spreading your wings and fly! .... yea. that. What? Those MTV's Sweet16 rich brats? Nop, they're just ermm - I do not know where they come from. let's just say I can relate more to aliens. *snorts*

In Chinese families, it gets really corny. I mean really corny. Where else do you actually get a key for your 21st?

Key. yea. Key to Freedom-whatever.

Some parents tell their kids: "I ain't giving you the key when you're 21. Don't think you're free as a bird!" - Hah! Riigghht... You don't know what your kids are doing outside. You think you can control them by not giving the key, think again.

Well let's see... I'm 20 this year (arghh....), another year to go. Legal age to ridiculous stuffs. One way ticket to 6 feet underground and hell yeah!- booze and ciggies, oh yeah, clubbing too.

And yes, responsibility- Voting! Yes I get to choose who should be our leader. Watch out! :D

What's 21 to you? What's freedom to you? Tell me. Tell me.

Jan 12, 2008

So unlike me. Well..

I'm still going to do it.

You see, I have this thing over gadgets. Handphones, Laptops, Video Cameras, DSLRs, you name it, I just love them! I wonder why? Although what I'll be showing you in a second may "reveal" another side of me. But hey, I'm a girly girl at heart. Doesn't that sound funny? LOL.

The Iriver M-player. *gushes* Isn't it adorable?

It's available in, well, 5 different colors. Nope, I 'm not going to say pink is the hottest.
My personal favorite would be silver and white. :D

It's quite easy to operate it- well, it's like any other mp3 players.

For those who wants something small like the Ipod Shuffle, hey, this is a great alternative. And it has it in such a cute design. heh. It weighs 17 grams, only 1.4 grams more compared to its closest competitor, Ipod Shuffle. Basically, the Mplayer can store up to 1 Gb worth of your favourite songs (about 240 songs, to be exact)- and can playback for 9 hours continuously.

Why is it so darn cute?

It hangs on your bag like an accessory.
So, it's a 2-in1 thing- it brings music to the ears and it decorates your bag!

Or the back of your pocket.
A blue Mplayer will look nice on denim.
and the *coughs* butt *coughs* :p

It will cost you, roughly about $88-89 (about RM 300, I think)
For more: Iriver Mplayer

note: If you ask me (again), just be happy with what you have. There are handphones that can double up as your mp3 players. Just be contented with those or your existing mp3 players. You don't need another mickey-oh-gosh-so-cute! mp3 player coz with RM 300, trust me, you can get better stuff. Like shopping in Bali or something. heh. :D

Jan 8, 2008

Something that I wrote in a jiffy. :p

Love is made out of hearts and pinks

Like the word I love you is inked

I just hope it has nothing to do with minks

Nothing scary, only a cute and furry thing

Warm and fuzzy like how they would describe the feeling

I often wonder whether you could just plug in the US-B

Download it and make it into a beat

Pop and Crunk, Blues and Jazz, it's easily missed

Waited patiently all the time, it's making me pissed

Love's nothing more than a heartache

Causing more than one heart break

Not surprise if it comes with a headache

Just throw in some flour (flo-wer) and we can bake some cake

Then we need no remix, let's just celebrate!

- Only words that sounds stupid to say are sung- Voltaire.
or rap in that case. :p

-x yours truly-

Jan 3, 2008

One of those opinionated post. Go figure!

New Year Resolutions are so overrated, I wouldn't be surprise if the whole lot agree with that statement. It's empty promises we make at the beginning of a new year, and end up not fulfilling it, and make a resolution the next year- to not make one again. ever. Agreed?

As much as I believe in putting in some effort to start the new year with a bang, I can't give a good reason on why we should still support it. Debates, I never win.

People make resolutions at the beginning of a new year-to start a diet, to learn something new, to be nicer to others. Most of these they won't keep. But at least making a resolution signals the intention to change and do something good for oneself or for others.

-Marina Mahathir-
Bravo, Brava! I couldn't have said it better than that. Now, where were we? Resolutions, yes...

Do it for yourself, or if you can't discipline yourself, do for others, who knows that could be a motivation itself?

You want a change in the world? Everything starts with you. Of course, in Dr Chua's case, maybe it's a bit too late for honesty, when you've screwed up. Make up for some good karma points though. Next life. Next life.

Am I just ready for resolutions? You bet.
First up, I have to stop procrastinating. Seriously speaking. And with that I shall end this post for now. *runs off to study for exams*

-x yours truly-

News story of the year!

Come New Year, we already have the news of the year!
- anonymous reporter-

Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek shocked the nation by admitting he is the man in the controversial sex DVD. "Gan zhuo, Gan Dang" (Dare to do, Dare to be admit/responsible), he said in an interview. What's a man gotta do when he's caught red handed? And when you're a public figure and a leader?

It left me pretty speechless- for a while. :p
I predicted- and it came true when on the headlines today:
Known for his rather brash personality, he still has the cheek, or I would say pride to face the nation. He resigned today, following a survey from a few mainstream newspapers, (no prizes for guessing), more than 90% prefers him to step down.

That was really, imo, "obvious", you think the people are gonna be less critical if you're honest? You're lucky if you're not stoned or something.

At the age of 61, it's never too late to learn, I supposed. It's a hard way to learn... with everyone being *coughs* "holier than thou" *coughs*

"Some people are lucky not to get caught" he said in the interview after he handed his resignation letter. Hmmph. Pride speaking? Let me take a guess of what he really wanted to say. (Hah! I admitted, it's okay that I resign now, you guys who's still up there must be shitting in your pants right now!) Word.

And to boot the statement, our dear PM added, "My advice to the other ministers and leaders is to take care of themselves" (Don't worry, as long as you don't get caught, you'll be safe, for now keep it low!) Take note ministers.

Now I wonder who will be the next one to join his predecessors of the speculated cursed/jinxed "Hell"(Health) post? It's going to be just drama! :D

Jan 2, 2008


Woohoo... Here we come! :D
-fingers still crossed- :x

Yes, I'm procrastinating. ;p

Jan 1, 2008


A brilliant display of fireworks, breath-taking no doubt
Wind breezing against my body, my face, my hair

It's the time to
Kiss the year 2007 goodbye
and look forward to a new and hopefully exciting year ahead.

Wishing you guys a HAPPY NEW YEAR- and have a great year!
Have you figured out your new year's resolutions? :x

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