Jan 8, 2008

Something that I wrote in a jiffy. :p

Love is made out of hearts and pinks

Like the word I love you is inked

I just hope it has nothing to do with minks

Nothing scary, only a cute and furry thing

Warm and fuzzy like how they would describe the feeling

I often wonder whether you could just plug in the US-B

Download it and make it into a beat

Pop and Crunk, Blues and Jazz, it's easily missed

Waited patiently all the time, it's making me pissed

Love's nothing more than a heartache

Causing more than one heart break

Not surprise if it comes with a headache

Just throw in some flour (flo-wer) and we can bake some cake

Then we need no remix, let's just celebrate!

- Only words that sounds stupid to say are sung- Voltaire.
or rap in that case. :p

-x yours truly-

5 spoken:


cute! >.<




Awwwwww. >_<
I need some loveee! XD
Come felicia! XD


go far far away *pushes chingy away*

I get the chills in my spine! :x


knowing that it contains virus...yet u wanna download it???

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